New CHP Sergeant for the SoHum Area


[Photo from Redding CHP]
From Left to Right: Officer James Beard and Acting Commander, Lieutenant Scott Fredrick.

Here’s your new California Highway Patrol sergeant, SoHum.

Officer Beard promoted to Sergeant in the CHP Garberville area, effective March 1, 2018.

In the photo above you can see Acting Commander Lieutenant Scott Fredrick of the Redding California Highway Patrol presenting Officer James Beard with “a Commander’s Commendation for exceptional performance while assigned to CHP Redding Area,” the CHP announced.



  • congratulations and welcome to Humboldt.

  • It is unclear which one is which. There is no indication of who is handing the certificate to who and no this guy on the left and this guy on the right. One is dressed in civvies. Not a good photographic caption, if I may say so.

  • Congrats sgt. the bars on sleeves represent years of service, depending on department, how many years one bar represents, the new sgt could have more bars for years of service,Look at collar corner of Lt. you see single Bar in yellow? That signifies rank, Lt

  • For next time The lieutenant is the one with the bar on his collar and no Chevron stripes on upper sleeves. Those are hash marks on the lower sleeve denoting years of service.

  • Cool hope he is nice, so crazy how one chp can be so nice and the next teats me like I’m part of isis for a brake light being out. The majority seem friendly enough I guess.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Like to see him do more roadblocks and get dope off the streets. Taking cash from dope growers could pay for it all, too.

    More honest people, less dopers is what I always say.

  • Each hash mark on his arm represents 3 years of service.

  • Welcome to g’ville. Chp family member 947.

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