North Coast Stormwater Coalition Invites You to Take 2018 Stormwater Survey

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

The North Coast Stormwater Coalition invites all community members to participate in the 2018 Stormwater Survey. The North Coast Stormwater Coalition works collaboratively with North Coast County and City governments to reduce stormwater pollution and protect local watersheds. Survey responses will be used to gauge the public’s knowledge of stormwater issues, including the impacts of urban run-off and other harmful discharges into local waterways. Based on the survey responses, the North Coast Stormwater Coalition will improve our regional stormwater pollution prevention education and outreach program. Your input is invaluable on this anonymous online surveyOpens a New Window..

Additional information regarding the North Coast Stormwater Coalition including a link to the survey can be found on their websiteOpens a New Window..

Stormwater Survey



  • So lets go through the other options for cleaning my paintbrush. First is do it in the back yard, but this pollutes the area where your kids play. Second do it in the sink, which puts it into municipal water treatment which cannot remove the paint chemicals from the effluent. Third is to throw the brush away which puts it into the landfill. What to do?

  • Haz-Mat collection

  • unbridled phillistine

    For a start stop burning trash! Our Dioxin levels around the Eel valley are over twice the allowed level!

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