Possible School Threat Investigated by Mendocino Sheriff’s Department

Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSO BlurPress release from the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department:

On 2-27-18 at approximately 4:05 P.M., Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to contact school administrators for the Round Valley Elementary School (76280 High School Street in Covelo, California) regarding a potential threat made by a student.

The reporting party informed the Sheriff’s Office that school personnel were advised that day of a possible threat made by a student towards the students and staff of the Round Valley Elementary School.

The school administrator reported the incident immediately to the Sheriff’s Office and Deputies responded to investigate.

During a two-day investigation, Deputies interviewed multiple students, staff members, parents, and other community members who reportedly had information relating to this alleged threat. Deputies spent multiple hours at the school and investigated numerous possible sources of information related to this incident.

Through this investigation, Deputies determined that no criminal threat had occurred.

Deputies remained in constant communication with representatives of the school to keep them appraised of the progress and status of this ongoing investigation.

The safety of the students, school staff, and the Covelo community is a priority of the Round Valley Elementary School and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s is committed to thoroughly and effectively investigate any potential threat to any school in our county. The cooperation of school administrators, students, parents, school personnel, and the entire community is greatly appreciated and imperative in such an investigation.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office would like to encourage all residents of our county to report any suspicious behavior or activities. If you see or hear something concerning or suspicious, please report it immediately to law enforcement.



  • So, multiple people reported a threat and the authorities deemed it not credible or likely to be acted on, or no threat was ever made? The article states that the deputies decided no criminal threat was made. Would someone please let us, the general public know what constitutes a “criminal threat”. There should be some consequence for folks threatening students and staff.

    • its likely in this case something was said by a student that while still got them in serious shit, wasn’t enough to be considered a crime or intention to commit a crime. Remember its just as dangerous to over react as it is to under react to thing.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Most likely kid did not have means to commit crime, Therefore no credible threat. I still think they should just build the police station on school grounds. Im sure there are many reasons not too but it is a start.

  • The only way to try to stop school shootings is for students, teachers and family to be paying more attention to each other…and trying to connect with each other if someone seems like they are heading in the wrong direction. Try to get things turned around before it gets beyond help. These things don’t usually happen in a vacuum…there are early signs. A bit more tribal/herd mentality can help kids be less judgemental towards each other, thereby creating less isolating feelings inside the troubled child. Little kids love to start their school day with ” sharing circle” or “show and tell”. That practice needs to stay in place all the way through High School. At least that could be a start. Then they could have a round table discussion on the previous day’s World and Local events/news.

    • Thank you for this comment! I’m glad our county is taking threatening words as something serious to be looked at. Best to defuse these things early like you said. Hopefully we have reached our dreadful extreme end of polarizing and disrespecting each other and we can raise a new generation that listens to and respects each other- even when they don’t agree! I believe we can do better.

    • The only way to guarantee another child will not die from violence at a school is to eliminate the traditional school system.

      At present most schools already provide laptops to students and most if not all curriculum is taught using these computers.

      We have the technology to teach via a closed circuit type of Skype program. Students would still be required to “attend classes” and could be monitored using a system similar to a locomotive engineer Deadman switch.

      Parents would be responsible for their child’s attendance and be held accountable.

      It’s a win-win situation where we cut the payroll by hiring fewer more highly motivated teachers who teach thousands rather than say a hundred percent year.

      Before everyone begins screaming loudly, we’re not talking about only a few teachers, it will still take a bunch and they’d need assistance from other teacher in support roles.

      Existing schools could become shelters for the homeless, veterans in transition, halfway houses for recovery and domestic violence.

      We now have a multitude of gun free zones with hundreds, sometimes thousands of kids who become target’s to a mentally unstable person bent on inflicting the greatest amount of pain and suffering they can before they die. Much like suicide, these acts are more about having the power over the survivors rather than the victims.

      It’ll work, save money, create jobs, be safer for all and make parents parent again.

      • This assumes all households have parent who can stay home with their children. Most parents need to work during the school day. Kids also need social interaction with kids their age.

        • It’s the parents responsibility to see their child is educated, not the states. The system in place now is not working and there’s too much violence in our schools. Not just the shootings.

          In 2015 there were 3.1 million teachers in the public school system. A fraction of those teachers could do the video lessons and others would fall into other aspects of education.

          I’m not arrogant enough to claim I have the answer, just an idea that just might work.

          • Interestingly I found myself to favor quite the opposite of ideas:

            Restrict all Internet use to those of the age around 16-18.

            National registration and user access to internet as normal once your “of age.”

            Keep kids at school.

    • bullshit , it is the herd and tribe mentality that causes these things. when the herd decides someone elses ideas or beliefs arent valid and teading peer preasure ect ensures , thst is what causes these people to flip out. the way people are dismissed because they do not follow in march step is a problem

    • Veteran's Friend

      Bless you for understanding this truth. While I have no love for the person who made it famous, the phrase “it takes a village” is very true.

  • Look and see if they had a Algebra test today the old fire alarm trick! A long weekend!!!

  • Cruz was not considered a threat by many in law enforcement. Countless visits to his home. Nothing done. He was eighteen or older and did not want mental health assistance. So you can see how well law enforcement assesses these situations. Then the shooting starts –

  • Actually and factually not only our school safer today than they were in the 90s but gun violence is down almost 49%

    Since 2012-16 there has been 138 people killed in schools in school shooting, last year alone over 762 people were killed in Chicago by guns. In 2016 963 people were killed by cops. There were 37461 people killed in car wrecks in 2016. And in 2014 which is the last year I can find sistics over 652,639 abortions were performed.




  • ‘apprise’ not ‘appraise’

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