Ferndale Rotary President Thanks Supporters for Donating to Annual Steak & Lobster Fundraiser

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Simply put, if it wasn’t for faithful supporters like you, we wouldn’t exist. So thank you for supplying the donations that generate the funds that we need. Your support really makes a difference in the lives of people in our small community.

I have a tune running through my mind as I am writing this thank-you letter to you, (on the radio earlier): “Thank God For You” by Sawyer Brown

I got to thank mama for the cookin’
Daddy for the whuppin’
The Devil for the trouble that I get into
I got to give credit when credit is due
I thank the bank for the money & I
Thank God for you.

So, thank you once again for your donation to our annual Steak & Lobster Fundraiser. It means the world to us!

With gratitude,

Laura Olson

Ferndale Rotary President



Abraxas Shoes

Alphabet Soup Photography
Angelina Woodfired Kitchen
Aycock & Edgmon CPA
Barbara Davis of Ferndale Arts Gallery
Bedliners Plus
Benbow Inn
BricktownE Brewing Company

Cal-Or Appraisals

Ciara’s Irish Shop
Coldwell Banker Six Rivers Fortuna
Communications Control Inc.
Dave Olson
David Frost of Ferndale Arts Gallery
Elaine Gredassoff of Ferndale Arts Gallery
Farmer’s Daughter
Farmhouse on Main
Fern Valley Goat Milk Soap
Fernbridge Tractor & Equipment

Ferndale Arts Gallery

Ferndale Emporium
Ferndale Music Company
Ferndale Tech
Fortuna Ace Hardware
Fortuna Business Improvement District
Frank Boldrini Dairy

Frog Alley Wine

Furniture Design Center
Gingerbread Mansion
Glenn Martella
Golden Gate Mercantile
Grocery Outlet
Harper Motors
Hats & More!
Helen Hous of Mary Kay
Hummel Tire
InLight Fitness, LLC.
Iris Mendes
Jack Crlenjak
Jack Hurst Trucking
Jitter Bean Coffe Co.
Joan Katri
Kristy Bess
Laura Rose of Ferndale Arts Gallery
Le Art Endeavor
Leon Porter of Ferndale Arts Gallery
Leonard Lund
Loleta Cheese
Main Street Barkery & Bath
MCI Construction
Melanie Kasek of Ferndale Arts Gallery
Mind’s Eye

Mission Linen

Myrtletown Liquors & John’s Fine Cigars
Nilsen’s Feed Company
One Blessed Acre Farm
Organic Valley
Palco Pharmacy
Pat Cahill of Ferndale Arts Gallery
Pearly Gait
Peggy Dickenson of Ferndale Arts Gallery
Pierson Building Center
Pierson Building Company
PPG Architectural Coating
Rachel & Mark Williams
Red Front
Redeye Labratories
Redwood Empire
Reynold’s RV Repair
Ridge Top Café

Ring’s Pharmacy

Rosalinda Brainard of Ferndale Arts Gallery
RREDC & City of Ferndale
Rumiano Cheese Company
Salmon Run Golf Course
Schmidbauer Building Supply
Sequoia Gas
Shafer’s Ace Hardware
Shamsi Pickers
Sport & Cycle
Swift Creek Taxidermy
The Blacksmith Shop
The Old Steeple
Tom Bess Paving and Gravel
Tom Renner
Tri Counties Bank
Valley Lumber & Millwork
Vargas Fabrication Repair
West Coast Glass Madness


  • Takes a village to raise money! Way to go, Ferndale!

  • How many of those donations/businesses are members of ROTARY? It is a clever way of free advertising…

    • 5 out of the 91 amazing Donors – Ed Voice are actually members of Ferndale Rotary club, so no intentions of free advertising here, Just a positive BIG Thank You to All! HUGS

    • Ed, nothing wrong with them, not being members & receiving some exposure for helping out a group, asking for help. It’s a completely legal tax deduction. Not everything is a conspiracy! Get outside more, your looking pale. Take care love!

      • So none of them are Rotary members? Who said anything about a “conspiracy”; I believe that was you…

        • What? It’s not surprising to assume you have an angle of some sort.

          Soooo Ed, why does it matter if they are or not members?

          Are only members allowed to support their cause?

          Is it not safe to assume, you are implying something wrong, about members asking local businesses, to help support their cause, in exchange for a lil exposure?

          Like, I said, cough cough. It’s perfectly legal for a business to donate & deduct this kind of contribution & receive exposure, whether they are a members of the organization or not.

    • Ed,

      Businesses commonly donate to non-profits. And, in turn, the non-profits commonly write letters to the editor and thank the donors.

      As a fundraiser, I’ve written several similar thank you letters myself.

      Yes, the businesses get goodwill for their donations. And, I cheerfully let myself be used as an avenue to say thank you.

      Should any other non-profit want to say thank you to their donors and let the community know how supportive many local businesses are, I will gladly print their letters.

  • 5 of the 91 Donors are Ferndale Rotary Club members Ed to answer your question. No intentions of stirring the pot or any intentions of free advertising. Just a positive …Big thank you to all of our amazing Donors! Truly thankful in Ferndale!

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