[UPDATE 3:58 p.m.] Body Found at the Mouth of the Eel River

Death investigation, coroner, sheriff HumboldtAt approximately 12:10 p.m., a dispatcher speaking over the scanner to officers explained that they had received a report of a body found at the mouth of the Eel River by Table Bluff.

The radio was scratchy so details were difficult to discern. In addition, this is a report of a body found. It has yet to be officially confirmed. However, expect to see law enforcement in the area as the report is investigated.

UPDATE 3:31 p.m.: A reader tells us that she saw a body being loaded into a Coroner’s van in the South Spit parking lot at approximately 2:30 p.m.

UPDATE 3:58 p.m.: Decomposed Male Body Located Today



  • That’s 3 bodies found in a month.. That is frightening…

  • Dang, this is the third body found at the mouth of local rivers in the last few weeks. Hope the identity is found and offers the family some closure.

  • Sadly this is the sign of the times

    • This is not a sign of any times ! Why do people think every death is weed related or fowl play ! Climb out from under ur fucking rock !

      • I think it’s foul. Fowl refers to poultry. But I get your point. Still, whatever the reason, that’s a lot of dead bodies.

      • Because it almost always is ! Your the one with their head in the sand if you can’t see that and all the other negative impact dope growing has caused our communities

      • It is a sign of the times…its happening everywhere.
        No one said anything about it being weed related? You may have read that into the comment?
        It’s our country… not our County or our State…

      • I believe that person was talking about the End Times as stated in the Bible. I’m not sure where you got that it was weed related.

  • Cannabis culture strikes again?

    • All you fucking idiots have no clue about this situation. The two bodies that washed down have nothing to do with marijuana. One was one mushrooms and Quincy was in a accident and hit his head on the windshield. Staggered off into the dark and ended up in the river.
      So all you weed haters can shut the fuck up!
      It’s the only industry left without logging and fishing. Trying to turn this place into a toast town? Idiots!

  • Typically a few good weather days after stormy weather with rains can lead to bodies being found. Winds, rain and wave action leads to them coming down river or being released from being sanded in off shore. Then when the weather has a break, people are out and about to find them. It would be good if stats were kept to see if this is unusual or not but as far as I know none are.

  • Well mogtx I disagree, people have fallen into the river/ocean and drowned for a long long time unfortunately. It can be argued that there are more people here now thus more eyes on the beaches.

    A few years back a local man died (RIP) in the eel while helping some teen boys who got caught in a current and were in trouble. He was a strong man raised swimming in the rivers here, & there were many other people there but he got pulled under and got stuck and died. Very sad & also a reminder that it can happen to anyone.
    Another sad instance is the crabber who went overboard into the sea& has not been found yet, again an accident.

    The last body found had no foul play associated with it so why try to imply this one does?
    Help me here kym, may be im wrong, but the majority of bodies found in waterways seem to be drownings not homicides. (?)
    Creating false fear is so unnecessary right now, the country is full of it.

    And p.s. blaming “cannabis culture” is not only wrong and petty but pulls focus off the real issues here that people are being killed over, meth crank heroin ketamine cocaine and pills. The folks in those industries dig deep ass holes or burn/chemically dissolve the dead bodies they create.

    Am really starting to believe that the commenters who are always blaming everything on pot are the meth&heroin producers who want to keep the heat off themselves.

    • Cover ups… if there’s no gunshot or stab wounds. Sheriff wants em accidental too.

    • You do know you can spell that out and it will show. But its taken right? Thot stands for ‘that ho over there’. Im having all sorts of fun with your name(:

      The last body of the man that was found, I remember seeing the gf in the comments saying she KNOWS there was foul play even though the police released that there was none.

      Still praying and searching for QM

    • I think you watch to many movies lol

    • Things that make you go hmm

      And if you will notice, mogtx never said anything about the cannibs culture. It was NoDoper.
      So who’s trying to keep the heat off of who here exactly? 🤔

  • I am sorry. Born and raised here and lately the discovery of bodies and the missing persons is not a coincidence. The fact that so many disappear on highway 36 is not rocket science. They come for weed and bad shit happens. The connection is plain as day.

    • It’s NOT always Hwy 36 & it’s not always Cannabis related either!!! Meth & Heroin & those kind of drugs are far more likely to result in death, either by overdose or something gun related such as police & other criminal types as well!!!

  • Coincidence is a word…it means something…I don’t give a fuck what drug is involved..this county has problems and dead bodies washing up every week is the effect

  • I saw someone kayaking from the highway by sylvandales while it was snowing, the river was brown and so high that day. Hope they made it out okay

  • Wonder what ever happened to those 4 men who came up from southern California last May. Did they ever made it back home to their families.

  • Pamela frerichs

    I’v lived here in sohum for 57 years. A few drowning happen every year in our rivers. Sometimes more when it’s a very hot summer. Most of the time 1 or 2 are not found. Well, not found until the rains fill our rivers. It’s much easier to just wait until we’re told what happened… and easier on the loved ones.

    • Yes and with the influx of new people who don’t know the power of water there will always be more. More people=more of everything.

  • Why is it that everytime there is a news item.. No matter what it is.. It only takes about 3 comments in Thunderdome before the same bunch of nitwit trolls.. Make the same bunch of nonsensical remarks..And turn out into a ridiculous pot growers.. Or Hiway 36 from hell.. Or some other ridiculous conspiracy theory type moronic discussion that is way out in left field.. Far from what the original post was even about !
    Some of you folks definitely should get an IQ above double digits before you ridiculously over-analyze everything ..until it ends up being the same old song and dance with you people..AGAIN.

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