[ADOPTED] This ‘Siberian Husky’ is Looking for a Forever Home

From petfinder.com:


  • Siberian Husky  McKinleyville, CA
  • Young  Male  Large

UPDATE: Adopted



  • Another killer

  • Thats not saying much. Pit bulls should be banned. And any mean dog that can kill

    • Well that would be all of them then.

      Have you ever seen rat terriers killing rats? They could tear your fingers off easily if trained to do so.
      Personally I have seen labs hunt&kill cats, seen humans bit by german shepherd, doberman, rottweiler, heeler &even an aussie shepherd blend.

      Pit bulls were used back in the day to protect infants and toddlers outside when adults weren’t present. Its that desire to protect that gets exploited for fighting. Just like people, they are trained to be one way or another. If a person grows up with violence at home as the only communication then they will be violent out in the heeled
      Instead of blaming the dog put that anger toward the real issue which is dog fighting.

  • Beautiful dog.

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