Person of Interest in Series of Armed Robberies Arrested After Allegedly Successfully Fleeing a Traffic Stop Earlier This Month and Leaving Behind Multiple Firearms

Harvey Crews, Jr.

Arrest photo from February 5.

Last Friday, Hoopa Tribal Police arrested Harvey Robert Crews, Jr. Crews was arrested in connection with allegedly fleeing a Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy during an attempted traffic stop on Hwy 299 this February 5. The suspect allegedly fled into the brush leaving multiple firearms, several boxes of ammunition, and a bag of processed marijuana in the vehicle.

guns HCSO

Photo from the February 5 incident.

According to Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, “[Crews] is a person of interest a series of armed robberies on Bair Road and Bald Hills Road last November.” She added that tThere are other people of interest in the same incidents.

Friday, Crews was booked on

the following felonies:

Evading, possession of an assault weapon, carrying a loaded firearm in a public place, possession of drug paraphernalia, and manufacturing/importing/ giving away a firearm magazine

and the following misdemeanors:

carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm.

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    • Because he has a beard and an AK? I doubt it, Harvey Robert crews doesn’t sound Russian at all. Sounds more humboldt/trinity, they forgot possession of a sawed off tomahawk lol

      • his dad, which is 66 and lives in Salyer doesn’t sound Russian either.

      • This is the exact reason why I own assault rifles. U think your gonna fend of this guy who wants to do a home invasion with a revolver or hunting rifle? Bad guys will always have guns like these. Stand up for your 2nd amendment right.

  • The only thing I can see that illegal on the AM 47 is that it has no magazine release gard it just makes it hard to release the magazine you have to have a special tool to release the mag to make it Calif compliant and the magazine is only allowed to have 10 Rounds that’s a 40 rounder but you can put a screw in it where I can only load 10 round that would make it California compliant but the laws change daily so that’s what it was a year ago in order to legally have a semi-automatic AK-47

    • No it’s more ridiculous Now, it has to be featureless meaning no pistol grip, flash hider, detachable mag, folding stock bla bla bla you know all those things that kill people. looks like a 30rd to me, doesn’t look pinned. Don’t you feel safer knowing that criminals have these and you and I can only have 10rds, makes perfect sense(this is sarcasm) thanks again Gerry…Dick!

      • Such witty sarcasm… how about coming around to understanding that these weapons that are made to kill people as you said, should be outlawed? Just like, say, ricin or anthrax? Yes sometimes the ‘bad guys’ can get these things too, but it’s at least it’s not as easy as going to the local hardware store to get it. Anyway, like Ive said before… I hunt and own guns… not against guns. But I am against assault weapons and so should any self respecting sportsman. Or woman.

        • unbridled phillistine

          Ummm. Ar15 are not designed to kill, Designed to wound. Takes 4 guys to pack out a wounded man, That would take 5 people out of the fight..5.56mm light in front heavy in back causes tumble and fragment, Less likely to kill.

          • so basically you are saying they are for military purpose only.

            • But ok for those who are charged with protecting & serving? I think not.

            • unbridled phillistine

              Kind of sort of Military for sure, But is that not the point? Supposed to be able to be equiped to stand up to our Gov. Can you think of a better firearm for that?

              • i’m thinking the Snowflake 175M is the best to stand up to the Gov. it looks as if they will be voting in large numbers in Nov. if you haven’t done the math yet it equals game over for all that oppose them. hopefully they do the right thing and don’t abuse it.

          • Negative, for instance, in this last school shooting in Florida 17 victims died of their wounds and 14 have survived their wounds, (their lives shortened) The military doesn’t want to wound enemy combatants in close combat, or bin laden would have died by another weapon, and no infantry unit would carry it, when did the Military ever want a less effective tool to kill the enemy with? The MOAB isn’t full of tickle me Elmo’s, and the M1 carbine was a weapon that wounded enemy soldiers, that was it’s flaw. Nobody ever taught me to just wound the enemy. The “controlled pair” stops the heart and collapses the lungs.

