[UPDATE 9:01 p.m.] Close to 75 Searchers Including National Guard, Helicopter, and Six Dogs in Covelo Area Looking for Abducted Woman, Khadijah Britton

Negie Fallis and Khadijah Britton

Negie Fallis and Khadijah Britton

Numerous law enforcement agencies are contributing to a force of close to 75 searchers in the Covelo area today as the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office conducts what they are calling a “large-scale Search and Rescue operation” in the Covelo/Round Valley/Dos Rios area.”

Lt. Shannon Barney of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office explained that they were searching for 23-year-old Khadijah Britton who was allegedly kidnapped in early February by a former boyfriend. The suspect in her disappearance, Negie Fallis, was arrested on February 19 but Britton has not yet been located.

Today, according to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Facebook page, “We will have large numbers of searchers on or about public roadways, with search dogs (both on and off leash). We ask the public to use extra precautions when encountering teams.”

Lt. Shannon Barney told us they are bringing in the National Guard, a helicopter and six dogs. “We’re trying to search along Covelo Road” and more, he explained.  He added that the area is in steep and dangerous terrain along roadways in the area.

“We’ll be there all day,” he said. “We’re requesting people to be careful with their driving.”

A Facebook page, Help find Khadijah Britton, has been set up to coordinate efforts to find the missing woman. A reward of $50,000 has been offered to anyone offering information that leads to her.

UPDATE 9:01 p.m.: Over 100 People Searched for Kidnapped Woman Today But She Wasn’t Found

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  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Well it’s about time.

  • Here’s a tip to help prevent tragedies like this in the future: Does your potential date have neck tats? Don’t.

    • Agreed, her dating choices need reevaluation, some huge red flags there.

    • What do neck tats have to do with anything? I have neck tats and I’m not a murderer

      • Because it’s a stupid life choice..!
        Just sayin…

      • Your name kinda says it all.. Have you ever smoked meth?

      • No doubt!!
        I know people with full body tats that are some of the sweetest folks. Look at primal decor, awesome people there!
        The most successful criminals are the ones who can just blend into a crowd.

        Lets re-define the tattoo comment to “gang associated tats” please. Its pretty easy to look up what tats the different gangs use for identification. Like how the aryan nation tats themselves with swastikas.

    • Veteran's Friend

      I have neck tattoos. Not all are abusers, convicts murderers or addicts. It’s like saying all muslims are bombers. We are INDIVIDUAL humans. And you are of the ignorant bigoted variety.

      • Dwayne Elizondo Bigleggins

        Nobody gets neck tats unless they want unearned respect through intimidation. It’s fair to be suspicious of insecure people because they are always the ones who go too far.

        • Wow… ignorance must be blitz… I have really never heard so many negative tattoo stereotypes… I have neck tattoos… one for my daughter… and one for someone I lost once… so in all do respect… you have no idea what your talking about

    • Really not the time and place.

    • Where did that vin from ? If a man has neck tattoos that’s a red flag that they’re no good and beat women. Omg vim on leave that off here

  • Umm, tattoos are not the problem!

    • They are certainly a warning of potential problems.

      • Find me a military service member, you know, the guys and gals that protect your freedoms, that has no tattoos. I have them, and am proud of what they represent. The point of the article is to raise awareness about an emergency situation. NOT for you to judge the situation and explain how you would have personally avoided it. The top known murderers in this country were devoid of neck tattoos. Guess you would have gone to dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer if he’d asked then.

        • What’s the military’s position on neck tattoos? Or hand and face tattoos? It’s been a while since I’ve checked but pretty sure they have a policy…

        • I know lots of military past and present. None I knew had a tattoo that was visible. At least none of the career people.

  • Tattoos are signs of a potential murderer? That was the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. You’re both very ignorant. I can guarantee a majority of the search and rescue as well as the volunteers have tattoos. This is 2018 people, climb out from under your rock.

    • Not gang signs on their necks dear. Not teardrops or idiot sayings like ‘yolo’ or ‘hate’ on their knuckles. No, tattoos are fine if you want them. I think the commenters point was certain kinds of tats are a clear statement: “I’m an idiot and a waste of skin!”.

      • My dad had awful homemade tattoos. And when he died the community mourned. Tattoos are only a part who someone is.

        • My Dad was a WW2 veteran of the south Pacific…while on leave in Hawaii he got a tat of a dancing Hawaiian girl on top of his forearm.
          For the rest of his life he regretted it.
          He very often wore long sleeve shirts to cover it.

    • You must be new here. Us rhbb readers don’t like neck tats, and you shouldn’t try to defend neck tats here

      • I’m an RHBB reader and I think neck tats are no more an indication of morality than a gold wristwatch.

