Shoplifting Allegations Lead to Rio Dell Man’s Arrest on a Felony Warrant

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Garret Ross Wilson

A Rio Dell man wanted on felony warrants was arrested this morning after attempting to shoplift from a Eureka business.
On March 6, 2018, at about 1:17 a.m., Humboldt County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a business on the 2500 block of Harris Ave. in Eureka for the report of a theft that had just occurred.

Upon arrival, deputies contacted and detained three suspects associated with the shoplifting in the business’ parking lot. One suspect, Garret Ross Wilson, 32, gave deputies a false name and identification. Upon further investigation, deputies discovered Wilson’s true identity. Wilson was also found to have two felony warrants for burglary and possession of a controlled substance for sales.

Wilson was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on his two felony warrants and an additional charge of false impersonation.

The business declined to press charges. The two other subjects were released at the scene.



  • Safeway. Duh.

  • Uncle festers long lost son .

  • “The business declined to press charges.” Wimps!! Why did they bother to call the police in the first place? This store needs to put a large sign out front: SHOPLIFTERS WELCOME.

    • Safeway has a policy to not press charges. People go in their bathrooms there to shoot up. If there is a problem in the store/ shop lifting/ aggression the employees are told to not do any thing. Another excellent reason not to go to Eureka Safeway!

      • So this means you could literally go shopping by putting things in your reusable bags and then just walk out? And the worst thing to happen would be the cops stopping and detaining you while they check with Safeway? And the only price you pay would be some embarrassment? I can see how people would get used to it, ya gotta eat.

        • Yeeeppp. Alerted TJ Max employe that there was a man bliaghtanly shoplifting the store while i was standing at check out to pay. Employee said “ our management says we can not detain or interact with shoplifters for safety reasons”. I said…ok…well why not let them in your store then? They said, “that would be discrimination “. WTF!?!? Lib laws. Gotta love em

          • its the “least Educated” that is adversely affecting America, you gotta love em. us libs are wondering when you plan to start educating them? there is a map you can overlay with other maps to understand this a little better if you don’t get it.

            • People can’t be educated against their will. Heaven knows it has been tried with lots of liberals but apparently they just shout insults when provoked too loudly to hear anyone else.

              • you just proved your own point. but i’m not shouting, just recommending to take a look at the demographic maps prepared from the Census Data. I already knew you wouldn’t but i’m still trying and won’t give up because this is the only solution to this nation wide problem. knowledge is power, without it you only have fear.

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