City of Eureka Evaluating Digital Sign Regulations

This is a press release from the City of Eureka:

The Eureka City Council is currently evaluating the City’s regulations regarding digital signs, which are also known as electronic signs, electronic message centers, LED message centers, and reader boards. Digital signs utilize computerized high-resolution LED displays that produce rapidly changing customized message content. In many ways, digital signs are large television screens. Approximately nine digital signs are currently operating within Eureka City limits.

The Eureka Municipal Code (EMC) currently allows digital signs in all commercial and industrial zones with the same size restrictions as other types of signs. The City Council is considering modifying these regulations and has directed Eureka City staff to evaluate the impacts and benefits of digital signs. Among the information sought by City Council is the opinion of the general public as well as the opinion of business owners. Accordingly, the City of Eureka is gathering input regarding digital signage via two on-line surveys (linked below). The first survey will help inform Eureka’s policy makers about how the public, including both Eureka and non-Eureka residents, feel about digital signs. The second survey will provide information about how business owners feel about digital signs. This information will help to shape the way that digital signs are regulated in Eureka in the future.

For members of the general public interested in expressing your opinion regarding digital signs, complete the following survey: Note that you must provide the address where you live to complete the survey. The survey will close on March 9th.

For business owners interested in expressing your opinion regarding digital signs, complete the following survey: Note that you must provide your Eureka business license number to complete the survey. The survey will close on March 9th.

To find web links to each survey, go to the “News” section of the City of Eureka homepage here:

The Eureka City Council is tentatively scheduled to discuss digital signs at the upcoming March 20th City Council meeting. For more information about the City’s current digital sign regulations, contact Brian Heaton at 707-441-4160.



  • Digital everything. The sooner the better. Can’t wait ’til they make so you won’t even be able to go to the bathroom, for Chrissake, without having to use some kind of app. I love it!

  • What is the purpose of those anyway? It’s not like any airplanes would be able to see them. All kidding aside, their really good at alerting people about something pertaining to a child, but my god why would you want them otherwise?

  • My opinion is on the advertising signs: many signs are eye sores (no artistry) and the electric ones are even worse … they are a blight on the landscape and light pollution at night. Personally, I stay away from business that display them. The highway signs that alert motorist to changing conditions or the Amber Alerts are positive/ helpful for safety. Just my three cents worth …

  • With all the trigger happy sign Shooters around here,I’m surprised they haven’t taken a 12 gauge round or two yet.

  • For every considerate user of a electronic sign, there are a bunch showing everything other than what is relevant to that particular business.

  • Take those things down! Just more light pollution we certainly don’t need on the North Coast!

  • Flashing, lit signs are less useful than real signs to businesses because
    (a) there are people who will avoid any business that uses them
    (b) in bright light, they’re mostly illegible
    (c) if they change message too much, the human mind tends to ignore them
    (d) the people who set them up don’t consider how long it takes to read the message
    (e) they remind people of Las Vegas and other beautiful scenic areas that no one can see anymore due to large, lighted flashing signs.

    PLUS, they’re bad for people with light seizures, epilepsy and motion disorder – which means that kids and people who don’t know they are at risk could have seizures right in traffic. And no one knows if they’re epileptic or not because you’re not a diagnosed epileptic until after your first seizure… in many cases the first one is fatal.

    Do we really need to risk hurting people for any material objects? Kinda reminds me of the gun debates… solid objects and hypothetical rights being “more important” than human health and life.

  • I don’t think they fit in our town. We are a quaint area and have the ocean, rivers and mountain. We don’t need flashing lights all over the place. They are distracting.

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