Fugitive Recovery Agent Shoots Tire of Fleeing Drug Possession Suspect

Sara KleinOn March 3 about 10:15 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department received a report of shots being fired south of Dean Creek, according to Samantha Karges, a spokesperson for the department.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they discovered a Fugitive Recovery Agent had fired a shot at the tire of a misdemeanor warrant suspect, Sara Klein, as she attempted to flee in her vehicle. Klein was arrested for her warrant on misdemeanor drug charges. The Sheriff’s Department gathered information on the case and forwarded it to the District Attorney’s Office to see if they want to press charges against the agent.

According to Karges, the Fugitive Recovery Agent had pulled in behind Klein’s vehicle in a driveway-like area in order to keep her from fleeing. Karges explained, As “[t]he bondsman reportedly exited his vehicle to approach her vehicle, [Klein] reportedly tried to flee forward in the vehicle, but was unsuccessful due to vegetation and then she put the vehicle in reverse.”

The Fugitive Recovery Agent says he feared for his life as the woman put her car in reverse. “That’s when the bondsman discharged his weapon,” Karges said. When the car began reversing towards him, the Fugitive Recovery Agent fired a shot into her tire. Klein fled into the woods.

“He ended up chasing her through a nearby wooded area,” Karges, the spokesperson stated. “[Klein] was later apprehended by the Fugitive Recovery Agent  and examined by medical personnel.” She was uninjured.

Karges explained that Klein said that she was afraid and trying to flee as she did not know he was a Fugitive Recovery Agent.

Although, Karges said, “The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t usually aide them in apprehending warrant subjects…The bail Fugitive Recovery Agents usually bring suspects into the jail themselves,” under the circumstances, the deputies booked Klein into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility themselves.

She was booked on two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

The original post used the term bail bondsman. We’ve now updated with the correct term–Fugitive Recovery Agent.




  • Sounds like dog the brownie hunter.

  • Sounds like the bail bondsman should be brought up on some charges. Discharging a firearm in public & not identifying himself. I would be scared if some guy blocked my car & then started shooting, especially in that area.

    • Where does it say that he didn’t identify himself? Not to mention she almost certainly knew who it was. If a car was backing up towards me and I feared for my life I’d be firing too. And I bet that gunshot made her think twice about trying to run him over, or whatever stupid ass shit she was trying to do.

      • “Karges explained that Klein said that she was afraid and trying to flee as she did not know he was a bail bondsman.”

        • ST…….. if you believe that addict to tell the truth, you have a lot to learn. Bondsman should be congratulated for bringing her in before she kills someone driving high.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            Congratulated? Yeah right! It was a misdemeanor. There are already more than enough actual police officers out there shooting when they shouldn’t, do we really want to congratulate civilians for doing the same?

            • It was not about the warrant, she tried to run him over that is why he fired. He shot out her tire instead of shooting her. If she was trying to run her over he would have been justified in shooting her but instead showed restraint. How about her being responsible for her actions ie doing drugs, failing to show up for court, trying to run the guy over? That is why there is so much crime. People believe the lies of criminals and think they are the victim when in fact they get more breaks than they deserve. She should go to prison but she will not, she will just get more probation and be back on the street doing the same thing. Oh yea reforming them. Another fantasy. People say criminals come out of prison not fit for society. They were like that BEFORE going to prison that’s why they are there to begin with. Its not the systems fault they chose the thug life. Its impossible to fix someone that refuses to help themselves.

        • Of course she is going to say that. Criminal say all kinds of shit for excuses when they are caught fleeing.

        • ST-you said, with ZERO evidence, the bail bondsman failed to identify himself. The fact that a fleeing drug addict claims she didn’t know who he was does not make your point. Nice try, go back to sleep.

    • Yes m’am! My thoughts exactly!!
      Even tho I am not a felon but I am a woman & if sum man came upon me alone in the woods threatening me & then shooting out my tire, I would run too!!!

    • Especially if you’ve been up for three days!

  • The more logical thing to do when you fear for your life from a reversing car is to get out of the way, not shoot the tire. If you shoot the tire you’re still probably going to get ran over. I don’t know the situation here, but if a pseudocop came at me with a gun I’d be sketched out too.

    • Veteran's Friend

      He knows more than you do about apprehending fleeing felons. IT IS HIS JOB. And I am pretty sure he knows the laws that apply.
      You are amateurs

      • not a felon. Sorry , read the story, not what you wish was there. Shooting was not a good shoot, you can not put yourself in danger then plead you feared for your life. misdemeanor charges… and if he had missed and hit a kid ?

        • What if he had missed and hit a child? What if she had been allowed to flee while high as a kite and panicking and ran over 2 children alongside the road? It actual seems responsible to me for him to make sure she wasn’t allowed to endanger to community. Does the shot seems excessive? Maybe. But if she had ran over your child you would be screaming that he didn’t do enough, and demanding justice

      • She was not a felon! If the bullet had ricochet, and he killed an innocent citizen driving by, some of you would be blaming her for murder.

