Canna-Tourism: How It Looks for Humboldt in Today’s Leafly

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Leafly, the largest cannabis website in the world, posted a story today titled, 8 Amazing Places to Blaze Up in Humboldt County.” The article, similar though not as important as Lonely Planet’s naming California’s Redwood Coast as the most compelling destination in the US, will likely lead to an increase in cannabis tourism.

The article begins by pumping the cannabis mystique of our area. It marvels,

For any cannabis aficionado, hearing the words “Humboldt County” can get the goosebumps going. One of the top cannabis producers in the Emerald Triangle—reaching back to the 1960s and 70s—Humboldt is known far and wide as the Napa Valley of weed; the place that produces the best quality outdoor cannabis in the entire country.

Then the article delves into the more traditional tourist delights. It raves,

Bursting with wild coastlines, pristine rivers, unique small towns, and towering stands of ancient redwoods, Humboldt County is a truly breathtaking experience.

The article then lists eight places (only one of which is in Southern Humboldt–the largest producer of cannabis in the county) where a smoker can “discover some incredible places to light up.” To be clear while the article is right that those places are amazing, almost all of are still illegal places to consume cannabis. Smoking or even eating cannabis in public is not allowed and no matter how private and remote a park is, it is still public.

Nonetheless, the article is a foretaste of how Humboldt and the surrounding counties could be presented to cannabis consumers in the future. Like Napa County and its wine being offered as a tourist destination, Humboldt’s cannabis linked with its Redwoods, its Lost Coast, its Victorians, and its natural beauty could become a tourist draw.



  • More bad news.

  • everybody poops

    Matolle?!? Stoner author couldn’t even get the spelling right (Mattole). Why do you think they call it dope?

  • Whoopie. Come and see the run down towns, shitty roads, druggies, abandoned cars, grow stores, etc etc. Yes it’s beautiful but just scratch the surface and it’s so ugly that many have moved away. Stay in Old Town, eat at Jacks and watch junkies shoot up. Go camping and hope to God some jonesing druggie doesn’t happen upon you or your vehicle. I guess being stoned out of your mind will soften it a bit. Drive the Avenue, hopefully a Growdozer or drunk doesn’t run you off the road. Keep your little lap dog close, someone’s pit bull may want it for lunch.

    • Lifestyles of a beta orbiter?

    • Im hurt. I love where we live. The okie driving the mudded, lifted ford/Chevy/yota is part of the culture! How else they supposed to get cross the creek to grow that green gold? Or hull their load of lumber for the secret hide out in the woods? Or take their toys to the beach and river bar in the winter? My car was broken into while I was hiking up Strawberry Rock – you know that trail where all those tree hugging squatters have takin over? I found a new place to hike. Jacks in Old Town? Why not The Ivanhoe in Ferndale or DDs in Fortuna not one of the newer bougie places in town (it don’t even got a full bar, that’s not humboldt dammit!) We’re still CA, ain’t nobody got Mexican like we got Mexican! But yes go on and tell the new comers how horrible it is here. The population is thick enough.

  • i can see it now
    a large tour bus driving blocksburg road or salmon creek road or out to shelter cove taking people to see growing plants on pot farms .
    they all jump out at your door and run all over your grow site going click click with cameras and screaming , WHERE ARE THE FREE SAMPLES LIKE ON WINE TOUR

  • “The article then lists eight places (only one of which is in Southern Humboldt “

    Most likely because Shelter Cove is a worthwhile destination while alderpoint , garberville and redway are not .

    A.W Way campground is nice though …

  • Do beer conniseurs visit grain farms? NO! Total nonsense, people aren’t going to drive hours to visit some shitty weed farm in the hills. Dopers need to face reality. It’s time to pack up and go back to LA.

  • Yep, I can see families from all over the country driving here to partake in the Cannabis lifestyle. I think I’ll load my kids up and head down south, so they can learn firsthand how to make heroin.

  • What a bunch of negative schmucks. I’d like to see all of you go back to where you came from, cuz here isn’t where your from. Get the eff out you don’t like it….

  • I agree—-bunch of negative schmucks, rotating on a bratwurst of despair. Do you need condiments? If you are looking for Paradise it’s not in your mind because it’s dark, dank and doofus.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I can imagine the tour buses packed with Japanese tourists, cameras flashing like a light house, touring AP, and maybe even buying a dirty old blue tarp to remember the trip.

    Possibly Garberville can bronze used syringes and mount them on burl, sell them to get in on this new industry.

    Tourists could also bring home an old, dented can of butane or a piece of a junk car with the words, ‘ Me Smoke Pot ‘ embossed on it with organic paint.

    Yes Ladies and Gents…..

    The future looks bright.

  • The glory days are gone if you don’t have five hundred foot greenhouses there’s no money to be made

    • All that needs be said.

      Yep, and even then the big timers who are friends with the local politicos are still charging urban street prices for their buds, so it’s a ripoff/ripoff situation.

  • All that needs be said.

    Legal weed is way too expensive. Legalization as the board of supervisors have written it isn’t the legalization we’ve all dreamed about our entire lives. Eighths of chronic still cost over $40. A complete ripoff. An ounce of top quality marijuana shouldn’t cost more than $60. Canna-tourism is for wealthy outsiders, the locals know the dirty truth behind the scenes.


    The maryjane group of Colorado has a nice template .

  • This comment section is comedy as usual. Nothing quite like seeing a bunch of first world overpriveledged white folk bitch about their good luck. Disgusting

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