Forest Service Seeking Comments on Off-Highway Vehicle Grant Application

This is a press release from the U.S. Forest Service:

United States Forest Service USFSEUREKA, Calif. – The Six Rivers National Forest, in coordination with US Forest Service law enforcement staff, is seeking input on a grant proposal to the state’s Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division to enhance and manage motorized recreation on National Forest System (NFS) lands. Public participation is a requirement of the grant process and an important part of the forest’s off-highway vehicle (OHV) program.

The grant proposal, if awarded, would provide law enforcement staff with tools to help promote responsible OHV use; encourage the healthy use of our public lands by providing patrol coverage and supplies to support public safety, wildlife, soils and habitat protection; and sustain OHV recreational opportunities on the forest.

Off-highway vehicle related law enforcement activities on the forest include public information, education and enforcement, incident management, resource monitoring and protection, and signage and barrier installation consistent with the forest’s OHV Law Enforcement Plan. The plan supports enforcement of all laws pertaining to OHV operation; emphasizing noise levels, resource protection and prevention of OHV trespass.

To review and comment on the proposal for the Six Rivers National Forest, visit between March 6 and April 2, 2018, and search for “USFS – Shasta-Trinity/Six Rivers NF – Patrol District” under the “Agency” tab.

For more information about the state grant process and requirements, visit the OHMVR Division’s website at


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  • So are they going to be opening our Forrest’s again to riding? This would be awesome if they open up the old logging roads and allow us maintain trails for all off-road vehicles.

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