[UPDATE 7:14 a.m.] Vehicle in River, Occupied by Two, According to CHP Dispatch Report

Rescuers are rushing to the scene of a vehicle accident at the end of Church Lane in Carlotta which was reported at 6:23 a.m. According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, there are two occupants.

Emergency personnel on the scene at 6:40 a.m. can see the vehicle in the river and say it appears to still be running. “The vehicle is in the middle of the river,” the first responder tells dispatch.

UPDATE 6:48 a.m.: According to scanner traffic, there is still one person in the vehicle.

UPDATE 6:49 a.m.: “Go ahead and cancel Eel River Rescue,” reports the Incident Commander.  “The person in the vehicle is just keeping it running” to help the tow company.

UPDATE 6:52 a.m.: The ambulance which is already on scene is returning to quarters as there is no medical need, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 6:56 a.m.: Fish and Wildlife is at the scene, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 7:14 a.m.: According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, there was no traffic collision and no one was DUI. The driver was just “attempting to cross river and got stuck.”

Vehicle in river

Vehicle in river [Photo provided by a reader]



  • Vehicle in river on Church Lane

  • Speaking as someone that has gotten his truck stuck way too many times, why the hell would you call CHP? Call a friend or flag down the nearest 4wd truck. He’s going to enjoy the expensive ticket he’s about to get.

  • Complete idiot!

  • Can you take my name off picture… my daughter sent it to me & doesn’t want it known… than you!

  • Steelhead are starting to drop eggs now that we are approaching the end of the season, pretty inconsiderate time to 4by in the river, don’t worry though Fish n’ Game will write him out a hefty forced donation for his time! 😂

    • REMEMBER THAT HIGH SPEED RAIL NEEDS MONEY, AND WILL HAVE TO BE FUNDED FOR ITS LIFE! poor fish don’t stand a chance, pour oil on ya run over your spawn, and then there will be somebody standin at the mouth crying theres no fish. YUPP

    • Pretty sure the don’t spawn in main channels.

  • That ones gonna cost ya! Gotta get wet!

  • Dumb,dumb,dumb, they keep getting dumber. I’m surprised that things not loaded with dirt. Or is it?

  • i’ve crossed the river there before
    but it was summer and low water
    i might be crazy but im not stoopid

  • Water is really good for your differentials when you leave it in there for a while makes the motor work really good too squeaky clean

  • I’ve crossed there so many times I couldn’t say how many times in my Broncos, and I’ve never got stuck I guess it was to deep this time. The truck must have no 4 wheel drive which is just plain ignorant if it wasn’t 4 wheel drive you deserve to get stuck I’m just curious as to why is CHP would give you a ticket for getting stuck in the river

  • Yee Haw Lets cross the Eel River in a two wheel drive….. Yeeeyeeee

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