County Accepting Housing Committee Applications to Help with ‘Humboldt’s Shelter Crisis’

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

Humboldt County Seal 2017 featureThe Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is currently accepting applications for the Housing Trust Fund and Homelessness Solutions Committee. Among other duties, this committee will recommend to the Board projects that should be funded using monies derived from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, which was created in January.

The Board on Tuesday declared that a shelter crisis exists in Humboldt County, and last month created a trust fund that is dedicated to affordable housing. The seed money for the trust fund will come when the county sells property on Lucas Street in Eureka. In addition to recommending projects for funding, this committee will provide a forum for the public to discuss housing and homelessness solutions, and recommend funding sources to contribute to the trust fund.

Those interested in serving on this committee can fill out an application and submit it to the Clerk of the Board by Friday, March 30, 2018 for the available seats, though citizens can submit an application at any time thereafter for future openings. The committee is made up of 11 appointees. Appointments will be made for the following seats:

One member from each supervisorial district

One member nominated by the Humboldt Housing and Homeless Coalition

One member nominated by the Planning & Building Director

One member nominated by the Department of Health & Human Services Director

One member appointed by the Board with experience in developing affordable housing projects

One member appointed by the Board representing the homeless or recently homeless community

One member appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Supervisors.

Applications can be emailed to the Clerk of the Board or mailed to:

County of Humboldt

Clerk of the Board

825 5th Street, Room 111

Eureka, CA 95501

The Board is expected to take up this item again in April with the first committee meeting to take place shortly thereafter.

 To learn more, visit the Housing Trust Fund and Homelessness Committee web page.

Housing Trust Fund and Homelessness Committee Page



  • Look up “flop house”. Because that politically incorrect alternative, long a target of reformers, is going to be the only alternative in the end.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      I like the ferrous cement domes of Wallace Neff! These cheap and easily constructed structures could go a long way towards housing a few folks, but I recommend a city of them on BLM lands out past Cedarville somewhere… And a bus to bring folks to the space to stay, permanently.

      Mmmmm, USDA macaroni and cheese!

  • Again…the old KMart complex could be used. It could be made into a real community, with veggie gardens, fruit trees, free range chickens…a bakery. It isn’t out of reach to do something like this. A lot more efforts are being expended dealing with homelessness than it would take to make a model out of an otherwise sacked out huge bldg.

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