New Way to Apply for Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's Office

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is now offering a new way to apply for your concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit.

Interested applicants can now submit their CCW application online ( and pay the required deposit with a credit card. The fully automated system allows applicants to schedule their required appointment with a CCW representative online during the application process. Applicants can also sign up for notification updates on their application status via the communication method they prefer.

“The transition to an online application will make CCW permitting more efficient, giving the public a more convenient option, while providing better and faster service,” HCSO Deputy Director Norma Lorenzo said.

The online application portal is available for both first time and renewal applicants. Paper applications are still available for download online or at the Sheriff’s Office Main Station.

Visit the Sheriff’s Office website for CCW permit requirements and pricing:



  • “Please, pretty please, may I exercise my rights to self-defense that predate the Constitution? With sugar on top?”

    • Well we could have ms Hillary for president.? No gun rights. ?No self defense?

      • Don’t look the other way, but it looks like Mr. Trump wants to take away or limit our guns.
        Who wudda thunk?

    • Given as most of California used to be a “go screw yourself” state, and now you can apply online with a good chance of getting one, it’s a step in the right direction.


    I like the idea of anyone with a CCW going to the jail/court and looking a cop in the eye and answering a few questions before getting certified.
    Yes,it would be nice if unpermitted crooks would do the same. Lol.

    • You still do, this just for the application, still expect a through grilling lol, i found it enjoyable but I can see why some might not. I’m also glad they do it.

  • The colonists who came from Britain made gun rights very important in the constitution for a reason, & no where does it say primarily for self defense. That’s NRA talk.

    In old Britain the only people allowed to own guns were the upper class/royalty. Guns were mainly used for hunting. The rich then had the ability to get meat anytime they wanted to eat it, & they kept the best pieces leaving only scraps and hides for the poor.Who were basically everyone else. In some places hunting in any form was only legal for the rich.

    At the time the colonists came here, being able to own a gun meant that they could hunt and feed their families and thus survive. Pretty easy to see why it was so important!

    So getting in a position these days where only the wealthy&police force would have guns doesnt sound good, but where we’ve gotten to with guns is frickin ridiculous.
    Using them as tools for sustenance or putting some injured critter out of their misery is a far cry from assault rifles being owned by pharmaceutical poisoned people who are delusional. Look at how long the florida shooter was treated for adhd as a kid!

    • That’s why I own guns ( yes I hunt too) For drugged out wackos with firearms. I don’t own assault rifles… I own defense rifles.

    • Article is not accurate on the background checks info. It’s been Federal law for years that private party sale must also go thru background check, most states get this done by requiring the check be done by a ffl gun dealer…

  • We need more assholes with concealed carry permits. Easier to kill strangers while you road rage. Easier to get onto campus with one. Easier to get into a church and kill people with a different skin tone. Fuck fascism, and fuck all you fascists.

    • ….ayfkm, don’t sweat it to much, Your going to stroke out. In 7 years you will get another chance and maybe this time there will be a offwhite lesbian transgender running .

    • [edit] those are the people who don’t bother getting a ccw, you think because someone has a ccw they are a racist murdering fascist? WTF

    • It is not easier to commit road rage or shoot up schools and churches with a CCW; criminals don’t bother to get CCW’s. It is, however, easier to defend yourself against one of these maniacs with a CCW. It is also easier for the citizenry to defend against a tyrannical government that you, no doubt, support.Yes, fuck all of you fascists alright. Fuck all of you fascists who want to strip us of our gun rights. And fuck all of you communist scum who are too stupid to recognize the purpose of the second amendment, too stupid to know the actual meaning of the word fascist.

    • Oh look it’s another[edit] who doesn’t realize that ACTUAL fascists were the ones taking away the guns during the 20th century .

    • Proud CCW holder

  • Well at least we can now skip going thru the metal detector to enter the County Building in order to turn in my paperwork at the Sheriff’s main desk/ window to have a CCW issued by the HCSO. Having had my CCW License for almost 20 years now and living in a very rural part of the County, I have not shot at anyone – so far.

    But it is nice to have a legal concealed weapon when traveling thru the rural areas of Humboldt County, all thru the State of California, and many other states which recognize my State Of California License To Carry A Concealed Weapon…

  • Veteran's Friend

    As a person barred from gun ownership as a result of a non violent felony conviction (which was dismissed after successful completion of probation-all my rights restored EXCEPT my gun rights) I am in favor of it being easy to get a CCW. I hope everyone who is able to does.

  • Everyone in humboldt is already loaded to the gills with weapons like it makes a difference

  • shit happens: “Bourne firefighter-paramedic pleads not guilty to charges of carrying a firearm while intoxicated.” last night this very honorable looking dude, based on normal profiling, got on OUI and was carrying a load handgun. he claims to have no memory of the incident. so what happens when some CCW is blacked out from too many drinks and fucks up decision making wise? alcohol and guns don’t mix, but the drug of choice for most gun enthusiast is alcohol.

  • Gee Wally…now we can pay money and beg the government online to exercise our constitutional rights…that’s swell!

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