Spring Forward

Daylight Saving time meme

Remember to set those clocks forward one hour when you head to bed tonight. Sadly, we lose one hour of sleep. But, the good thing is we’ll get more daylight in the evenings.



  • This always makes me HAPPY!

  • There must be some violation by springing ahead one hour. Come on edding voice where is the violation? Perhaps the Brown act was violated.

  • Why are we still putting up with this nonsense?

  • I’m pretty well done with moving time back and forth…back and forth…back and forth. Can we be done already? #SpringNowhere

  • can’t we split it down the middle,spring forward a half hour and just leave it that way!!

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    Remember daylight savings was even more arduous before clocks were invented – imagine having to rotate your garden sundial 30 degrees counterclockwise

  • The tweakers will have less time to party tonight, they could be worse off than usual tomorrow.

  • DST is an artificial construct imposed because of the best interests of business and civic interests such as picking times for school bus routes so the kids don’t have to assemble and board in the darkness of winter mornings. I don’t deal with this much anymore because I don’t really care what time it is. It’s all the same to me.

  • Time does not exist,It is only a point of reference.

  • A perfect example of dilemmas of modern life. While the advantages and disadvantages are questionable as regards energy savings, everyone gets dragged into doing it or not doing it together because it must be done by consensus. Whether they want it or not.

    Being a libertarian at heart, I think the government should leave my bloody biological clock alone unless it can bloody well prove without question there is a bloody good reason for interfering.

  • Noon is now 1pm and Midnight is now 1am the next day.

  • Oh heck, what difference does it make? Time is just a number on my cell phone…

  • Twice a year we have to set some of our clocks either forwards or backwards. 4 of them are in the house, 3 in the cars. Every doodad clock has its own buttons and special routine for adjustment. Sometimes I forget the particular sequence of combinations to set them. Other clocks do set themselves automatically.

    It’s an ongoing hassle. We forget what a nuisance it is until the next time to do it rolls around. It seems like I’m doing it more often than I remember when I was a kid. More than that, I just like the time of the day to stay the very same way it simply was the day before.

    Along with death and taxes, add DST as something you can always count on to happen.

  • Although “what time it is” holds less and less relevance for me, especially now that I don’t have goats and chickens, the Time Change still rankles me. The CDC reports increasing rates of heart attacks during the weeks after both changes. Our Senators and Representatives are open to looking at these (and other) ramifications, so be a Squeaky Wheel.

  • Though I would rather just stay on Standard time, changing seems unnecessary. If we’re going to change it, then we should “Spring Forward” during the day instead of at night, that way no one loses any sleep, and we could still “Fall Back” during the night so everyone gets an extra hour of sleep then.
    I slept the same amt. of hours and waited until 3:20 pm to turn my clocks ahead an hour.

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