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Train at scotia

The Rio Dell – Scotia Chamber of Commerce Facebook page today announced,

The locomotive and other historic logging equipment in the park next to the Scotia museum is being auctioned off. In recent months it has been fenced out of concern for injuries that might come with people climbing on the pieces.

Bids must be received by 3 p.m. March 13 at the community services district and the minimum bid is $25,000.Β Train at scotia

Here’s the information on the home page of the Community Services District website:


SCSD Surplus Sale Train Equipment


  • Oh no! Someone might stub a toe on it! This nanny state bullshit is getting annoying.


    I remember climbing all over on this train as a kid. Too bad Scotia wants to auction off it’s history. Early rail was very unique in this era, I believe it had a special gauge, not common to standard rail. The first rail they used were logs laid down and attached in length with cupped wheels on the engine car carrying log bunks to get logs out of the forests. Our local history is so cool.

    • Scotia can’t afford to keep the rusted out asbestos contaminated equipment. Maintenance and liability insurance has been estimated upwards of $25k per year, which would be divided among the future homeowners as part of the CSD fees.

      • Scotia can’t afford to keep the rusted out asbestos contaminated equipment. Maintenance and liability insurance has been estimated upwards of $25k per year, which would be divided among the future homeowners as part of the CSD fees. Also, this engine was never used by PALCO, it came from Mt. Tamalpais.

        • Is THAT what happened to the Mt Tam Railway engine? Nice bit of trivia to have tucked away. Once walked that roadbed from top to Mountain Home…

        • Are You Experienced?

          This engine was only used by Mt. Tam railway for a few years. In 1924 it was sold to the Siskiyou Lumber Co. It was bought in 1929 and used at the Dolbeer Carson Lumber Company until 1951 when PALCO bought it and displayed it for almost 70 years, as one of the town centerpieces!

          It has been part of the North Coast history for most of its life. I would like to see it donated to the Humboldt County Timber Heritage Association if it has to leave Scotia. We know this move is all about CYA, as we have come to a point in this country that the only thing that really matters is the bottom line. In the end our history is being erased. A sad time for
          local history. Check out the links below.



  • it will cost more than 25K to move it,,,question should be,,,,how much will they pay to have it removed


    Seems the local towns are giving up their landmarks and heritage, so I say put the Mckinley statue on the little engine that could, lay down it’s special track out to centerville beach; have the Mckinley statue engineer the train off into the ocean. Then, gold cast a pot farmer and put him in Mckinley’s place in the plaza , then cast a tweaker out of cement and unbleached flour for Scotia.

  • Cast a tweaker out of cement? Hahahahaha YES!

  • What another sad day in our local history.
    At this rate we’ll all be in padded rooms for our own safety.
    F’d up.

  • How would you even move it?

  • Sad to see it go. Many memories go with it

  • I do believe that Scotia will be lucky to unload this old train engine if they offer to PAY someone $25,000. Expecting someone to pay them is pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. Ah well, good luck Scotia.

    • A while back marin county wanted to buy the train and put it on mt tam. Marin county deffinatly has enough money and will buy the train.


    Schwarzenegger is laughing now….Remember , ? No?? , Forgot?

  • How many times did placo get sued over kids getting hurt on that train sense I was a kid. ZERO WHAT A BUNCH OF SHIT. Hell why don’t all the town around here shut the parks down. Maybe a kid might get hurt and Sue the city

    • Veteran's Friend

      Same with the wonderful engine near the zoo in Eureka. What a stupid, thoughtless thing to do. And you can’t blame trump for this one.😠☠

  • I smiled when I saw that a condition of the sale was that the new owner move the ‘good’ stuff last. Didn’t want someone hauling off the engine and donkey, and sticking them with the rest.

  • Gov Brown can buy it…..The first Engine for the Bullet Train to nowhere

  • Maybe it would be cheaper to build a shed around it, hang up old photos, put up a sign saying “Logging Museum” and charge admission.

  • That sucks. I have great memories of climbing on that thig as a kid. Kids today need to have stuff like this to climb on and use their imagination instead of video games.

  • Covelo or busted

    Needs to go back to Marin….

  • The lead paint and people admitting they climbed on the train explains everything…

  • Should DEFINITELY go back to Marin. If ever anywhere needed some of its history back it’s Marin.

  • I’m not suggesting this, but I wonder what it is worth as scrap iron? If Trump actually goes with tariffs, this will be a more pertinent question.

  • Miles Fromhoneydew

    Remember what Charles Hurwitz did to Pacific Lumber Company ? He sold it off. This proposal seems like SCSD wants to sell off some lead-painted History. Or, perhaps, when the Timber Heritage Association accepts them, SCSD hopes to write off $25,000.
    Steam Donkeys were invented and perfected in our woods. They revolutionized logging. Number 9 is a Shay locomotive, a so-called “geared ” loco as opposed to the more mainline “rod” locos. Shays have driveshafts, and front and rear differentials. They are slow, but can haul massive loads up steep grades and can negotiate tight turns.
    Support the THA. Subscribe to their journal The Whistle Punk. Visit the extraordinary Samoa Roundhouse Museum.

  • It’s our lawsuit culture that’s caused this kind of action. I cannot tell you how much my sister, brother and I loved this train engine. The early 60’s were a great time to live in this mill town. Good memories.

  • So much for the Historical Value of these engineering marvels! Why can’t Humboldt Historical preservationists save these valued treasures?

  • Nancy C Bostwick

    Hope this treasure will be purchased & brought back to Marin. So much money is wasted on nonsense stuff. We need to keep our history & children love history & seeing these these kind of marvels. We have such a throw away society today.

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