Suspect in Carjacking Arrested

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

The Eureka Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Section has arrested 30 year old Brett Hansen for the armed robbery and carjacking that occurred on September 17, 2017 in the parking lot of the Bayshore Mall. Hansen was arrested by Fortuna Police on February 14, 2018 and has been in custody since on additional felony charges.

Original Press Release:

On Sunday, 09/17/2017, at 6:50 p.m. officers with the Eureka Police Department stopped a suspected DUI vehicle. The vehicle yielded in the southern parking lot of the Bayshore Mall. A male passenger fled from the stopped vehicle.

The passenger fled through the mall and exited to the rear of the mall. gun visible to carjack victimOnce behind the mall, the male brandished a firearm at a woman and stole her bicycle. He rode the bicycle through the parking lot area where he abandoned the bicycle and with gun in hand carjacked a woman of her silver Ford Focus sedan. The woman was unhurt. The vehicle was located on Monday, 9/18/2017 on the Hammond Trail in McKinleyville. It is being processed for evidence at this time.

The driver of the stopped vehicle, identified as John Anthony Vella, 44, of Eureka, was detained at gunpoint. The vehicle was searched and two loaded firearms (a 9mm semi-auto pistol and 44 magnum revolver) were located along with ammunition. Vella, who is a convicted felon and currently on parole, was arrested for multiple gun violations and a parole hold was authorized.

The outstanding suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. No attempts should be made to contact him. If you see the suspect call 911 or the Eureka Police Department at 707 441-4044.

Anyone with information on the identification of the suspect is asked to contact Det. Ron Harpham at 707 441-4305.



  • Looks like a bad case of Meth Pox on his face!!! Likely why he was doing what he ( Allegedly ) did!!!

  • You said it Dan! Yuck

  • type of kid that puts a gun to his mom’s head for drug money. his granddad was a hard working local machinist.

  • Lookes like he hasn’t slept in a month or 2 .its good he is in jail .get some rest .he will be awake enough to go to court .

  • What are the requirements to get out on parole? It seems like a revolving door.

  • Speed bumps…

  • Looks like he needs a ham sandwich and a Knapp.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    More like rehab and some antibiotics…

  • *The stolen vehicle was found on 9/18/2017 and is being processed for evidence at this time. More than 5 months for HCSO to “process” the silence vehicle for evidence. I feel so bad for the owner of the vehicle. What could you possibly need to hold onto the car for that long for? Fingerprints? Forensic evidence? Sounds like a classic example of our local government officials doing the bare minimum at the expense of a victim of a crime. Do your jobs and give the poor lady her car back you number fudging trainwrecks of an example of public servants!!

    • The remark about processing the car for evidence was from the time of the original incident in September. I doubt the police still have it.

  • [edit] Do u know this man? I doubt it. Well guess what, I do! Im not condoning his behavior, nor am i denying that he looks like shit, but hes a human being for fucks sake. Someones son, brother, father, etc., and u know nothing about his life or what hes going thru. You all think this is some kind of fucking joke and its sickening to hear to spout such evil heartless bullshit. Brett is fucked up, no doubt, but hes actually a very kind, intelligent, funny young man. There is much more to a person than their bad choices and physical appearance. Im sure you are a perfect little closed minded, follow the leader kind of stand up guy. What are u doing to help people and make the world a better place? Cuz saying mean shit and belittling another person whom u dobnot even know, doesnt do anything but make u look like a jackass

    • What else can you expect? Should he be respected for threatening and stealing from women in a shopping mall? That you even think that what he did is not worthy of “mean” comments is in itself scary.

    • Ya you know steven paddock was someones brother,son too and his actions made him a p.o.s. Just like this ass, fuck him he could have killed anyone I hope he rots in prison.

    • Donielle, sorry to break it to you but in case you can’t tell already, your friends a piece of shit! He’s just lucky he pulled the shit on a California unarmed individual.

    • He may have killed all the ones you mentioned that he may have been a family to. He looks like the kind who would kill all of them.

    • The victims were someones son brother mother and loved one. What about the victims? so many seem to care more about the dirtbag inflicting a lifetime of pain and fear than the victim. I also disagree he is not a human, he devolved into a rabid animal and will maintain that status until de decides to join the human race again and become a productive person.

  • Problem is he’s treating life like a joke and endagering innocent people.If you run around acting like an asshole and lookin like an asshole then you’ll get called an asshole.Your freind needs some serious jail time and rehab before the community treats him like an ex asshole.

  • Old skool local

    Hey Don, i too have known brett for many years and hes absolute scum… hope they throw away the key… maybe if he kicked in your door and stuck a gun at your family, you might agree with the rest of the world

  • His Actions speak louder than your words.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Love to see this guy try something like that in front of me! Justice served instantly! Think it is a coincidence he victimized 2 women? He the worst kind of person. Women beater comes to mind.

  • Do these tweakers ever look in the mirror and say my god, what have I become? It’s a wonder they even stop doing, getting, stealing to get and thinking about meth long enough to eat. And how does a young person look at a pocked-out scabbed-over scumbag like this and say yeah, I’ll have what he’s having.

    • Their probably so high they think they look like brad Pitt, wait he kind of does, if brad pit got shot in the face with birdshot 😂

  • The dirtbag in the lower pic already has an orange jumpsuit on under his coat.

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