[ADOPTED] This ‘Loving, Pleasant Young Man’ is Looking for a Forever Home

From petfinder.com:


  • Domestic Medium Hair  McKinleyville, CA
  • Young  Male  Medium



Spayed / neutered.


RICHARD – ID#A084906 is a male, cream Domestic Mediumhair. He is 2 years old. RICHARD is a loving, pleasant young man who will enchant you with his friendliness. He is a genuine gentleman, resplendent in his luscious, wispy gold, cream, black and brown tapestry that will immediately captivate you. See RICHARD today at Humboldt County Animal Shelter and understand why you will not be able to leave the shelter without this sweet boy!

UPDATE: Richard was adopted. https://www.facebook.com/HumboldtAnimalShelter/posts/1765304016860775



  • What a handsome guy. Hope he finds a happy home.

  • Umm, that isn’t a young man or a gentleman — it is a cat.

    I realize life is confusing to a lot of folks, especially cat owners, so I just wanted to clear up any misconceptions they might have.

    • The misconceptions are yours.

      • Pamela Maxfield

        Anon Forrest, thanks for posting what I was going to. Any person who perceives animal parents/animal protectors/animal guardians as “owners” reveals their perception of animals as property….property to be used, and disposed of, as humans wish.

        Thank you, Kym, for featuring animals on your site; such a valuable contribution.

        • People who keep domesticated animals as pets have been colloquially known as pet “owners” from both a pragmatic (i.e. paid for possession of the animal) and a legal (responsible for) sense. It does not represent a view of a pet as non-living property as you suggest, simply one of financial and legal responsibility for the pet.

  • Is Richard back? According to the Humboldt County Animal Shelter FB Page, February 20, 2018, 9:21 pm:

    “RICHARD has been adopted at Humboldt County Animal Shelter”


  • I’ll bet my socks that Richard is a cat known as a “Rag Doll.” I’ve known two Rags, and their intelligence was remarkable. They are “talkers” commenting on everything from the weather to the condition of their kitty-box.
    They also seem to be very long-lived; Pasha and Felon both went over 20 years in good health and up-right cattitude. They were extremely gentle, even with rambunctious two-year olds, and neither one needed more than a stern reprimand when first encountering birds.
    I miss them still.

  • I like the headlines the writer is coming up with to let people know who and what’s available in the various shelters. It personalizes the pet and piques interest. Additionally, I suspect the writer has some clue that the animal is not a person, despite it’s being called Mr or Ms…

  • Such an expressive face! If only my partner wasn’t allergic. Sigh.

  • Im against cats in the house

    • So is my mother in law. But apparently she was allowed to adopt a cat from local shelter and keep it outside at all times. My rule never trust someone who doesn’t like cats.

      • Yes, and if my cat doesn’t like you, I don’t like you.

      • Outdoor cats are responsible for billions of bird and small mammal deaths each year in the US. It is completely irresponsible to allow a cat out unrestrained and unsupervised.

  • Hoo Ray for Sir Richard!

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