The Next Sara Bareilles?

Skip ahead through the falling snow to where the singing starts at 50 seconds in if you like to move a bit faster.

Snow falling in the redwoods, a talented local kid, and a dreamy song about space. That’s the kind of good news that keeps the world spinning in the right direction every single day.

Eight-year-old Anora Blackwell recorded the above song during her “first take, no writing, just freestyling off the top of her head,” her dad Tristan Blackwell wrote proudly.

“I gave Anora my old microphone and handed her the iPad that it hooked up to,” he explained. “I put a beat in garage band and showed her how to record. This is the first thing she recorded… .”

Then, during the recent snow, they joined their talents and filmed Anora singing it in the redwoods during the snow.

“One day I’m going to go the stars and see the moon every day,” Anora sings. Heck, one day, she might be a star herself and you might have been one of her first fans.

Remember Sara Bareilles started here in the Emerald Counties, too.



  • dream on , one day you can be anything you want
    very nice

  • She has a very nice quality to her voice. Her Dad should upload it to Youtube and see what happens.

  • Auto tune…. no not the next Sara

    • Whatever she grows up to do, I garuntee you it wont be sitting around ragging on 8 year old girls from behind a keyboard [edit]

  • Skyler Andersson

    Kidding Me, you obviously dont know much about the music industry.

    • As a matter of fact I do know about the Industry. So what is your point. Guess you’re not happy about where you made it in life through music. Trying to keep young kids down will definitely not help you in life or in success.

  • Times have changed and are always changing

    Cool name, you can be anything you want I new a girl in my class in elementary school and when our class followed the Challenger space 🚀 launch witch blew up in the air and a teacher that was an astronaut on board died she still decided to go to space camp and become an astronaut/scientist now she has been to the international space station and works for NASA and, hopes to go to mars someday it just goes to show you can be what ever you want so yes literally shoot for the stars you just might end up getting there when you get older.🎤 practice makes perfect

  • Totally awesome.

  • Thank you. You are awesome.

  • Karol Andersson

    Amazing and beautiful! A talented young lady with a creative mind, a courageous heart, and a lovely voice— which I love to hear in person too ❤️ ❤️❤️

  • 796 Views now on youtube.. Sweet song !

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