            • unbridled phillistine

              Fine. Im sure you are correct. And Eugene stoner the inventor is wrong! Ok It is made to kill? That not what it was invented for. You are correct nobody taught me to wound either, But we sure shot up Baghdad.

            • Bin laden was killed with a 9 mm

          • Why is everyone arguing about ar15s lol it’s an ak clone, 7.62×39 is a 30cal not 5.56/223, they switched to 5.56 because you can carry so many more rounds, it kills and wounds just like any other varmit round just less effectively imo.

          • thats with armor piercing bullets. with hollow points or soft points, they kill real good for a small caliber.

        • Emily, We live in a state where assault weapons have been illegal for along time, yet almost every scumbag that gets arrested on here has one, making them illegal doesn’t solve a damn thing, especially if they don’t already enforce the laws we have existing Gerry brown even did away with mandatory minimums if a firearm was used ina crime! If we could magically erase every assault weapon in the country I would understand a ban on them 100% but unfortunately that’s not the world we live in.

          • So what’s the solution? It’s like my example with poison… it’s a thing that shouldn’t be out there so you outlaw it. Sure some people will still get the illegal thing but it would be harder, illegal and less likely to end up in the wrong hands. That’s what a society s does. The alternative, what we have now, is any idiot can go get one of these things and shoot up whatever they want. It’s NOT WORKING.. the point you are making is the point put out by the NRA. It is not logical. Give it up.. too many kids getting shot.

            • It won’t be harder, they are still there, what you do is make another black market where only criminals are armed with them, we need to seriously enforce the laws we have, have comprehensive no nonsense background checks, people who are unstable should never be allowed to own them, if you beat your spouse or have a history of violence no gun for you no matter what, I think the age restriction is a step in the right direction as adolescents are full of hormones and emotions, again enforceing the current laws where there is serious repercussions for ANY firearm violations will help all of these will help more then just banning an “assault weapon” I don’t pretend to know the answers I just know what hasn’t worked so far you can see it here in ca, I see you have your miind made up and I respect that so I won’t argue with you, but I’m not going to give up the way I feel just because you feel differently, there’s far to much death and suffering and we need real results that will save lives.

            • Why don’t you look at the root of the problem instead of the tools? The problem is people! People that do not respect life in any way nor form. People that have mental issues. People that are criminals. Start addressing those three things about people: respect for life, good support/ intervention for mental health, and that includes addressing the criminal mind.

              • Good luck fixing being *practical*. Sometimes a right is over ridden when the threat to public safety is a bigger concern, like yelling fire in a crowded movie theater. This is one of those situations. In my mind.

            • capital punishment laws that are quickly and resolutely enforced

        • So your gonna “outlaw” 300 million assault rifles Emily.???No. Your only taking them away from law abiding citizens who will give them up. These ass clowns will always be able to get them!

          • That’s a stupid argument, put out by the NRA. So their people can sell more guns. Just like the ‘good guy with a gun’ theory. Anyone who buys that crap isn’t a critical thinker. We need to get these assault rifles off the street, if you don’t think that’s possible, then you aren’t thinking very hard. We are humans we can do a lot of things when we try.

            • Criminals will not give up guns.criminals are not rational thinking humans Emily. Sorry. There are too many assault rifles out there. Plain n simple. If there not sold there made. Ars n aks are simple to make. Im not giving up my assault rifles. I have a place for them and it’s not hunting animals….

          • Guest,you said SHOULD… I said, HOW do you stop it. Answer is. You cant. Problem is not solved!

        • to bad for you owning firearms for hunting isnt a right that is protected, however owning firearms to be able to overthrow a over reaching goverment is. one could call a goverment that attempts to control which weapons you may or may not own in order to be able to overthrow it , is over reaching.

