Carjacker Leads Law Enforcement, Including Helicopter, on Crazy Pursuit Near Hopland; Suspected Accomplice Arrested

Vehicle PursuitThis is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

A carjacking occurred in the parking lot of Retech Systems at 1:30 pm, in which a Ford F-250 pickup was taken. The owner of the vehicle, who had jumped on the running board of the truck to try to stop the thief, was thrown from the vehicle but not injured. The vehicle was located traveling through Hopland by CHP units, and it fled south to Cloverdale, where pursuing units lost sight of the vehicle.

The vehicle was later located by [Mendocino County Sheriff deputies], again near Hopland, and the vehicle again fled south on U.S. 101. The subject drove the vehicle into wooded terrain, and fled the area on foot.

Despite an area search by CHP and MCSO personnel, as well as CHP aircraft, the suspect was not located. A second vehicle, a grey Chevy Camaro which was driven by an accomplice, was located in Hopland. The driver of the Camaro ([Margarita] Sobalvarro) was located by MCSO personnel in the town of Hopland, and subsequently arrested by the CHP. She was booked into Mendocino County jail on multiple felony charges.

Inside the Camaro CHP officers located two loaded handguns, one of which has been reported stolen. The stolen pickup was returned to the carjacking victim. Anyone with knowledge of the identity or wherabouts of the carjacking suspect is asked to call Ukiah CHP.



  • Veteran's Friend

    Isn’t Retech between Ukiah & Hopland?

  • What is the description of the culprit? We need to know what he looks like to be on the lookout. Ethnicity? Manner of dress? Length & style of hair?

    • Don’t you know that it is politically incorrect to report the description of the culprit unless it’s a white male?
      I’ve noticed a massive drop in hold ups and home invasions from people of color around here. I’d be willing to bet that it’s just as rampant and not being reported. PC, fucking bullshit that only serves to make people feel virtuous when in reality they are enabling the problem.

      • WHy do you think it is “just as rampant?” You do know crime has decreased overall?


          Just a few months ago there was consistent reporting’s on home invasions and the like, perpetrated disproportionately to the population by people of color. Suddenly, they have stopped? If you think that all of the hood rats that come up here to steal weed have suddenly stopped and turned a new leaf, than your delusional.

          Every time someone observes this uncomfortable FACT, some virtue signaling douchebag pulls the race card. I believe violent crime is just as rampant because they’re is no reason that what was going on 6 months ago would just go away. All of the stats I’ve seen, including the ones I posted, do not show crime around here going down. If you’ve got evidence to the contrary, I’m all ears. When I see articles that refuse to identify the ethnicity of the perp it makes no sense; it reinforces my suspicions. Only political correctness would drive this utter fucking stupidity.


          There’s some more fore ya. And that’s arrests. Most of the time they don’t get caught.


    Sniff him out…

  • Mendicino county sounds scary.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Just need to arm those vertical lifting wings! Stop them cold….

  • Solbavarro was arrested in Berkeley in 2016 for vehicle theft. She has been at it for awhile.

  • This is one of the reasons I am seriously considering ccw

    • Okay Mogtx, as a former handgun owner and re-loader (Glock 19), I’ll bite… how would a handgun have helped you in that situation?

      My Answer: It wouldn’t have, because the incident happened so fast there wasn’t time to react and be a “hero”.

      The vehicle owner couldn’t hang on even standing on the running board, do you believe you could draw your weapon and aim it calmly and accurately under those conditions?

      And, I’ve been told if you take the CCW course in Mendocino County you’ll get the 50K lecture, as in, you better have 50K dollars U.S. available for an Attorney if you ever shoot anyone, even if it’s in self defense.

      Lately, with more tweakers being more violent, I’ve been thinking along the lines of a TASER instead of a heavy, costly handgun.

      Much less lethal to be sure, but still not the perfect self defense solution.

  • Derek X
    Um……shoot tire maybe. Works for the recovery agent

    • Um….. you might want to study up on gun regulations, friend, the civilian use of deadly force isn’t legal in a case like that.

      The use of deadly force is legal when someone’s life is in imminent danger.

      Someone leaving the scene of a crime isn’t a threat anymore, using deadly force is not justified.

      Anyone using deadly force in such a situation may find themselves in jail awaiting prosecution with the other criminals, because it’s against the law.

      If you shot the tire, the driver could lose control and cause even more damage, or even hurt others.

      At the least, a tire shooter may be facing a reckless endangerment charge with all the associated costs and hassles and you might lose your CCW permit, is your vehicle really worth all that?

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