        • You can easily take off a wrist watch. There is a foresight issue to be considered. I remember talking to lots of WWII vets in their 60’s with big blurred patches that looked like bruises. The designs were only a memory.

    • Leave your lame useless advice please this is serious ok we have someone missing and its not the time to say that she shud of seen the red flag due to this animals tattoos!! No for you to say her. Choices of men are all wrong. Yes this guy was all wrong but do you even no whom else she may have dated? 2018 people

      • Pamela Maxfield

        When people compare depraved, pathological, vicious humans to animals, it reveals a degrading, horrible prejudice toward other species…..almost no members of other species do anything which begins to approach the horrors some humans commit.

  • “Search and “‘Rescue'” all this time later? That’s optimistic. Why does it take so long for agencies to get serious on these issues?

  • One look at this guy and it’s obvious he will never make a positive contribution to himself or society. Euthanize him now and save everyone a lot of grief.

  • What if the dog finds her? Does he get to keep the 50k?

  • There will be No Good Excuse for LE taking this long. None! It doesn’t surprise me after watching for Decades how Round Valley Natives have been treated. My heart and prayers goes to Khadijah’s family.

  • You folks are messed up. Someone has a missing daughter. So much hate here , if you have nothing nice to say, shut the hell up. Who cares about a stupid tattoo? I’m an honourably discharged Army veteran. I’ve seen some crap you civilian fools would call “fake news”.
    I’ve got some stupid tattoos, but that never makes a man. Our only true belongings are our actions, they are the ground upon which we stand.
    Go outside, it’s a beautiful day.

    • Reminds me of that joke, something about not everyone with a mustache is a ——— but everyone ———— has a mustache?..

    • So true, Tanuki. Thank you for your insights and perspective, bringing it back to the real.

  • Absolutely Kim I agree with you 100% just because someone has tattoos it has nothing to do with them being a bad person, I personally know quite a few men and women that have served this country they have tattoos to me you sound ignorant when you say tattoos make a person or they’re there to try to intimidate other people no not for a minute do I think that

    • I bet if it was a white guy with lightning bolts ya’ll would be singing a totally different tune. Of course not all people with tattoos are dangerous, but not all foxes wondering around during the daytime foaming at the mouth have rabies, but I’m still not going to bend over and pet it.

  • It’s a shame. That guy should have been made to talk- by any means necessary. I don’t advocate torture except for possible life-and-death situations like this. But the cops processed him by-the-book and now here we are. If she is found deceased then I hope we can muster the will to put this cowardly woman-beater to death. Again- I don’t say this lightly but I do mean it. We need to start stopping evil people and removing them from our community.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Ladies love outlaws…that much is true. But at the end of the day what is love to YOU? We all walk our own paths. Hope they find some new insight. Prayers to her family.♥

  • My brother is a correctional officer at pelican bay. Prior to him working there both he and my sister worked for the humboldt county sheriff’s department. Her as a correctional officer and he as a deputy sheriff and court bailiff. They both have tattoos.. neither are drug addicts or criminals…

    • Do they have neck tattoos? Cause I’ve yet to see a cop with one, and if I did I would definitely ask to see some ID.

  • It’s not the Tattoos look for The Mark.

  • Proud Deplorable Grandma

    Good God people. Get over the tattoos. They are mainstream now. All three of my very conservative adult daughters have multiple. And I thank God they are home safe. I hope this young lady gets home safe too.

    • One more time. NECK tattoos. Not tattoos. Tattoos are awesome, people with tattoos are awesome. People with neck tattoos not so much. Seems like such a simple concept yet so many people are having a hard time grasping it

  • No body. No murder. This could be a “missing” case for a very long time unless mr neck tat tells the truth of what happened…which is very doubtful

  • The point here is that someone precious has gone missing. Stop with the shaming and blaming of the victim. You never know what brings us to the choices we make. No one deserves to pay with their life. Im so sorry to the family for all that has happened and the helplessness you must feel. Please know that there are so very many people in and around covelo who hold you and your loved one in their thoughts and in their hearts.

  • Granted Negie Fallis has tattoos however I feel many of you are off the real subject which is about a beautiful girl who was kidnapped and beaten with a hammer previously and he threatened if she escaped he would kill her.
    She was last seen with him when he kidnapped her for the second time before she vanished and yet many of you want to make stupid “off the subject” comments???
    How about praying for her and her devastated family that are living a nightmare for the last 65 days? How about offering assistance in a future search, donating money to help find her, baking cookies for the bake sale or even just sharing the news article with others?
    You make me want to lose faith in humanity due to your lack of compassion and empathy towards others.
    Imagine if this happened to someone you love and please show some respect…

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