        • Well, the govt’s success record with it’s alcohol ban and drug ban is not making me real excited for the upcoming semi-auto rifle ban, but maybe it will work great this time. Hasn’t CA already banned ‘assault weapons’ for some years now, and it’s been kind of a farce? I think I’ll stick with calling for single-payer health care. Another thing that would end a lot of ‘gun violence’ would be to decriminalize addiction.

        • Its not about hunting, Emily, its about being able to defend against tyranny. Why is that so hard for liberals to understand? Do you know that evil exists in the world? You all say the same thing. “Nobody needs an assault rifle”. You liberals are going to land us all in concentration camps and I’m not going to forget whose fault it was and im not going to share my piece of bread with your starving liberal ass

          • The Ostrich Hunter

            “Defend against tyranny..”

            When’s the last time you looked at the defense department budget?

            Your AR15 isn’t standing up to anything…

            If the government wants you dead, you’re dead. Vote wisely.

          • exactly. the second amendment was to protect citizens from tyranny. the far left is presently tyrannical. thats why they want to take away guns.

            • I’m not anti-guns but I am pretty sure the left doesn’t want to take away guns for tyrannical reasons…they are worried about the numbers of people dying. You may not agree with their solution but it would be nice if everyone would try not to demonize the other.

        • Charles Bukowski

          Every gun can be an assault weapon. Assault weapon is a media term and means nothing.

      • 🤘🏼👍🏼

    • No, it’s 2018, it needs to be featureless now to meet new laws or registered assault rifle. Remember the new laws kicked in in january…

  • Is this related to the armed robbery of the big collective where everybody was held at gunpoint and thousands of pounds were allegedly stolen?

  • Screw this guy- I was freaked out every time I had to get out and open my gate in the dark this fall! They were going around jumping out of the bushes with assault rifles and robbing people, not just growers either, when they opened their gates. How fucked up and scary is that to live next to? Glad they got this creep.

    • Ha that’s so funny cuz he himself defiantly didn’t do that so stop assuming untill you know the actual truth

      • Oh yeah then who was it? What was he doing with those assault rifles? Screw him anyway!

      • Sounds like you’re saying you do know the truth about who was doing that, in which case you should do something about it. If not you’re just as skummy as the shitbags you’re protecting. I hate rats but what I hate even more are low-life thieving parasites, especially ones that threaten lives (hold hostage at gunpoint) in the process. No one should ever have to feel frightened to open their gate to their property because of some piece of shit thief. Fuck this guy and fuck you for defending him.

  • I don’t get it. Wasn’t this guy already arrested on multiple gun charges?

    • Yes, bails out every time then never shows to court…weapons charges, drug charges, robbery charges, and more…

      • Exactly why criminals love Humboldt and California. Our laws give preference to the criminals!

        • And exactly what I’m trying to prove to Emily. These guys will always find a way to get weapons like that. But I’m supposed to give mine up!?! Thousands of weapons go missing from our military every year. National Guard “loses” lots. Do you think these military grade weapons fall in the hands of law abiding citizens??? No. Mobsters. Gangbangers, and terrorist groups. No. The military will not amit to this either. Getting all the assault weapons off the streets as you put it is impossible. And they call me ignorant. Lol

  • Catch and release, doesn’t work.

  • There has been at least 7 guns reported stolen in Crescent City in the last few months. Many of them out of vehicles. They are barely catching up on the people who bought guns legally in CA but that actually were banned from buying or owning firearms. It’s doe to around 10,000 now. I think the laws we already have in place should actually be enforced. Which means funding to law enforcement groups and better data bases and systems to cross check potential buyers. After these laws are enforced let’s talk about some more new laws. How great is the new law in Ca that has turned criminal behaviors into a list of whos who of daily book and release, and domestic violence into an unenforceable felony. I have seen numerous assault style rifles confiscated in northern cali traffic stops in last 4 months.

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