Bomb Squad in Alderpoint; One Person Arrested

One person was detained.

One person was detained. [This still from a video was provided by a reader]

According to several residents of Alderpoint, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and their bomb squad are at a residence in Alderpoint on Alderpoint Road just past the Alderpoint Store. One person was arrested and a robot was deployed to set off a bomb.

Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Sheriff’s Department confirmed that his men were at a residence in the area. He said, “EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) is currently on scene after a pipe bomb was discovered on a property. It was found during the probation search and arrest of Terra Gibson. In addition to the pipe bomb, several guns, lots of ammo and 10+ pounds of marijuana was located.”

Guns and ammunition found during the probation search.

Firearms and ammunition found during the probation search. [Photo provided by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office]

Sheriff’s deputies showed up in the Alderpoint area in the early afternoon, according to one resident. Then a couple hours later they went to the residence located in Alderpoint that was near the store. They detained one man.

“The bomb squad showed up around 7:30,” one resident told us. They deployed a robot about 8:50 p.m., she said. Then they exploded the pipe bomb.



  • typical day in alderpoint

  • Homemade silencers, a rusty sawed-off double barrel (minus the rest of the gun) and M7A1 grenades (without a launcher).

    That’s AP for ya.

  • Is this for REAL..? As if local resources weren’t already strained in this new Wild, Wild West shit show. Now law enforcement has to bring robots to deal with AP delinquency? That poor town continues to go downhill because of all these individuals who don’t give a flying F, for the citizens of that town. They should ship those derelicts to go work for Caltrans and clean up the roads, streams and illegal chemical dumps. That way they won’t have all this time to waste on making pipe bombs. Incredibly SAD for Alderpoint, a once beautiful town with great caring people. No more..

  • Hell ya go Hcsd, Thank god they finally got this asshole, he should have been in prison already, the crime in alderpoint will decline by a few percent.

  • Alas, marijuana in the fray. SMH

  • those are 40mm m781 practice rounds light blue tip. he should be more worried about the high cap mags.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Silencers, modified weapons, pipe bombs?

    Jeeze, scary as can be East of Garberville…

    There are some places polite folk just should not go…

  • This is rad I went to high school with that Sherriff and it’s just cool to see he’s leading the crime cleanup for our community!! Fantastic

  • Waiting for the big one.

    Just the tip of the criminal iceberg. Been to Hayfork lately? Or Willow Creek or Orick? Shelter Cove? Is this Alabama? It’s Humboldt County’s cold war. We live in a potentially violent community.

  • So tjat .30 cal may be salvageable but the rest of that collection is trash that I would not fire. This is what happens when you let a tweeker play gunsmith

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Tweakers think they’re expert mechanics and engineers when high, but mosly just screw things up that weren’t broke.

  • Of I’m not mistaken second from the bottom is a new england firearms 12g. Try and silence a 12g. Yea red jacket did it but that was with a rust free Sega

    • It’s not a 12 gauge but if you’re trying to spot interesting gunsmithing look how he attached his “suppressor” to his semi auto pistol above it. I would like to see him fire that one, if it wasn’t interesting it would at least prove difficult to reload.

      • Why would it be difficult to reload? It’s a fixed barrel, the slide stops just above the trigger, at weaker pos for sure. What’s sad is these were probably someone’s family heirlooms stolen by this asshole (maybe not the ak😉)

  • Appears the .22 pistol with the ‘silencer’ is a Colt Woodsman. Collectors item.
    Lever action rifle… (if a 1892 Winchester)… is a collectors item

    Collectors item = $$$

    Rifle at the bottom is a Thompson Center break-open
    .50 cal muzzle-loader. Explains why he had the black power to build a pipe-bomb.

    Noticed the .50 cal rounds… wonder if he had a .50 BMG rifle that was hidden. Dunno.

  • Please don’t stop there! Do probation searches on every active probation in AP area. Catch the damn Casterlin school thieves. Also the murderer Zach Harrison who is boldly walking around Alderpoint like he doesn’t have a care in the world If we don’t they will only feel imboldened to steal more and more. What’s next our little church. Anyone who would steal from children has a special place in hell. Start behind the old Legion hall and continue to the Rez! Shake the tweeters out of their holes and maybe we can take our damn town back.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Humboldt Hillbillies !

  • Good job LE.

  • Maybe Dinno shouldn’t rent to theses out of town thugs.

    • Deano gives less than a damn. The property is nothing but garbage and dead vehicles, a complete eyesore. The property is so full of garbage that Terra’s customers park out in the road when they’re picking up their drugs. Thanks Deano, “Mayor of Alderpoint”. What a fucking joke.

      • Jorge Cervantes

        We both know that “Deano” is really not the official mayor of AP. Most long time AP residents know who really is mayor and has been since ‘97.

    • I personally asked him why he would rent to someone like him. Reply was yeah guess it was a mistake. More or less!! LMAO

  • This dickhead has quite the history. Of course weed is always in the mix . It attracts criminals like flies to shit.

  • Actually Terra is a nice guy and it really isn’t nobody’s business what somebody has in there home seems to me he may be quite creative just a little misguided

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Show a a good reason for pipe bombs and stolen firearms. Go for it. We’ll wait.

    • he is a pice of shit!! I hope the feds get involved because of the bombs and suppressors and he’ll actually go away.

  • Ya Humboldt most wanted zack Harrison ive wondered why he hasnt been arrested now i know why i guess .Just like kenny springer HCSO NEEDS TO GO BUFORD PUSSER ON THEM.,and put them in jail right along with Marcie kitchin.

  • I’ll say it again, the reason criminals continue to run rampit all over Humboldt is there not being held accountable for their actions nobody backs what they say to make them pay for their crimes not the cops, no one!!! And it’s really sad that it’s local people that are our worst criminals and stealing from our children!!! Let them Try to Rob our church I promise you they will be held accountable one way or another for robbing from kids and their own friends and family what kind of piece of shit really does that???!!!

  • The criminals aren’t following the strict CA gun laws to ban most anything?
    I wonder if the owners of this stuff were released from prison early by one of the stupid CA liberal utopia releases of thousands of criminal trash into the population?

  • Very nice 1892 Winchester. Beautiful old rifle. John Browning was a genius!

  • Is he back yet, or is that tonight?

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