        • Correct, she wasent charged with a felony, however she was a wanted criminal. The fugitive recovery agent did identify himself, his jacket has in bold yellow letters

  • Evidently what he did was the logical thing because she sure as hell stopped when she heard gunfire.

    • Misdemeanor drug possession, she was alone….and he was firing his weapon off and chasing her through the woods. Yeah, real logical

      • My thoughts exactly!

        • Wasted Lives No Regrets

          Yeah, next time she gets arrested for drug possession maybe she should borrow the bail money from her druggie friends. They probably wouldn’t mind if she didn’t pay them back.

      • J-Nice revisionist history. You make it sound as if he was running behind her, chasing her through the woods while shooting his gun. In fact, she put it in reverse and drove at him. He is justified in defending his life. The “real cops” that you people are exalting, in an effort to demean the bounty hunter, would have killed her.

        I don’t like cops or bounty hunters but right is right. Odds are the drug addict with a history of fleeing is in the wrong. And IF the bounty hunter actually has a 20 year record without firing his gun, odds are even greater that his shooting was justified. Of course bleeding heart liberals don’t care about facts, and you also despise guns, so you’ll automatically be triggered when you read the story and side with the loser drug addict who you more so relate to.

        • I like guns, cops too. I don’t think everyone should have a gun. I don’t think everyone should be a cop. The first thing he did (according to the article above) is blocked in her vehicle preventing her from fleeing in it. He then exited his vehicle while she, still trying to leave the situation was prevented from doing so by vegetation and being blocked in by the bondsman vehicle. Her reverse lights come on and he starts shooting a pistol at her vehicle. In what way is his life in danger?
          She flees thru the woods on foot with him chasing after. Is this not a scary scene to you?
          Yes, many addicts will do anything to feed their habit, including committing crimes. This pertains to addicts of all types, not just drug addicts. Addiction is a sickness. But these are seperate acts, and cannot be lumped together automatically where if you are guilty of one you are automatically guilty of all. That is not how our justice system works, thank goodness. She is charged with a MISDEMEANOR drug possession! Have you ever smoked a bowl?! Know anyone who has? Is this what you/they deserve? I know, I saw her pic, it ain’t for smoking a bowl, and it’s legal this year anyway.but that has been the same charge all our lives. Im sure she is no saint, and this may just be our only chance to capture such a prolific drug possessor of this caliber, but based on the article I would sure feel better about locking him up first. Where is his pic?

        • your calling out another commenter for revisionism? Really? Because the article has no mention of the ‘bondsman’ stating who he was before he began firing at her vehicle. But i’m sure you did some in depth investigating and found out what really happened. Neither of these people come across as particularly savory, but i would have tried to run over some unnamed fool w a gun while i’m unarmed, 9 times out of 10.
          The whole thing sounded sloppy and unprofessional, shooting at the tire for what? So the exposed rim will slice you in half?

  • Omg she needs to go to jail

    Wow she is messed up i seen her last week and she was so high and trying to drive i called the chp because i was afraid she was going to hurt someone ….. Hope she gets off the bad drug’s soon

  • Oh, I’m impressed with the uniform, big guy.

  • From beauty queen to dope fiend. Sad. Drugs suck.

  • Ok, now for the real story. First off, the guy who shot the tire out was not , repeat not a bail bondsman. He is a highly trained fugitive recovery agent, who has apprehended many criminals. Second. Ms.Klein has failed to appear at least 3 times. Her bondsman has tried many times to contact her, but like most criminals, she didn’t want to face the judge. The fugitive recovery agent tried to stop Ms.Klein, he identified himself and she still tried to flee, Ms Klein was in fight or flight mode, and the agent did what he had to. He saved the bail bondsman 50 grand, and to no cost to the taxpayer. Ms Klein saw the judge and was ORd. Her fleeing got her caught and only with a slap on the wrist. The agent had to have his vehicle towed because someone found his keys, while the sheriff’s department was trying to sort this out.
    Now . Do you think Ms. Klein was in the right, by fleeing? Or was the agent justified in shooting at her tire to prevent her from escaping, which I note MUST of took some restraint, because he didn’t shoot her.

    • Veteran's Friend

      You make my case. Thanks😊

    • Sleepy Alligator

      So what was your role in this incident? You were there when this all happened right? I’ve read the story twice and there’s no mention of a third person so my guess is that your version of what happened is just that…..your version.
      Fugitive recovery agent, bounty hunter, or whatever other title you feel like giving him doesn’t matter because they’re all titles for people who want to act like cops but are not cops for whatever reason. Power trippers with concealed weapons permits. Don’t we pay law enforcement to apprehend fugitives? Yes we do. And who cares about the bondsmen’s 50k? Not me. He chose that career so that’s his business. You said the judge already OR’ed this person so even he doesn’t see her as a threat to the community. Firing a weapon in a residential neighborhood, now that seems threatening.

