AT&T Internet Down in the Cutten Area

AT&TAT&T internet is out in at least one area of Humboldt County tonight–Cutten. Readers are telling us that they are offline. And, we’re hearing secondhand that the service won’t be fixed until Friday.

Unfortunately, although we have reached out to AT&T, getting answers outside of business hours is problematic. Chime in if you’ve been able to get through to AT&T and have some answers.



  • Kym…..It’s (AT&T DSL Internet) so unreliable and at best SLOW (< 200 Kbps when it is contractually not to be less than 3 Mbps), how do you know you are even connected!!!! To be honest…this corporation bills us for our money and does not deliver the contractual minimum service. I've been told…"pay or be disconnected." I'm documented and I've written the CA PUC…..but likely next week AT&T will pull the plug. Being "in the right" today is really not enough.

  • Stupid slow super fast internet

    Up in arcata it is fluxing.
    I’d say more as I get more info, but I’ll be offline at that point.


    Most unfortunate. Monopolies suck and need replaced. Aren’t Monopolies illegal anyway?? At t is the worst company EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Monopolies are supposed to be illegal but liberal regulation on the economy has been undermined for decades. Instead we allow private companies to control public infrastructure, for profit.

      The notion that competition within markets can protect consumers is a fantasy.

      • technically its private infrastructure as they own the lines and a portion of the poles.At&t either rents pole space from pg&e or have their own poles and pay the permitting and engineeing costs to do so.

        now they do recieve federal and state funding/grants for network expansion of services at times. (which in this area they continually lie about completing and have signed paperwork claiming they have completed). however the bells and att have always been private companies. they where never a public utility. there is nothing preventing citys from starting their own phone exchanges besides cost. ferndale runs their own telco for example.

        you are correct in calling them a monopoly though. they are highly anti competative. continually break consumer sales laws by selling services that do not exist in areas. however its difficult to get charges to stick due to the goverments heavy reliance on att for babone level wire tapping of data in and out of the united states. not to mention continual state and federal abuse of wiretapng without warrants or cause. every time the goverment goes to call att on its behavior they mention this stuff and making it public. then it turns into a silent back room matter and nothing happens.

        i have been trying for years to get the fcc to step in over all the crap att pulls thats illegal, just for businesses. they have no interest in doing anything. no matter how many complaints i file. i got a phone call once asking me to clarify details around the time fires when we had no internet. but that was it.

  • Switch to 101 Netlink. Local, responsive and just all around fine people.

  • AT&T DSL is still an option in Humboldt? I thought they went out of business….

  • Phone line (landline) was down last night too. Many, many frustrating minutes trying to get through to someone at ATT eventually led to the hearing they would repair the problem by 9 PM on Friday. However, everything was working by 9am today (Weds). Still no idea what the problem was and no contact with an ATT human.

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