Reminder: The County Budget Roadshow Will Be at the Benbow Inn This Evening

Budget RoadshowPress release from Humboldt County:

How Can the County Work Better For You? Budget Roadshow Coming to Your Town Soon

The Humboldt County Budget Roadshow is making stops around the county, and citizens are invited to attend when it hits your town. At this interactive, award-winning event you get a chance to visit in person with elected officials and county staff to talk about your community. This year’s meeting is specifically designed to discuss the county services that are working for you, and which services need to be improved.

The Budget Roadshow began Wednesday, Feb. 28 at Azalea Hall in McKinleyville, and will be in Garberville Thursday, March 8 at the Benbow Inn. The Roadshow includes two other stops in Eureka and Willow Creek.

“The McKinleyville Roadshow was well-attended, with around 80 citizens showing up,” said Sean Quincey, Humboldt County’s Public Information Officer. “We heard a lot about the benefits of Measure Z in the community, trauma-informed care, especially when it comes to children, the need for more code enforcement, improving roads and trails and more. We are excited to hear from Southern Humboldt tonight.”

Members of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will host each meeting, which will include a series of small table discussions with subject matter experts like the Sheriff, leadership from Probation, Department of Health & Human Services, Planning & Building, Public Works, and the District Attorney.

“We were thrilled to see the community turn out in huge numbers to last year’s roadshow. The input we received was invaluable in shaping a lot of our decisions this year.” said Ryan Sundberg, 5th District Supervisor and Chair of the Board. “This is a great night for you to let us know what’s important to you, and it’s also a time when you get to learn what the county is up against. I know we’re all looking forward to checking back in with the communityBudget Roadshow

Before each meeting, county officials will also host a meet-and-greet from 5:30 to 6 p.m. where residents can visit one-on-one with their elected officials and representatives from several county departments. All community meetings will begin promptly at 6 p.m.

Below are the locations where citizens can attend the meeting closest to them:

Southern Humboldt

Thursday, March 8, 6 to 8 p.m.*

Benbow Inn – Bellows Room

445 Lake Benbow Drive, Garberville

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Central Humboldt

Monday, March 12, 6 to 8 p.m.*

Sequoia Conference Center

901 Myrtle Ave., Eureka

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Eastern Humboldt

Thursday, March 22, 9:30 am**

Willow Creek Community Services District

135 Willow Road, Willow Creek

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*Meet-and-greet with Supervisors and county staff runs from 5:30 to 6 p.m. each evening.

**The Eastern Humboldt meeting will begin immediately following the normal WCSD meeting.

If you cannot attend any of the meetings you will still be able to submit your comments electronically beginning the week of March 13 via the county’s Open Humboldt discussion forum. Sign up here to be notified when this comment period..

In addition to the options above, you can also take part in the conversation by:

  • Sending in your questions and comments via Twitter to @HumCoGov using #HumCo2019
  • Watching on Access Humboldt channel 10, or channel 7 if your service provider is Wave Cable. The replay will be a synthesis of the central Humboldt meeting and will last roughly 30 minutes. It will air beginning the week of March 26
  • Responding to questions posted on Open Humboldt., the county’s on-line discussion forum.

The county is working with several community partners to hold these meetings, including Access Humboldt, the Benbow Inn, Humboldt County Office of Education, the Willow Creek Community Services District, and the McKinleyville Community Services District.Budget Roadshow



  • The Stupidvisors Sh!tshow???!!!

    • You beat me to it. Let’s see what these wonderful elected officials will be FORCED to do when the green rush bottom drops out later this year.

  • Pull a rabbit out of their Anus or something equally disgusting perhaps???!!! Election time is getting close so of course it’s time for the Dog & Pony aren’t we Bitchin & Groovy show, to help win hearts and minds, as well as lots of fat wallets!!!

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