    • shooting her tire to keep her from fleeing …… hardly fearful of his life, he wanted his cut of the 50k. misdemeanor, does not equal gun play. sorry cowboy, delt with enough folks like that in my life, break whatever law lie your add off because you are in the right ? my add you break the law it doesnt matter why you still broke the law. Your moral high ground does not grant privledge to disreguard laws based upon your personal sense of right and wrong.

      • Wow. Christallmighty, maybe if you had the same level of animosity towards actual criminals, we might be getting somewhere

    • Yeah, real altruistic! What an idiot

      A female with a misdemeanor drug possession charge
      Man firing off pistol chasing girl through the woods

      Which would you rather have in your neighborhood?

      Lock him up immediately for his own safety. [edit]

      • Now we have to worry about her being high and driving. This guybwas obviously hired by the bond company to locate her and bring her in which he did. I would rather have him out there than someone on drugs driving or supporting their habit anyway they can.

  • Great story Kym. We’ll have to keep up with this one! Thanks for always keeping us informed.

  • Who was the Bail bondsman

  • To bad she was Released on her promise to appear today. She failed to show more than once for the bondsman. Do you think she will appear now. The tax payers will have to pay to pick her up next time.

    • Correct. Tell Sacramento NO on SB10

    • Amazing the breaks we give these people like citing and releasing them instead of throwing their asses in jail and they can’t even show up for a simple court date. That lack of responsibility probably explains a lot about why they are in the place they are in life.

    • Who’s the criminal here?
      The man chasing a lone girl through the woods while discharging a firearm or the girl who at some time earlier was brought up on a misdemeanor drug charge and failed to show for a court date?
      Anyone here ever missed a date? Has anyone here ever…….no, no, of course not, Not here in Humboldt, were all perfect law abiding dilitants always doing what we are told. That’s why we are here.

  • Jeremiah Forman

    What a bunch of crappolah. I know the bail holder. She jumped bond. It was his bounty agent that shot out her tire when she attempted to run him over.

  • breaks my heart to read this. My girls went to south fork with her and she was a bright, vibrant teen with caring parents. So sorry for her and her family.

    • Yes I have had several encounters with her over the years that left me feeling that she had a sketchy grasp of reality. Drugs didn’t seem to the problem back then. More an underlying condition. I remember being worried about who I believe was her son and what he was dealing with.

  • He was too nice. He missed.

    • And what would his bail be if he’d hit her? Are you suggesting he should have killed her for skipping her court dates? He had her penned in. Reversing was a survival reaction. He hadn’t identified himself. I would have done the same thing. We are not the Philippines, yet.

  • Great story bro

  • Wtf is wrong with you people? Supporting a druggie [edit] because a bondsman used a gun? Wow!

    • She’s not a grow ho.
      No ones defending her, questioning someone shooting a gun in a public location ought to be questioned.

      And fyi in most of the world private bail bondsmen are illegal. Too easy to have corruption.
      They are non-deputized civilians who it seems are allowed to shoot at people.

  • If it was a cop she’d be full of holes, if you really are in fear for your life you wouldn’t shoot at a tire, whole thing sounds like a shit show.

    • Cops have to go to and graduate the academy to prove they have recieved the proper training to be in a stressful situation such as this and still be able to make the proper decision. A bondsman just has to fail out of the police academy.

  • Community Member

    Who cares? Lol. She knew she wasn’t going to court and had unfinished business. Nobody got hurt. All is well that ends well. Let’s rake the guy over for shooting her tire … really? I’m
    Sure he’s a good shot and could have hit whatever he aimed for. Lucky for her it was a fire to use the least amount of force required which I believe is what the law allows. What a waste of time and money. Now we all get to pay for her to sit in jail – then get released again – and repeat until she dies.

    • Hey cm, what are the legal things a bounty hunter is allowed to do and who licenses them?

      • Trained fugitive recovery agents are licensed by the State of California. They have the right to arrest and detain a fugitive they may use whatever force that is necessary. Including the use of deadly weapons.

        • Especially, a woman accused of a misdemeanor. I might be able to make a case in that we’re talking 50,000 and that my friends are what seems to be the essential threat here and not the misdemeanor.

      • Look them up, it’s scary as hell. They actually don’t have to follow the laws we are familiar with in police. Way more leniency, similar to fish and game in no proof requirements, no search warrants needed to kick your door in, ect.

    → Arrest
    O.R. Court
    2 days, 9 hours
    Yesterday, 7:21 p.m.

