31-Year-Old Man Dead in Hwy 36 Collision

Fatal crash iconPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

The Humboldt Office of the California Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal, solo vehicle, solo occupant traffic collision that occurred sometime on 3/2/18.  The call of the collision was received at 1459 hours; however, the exact time of the collision has not yet been determined.

The male driver was traveling westbound on SR-36, at milepost 23.19, when he apparently allowed his vehicle to run off the right edge of the road.  He then over corrected to the left.  His vehicle went across both traffic lanes and ran off the left edge of SR-36.  It then overturned as it went down a steep embankment.  It collided with a tree, before it came to rest on its wheels, against a large boulder, just above the river.

The vehicle received major damage.  It was difficult to see at its point of rest, so it is currently unknown how long it was there prior to the CHP being notified.  It was raining and snowing on and off all day at this location, but the exact weather at the time of the collision is not known.

The adult male driver was apparently not wearing his seatbelt; however, he remained in the vehicle.  He received fatal injuries and was transported from the scene by the Coroner’s Office…It is unknown at this time if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the collision.  The collision investigation is ongoing.

The driver has been identified:

Trenton Hudson, 31, of Chula Vista, CA

Earlier Chapter: Pickup Over the Embankment; Technical Rescue Requested



  • Condolences to the family.
    All the roads are treacherous in storms. Please drive slow, everyone. Respect the conditions.

  • Please people, where your damn seatbelts.

  • And for pity’s sake, BUCKLE UP!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      That is correct. Buckle the heck up. OK, I get it that a sudden, big medical bill can be disconcerting and destabilizing. It’s tough to be young and healthy and suddenly get a peek at what the reality is about health care. I get a bit exasperated about welfare for the wealthy and unaffordable health care for everybody else. Perhaps I was too hard on you, but your friends thought you were dying.

  • Chula Vista meaning he thought he was Mario Andretti instead he became Mario andeadi. RIP. 36 CLAIMS ANOTHER ONE.

  • One of the things that are often ignored on rural mountainous roads are the condition of the edges of the paving. The bumps, potholes and slumps are the source of most complaints but so many narrow roads without shoulders have worn and sharp drop offs. If you do go over the edge of the pavement, either by inattention or to use a turnout, it can really throw the vehicle off. Unlike paving, just packing some gravel there would help a lot.

  • This man was an extremely talented and one of the kindest most selfless men I’ve ever known. This breaks my heart into pieces. He left two children,7 and 2 behind who have his amazing bright smile and silly dance moves! He was a blessing in my family and I feel so lucky knowing him and he’s tuaght me to be patient and let things go that don’t even matter…love and peace to his family and friends. Rest in paradise xoxo

    • This was my brother . I am broken and to see some of these responses just makes it worse .

      People are horrid , brutal until it happens to their family member or child

      I just want my brother home .

      Can condolences bring his corpse back to San Diego ?

  • What a bunch of heartless bastards. I’am sure this 31 year old has a lot of hard working loving family members who are in a great deal of distress.

  • We’re told over and over not to over correct when driving, but do you really know how to not over correct? Here’s a good description of how it’s done: https://www.idrivesafely.com/driving-resources/how-to/wheels-go-off-road/

  • The road called life has many twists and turns, some are harder to navigate than others. It hurts when we lose a relative.

  • Tricky stretch of road in that area. With environmental effects it’s like driving a new road everyday and can take the best driver who uses that road daily. There is a lot of crosses on the road side out there. LOVE N STRENGTH TO THE FAMILY

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