    It’s just amazing, how the courts just let criminals go free without any accountability. Let’s see if she shows up for court on March 28th.

  • I personally know the fugitive recovery agent and he said that in the 20 + years he has been doing this, he has NEVER had to fire his weapon. I fully trust this guy. I believe if it were law enforcement it would of been a whole different outcome, and Ms Klein would no longer be in this world.

  • The mistake he made was shooting the tire. Getem Dog!

  • It’s true that if refusing to show up for court dates is not enforced, then there is no reason to have such a court system at all. There is no reason have the crime itself defined in the code without a mechanism to apply a penalty. Being arrested becomes a nuisance only.

    In a society where respect for the law and contempt for law breakers is widespread, then few will want to be outside the law. The law and court system work well enough. Obviously way too many don’t give a crap about being “respectable” at all for that to work any more. At one point, simply coming to the attention of the police would have been a deep embarassment, much less being arrested. Now way too many feel the point is to criticise any type of enforcement rather than criticize the law breakers themselves. The only interest is to police the police.

    Our society can not afford to enforce the many laws it has yet keeps making more laws to attempt to create order. All this does is create ever more contempt for all laws. The analogy would be to fix drunk drivers by requiring manufacturers put more air bags in cars. But then, if the air bags are insufficient, the law has not recourse about that anymore than it did over the drunk driver.

    Think about the end of this road where laws are held in such contempt. It’s pretty clear where it’s leading right now.

  • Help your daughter

    This woman’s life long story of drug abuse is so fkn sad . Her father is Rick Klein. Many people over the years wondered if he (and her mother) had spent less time traveling trying to save the Alerce trees in Brazil and spent that time guiding and saving his daughter, her life might have turned out a little better for her and everyone around her.
    And , Why aren’t they helping her now?

    • I’ll never forget that picture/poster of her at the foot of an old growth Alerce tree. One of the most beautiful things ever. I’m sorry for her path now.

      • Serious bleeding heart

        yeah, well when someone like her had/has absentee parents cause the parents were out “SAVING THE WORLD” , this is the consequence . You obviously know her father and mother, why don’t you encourage them to try to take care of their daughter for a damn change .
        She could use some love right about now.

    • I know them all very well and you are way out of line. You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading these contrived sentiments. Her parents have made superhuman efforts to help her over the last 20 years and they are heartbroken. There is only so much you can do to help someone once drug addiction takes over.

    • I’ve known her and her parents for many years. They were not “absentee” as you infer. They have both tried to help and continue to support her to no avail. She was never abused or neglected. It was not until she was in her twenties that she began to stray. Her sister turned-out just fine!

  • ” the Fugitive Recovery Agent had pulled in behind Klein’s vehicle in a driveway-like area in order to keep her from fleeing.” So when Ms. Klien couldn’t move her car forward due to the terrain and the FRA put his car behind her’s so that she could not go back very far. One would have to think the FRA was standing in front of his car and directly in back of the fugitive’s car which obviously questions one’s common sense. Nor does shooting out a tire, as that does not make the car inoperable. It evens makes less sense to shoot anyone (including their car) over a misdemeanor failure to appear. Unless of course, they make a living getting supposedly guilty people back on the streets a soon as possible. Bail bondsmen will hopefully be put out of business once they fix the “bail” concept of which the legislature is working on. I wonder if that misdemeanor was for possession of pot.

  • SickOfYourNegativity

    No charges for the agent he was just doing his job, you knever know what a meth addict will do, with that being said he probably could have handled the situation better, but when your adrenaline’s going and you need to make a split second decision you don’t think you act. Good job

  • Good job getting this scum off our streets

  • This is Dan Osborne it absolutely wasn’t me. First off there are some agents working up in this area who aren’t bail bondsman they are PI’s and know absolutely nothing about the business. As I worked for them until they decided to stop paying me. They owe me well over 10k. The funny thing is he is allowed to work here while his son smokes pot and goes to work carrying a gun. They are some wannabe cops who are actually a bunch of scared bitches. I’ve actually arrested Sara before with no problems. With my experience in the business for ten years I did not have to shoot at people as I am trained to fight first or use less leathal force. If you have enough time to aim for a tire, it’s a mathodical planned out act of which they should be held accountable for there actions. You pull a gun out and shoot, it should be to kill. These guys are a Fuckn joke and belong locked up. I am lmfao cause they are stealing agents that worked for me and now they are paying for it. I’m actually glad I wasn’t involved with these no law knowing, stealing agents who rip people off as they work. I hope the court gets ahold of me so I can testify to there frivolous behavior the fact there knowledge for the business is lacking so bad it’s disgusting. Peace bitches carma is a bitch.

  • Update March 28, as I suspected Ms.Klein was a no show in court this morning, was told that she couldn’t get a ride, transportation problems.

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