North Coast People’s Alliance Alliance Endorses Kevin Murray for Assembly, Gayle Mclaughlin for Lieutenant Governor

This is a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

North Coast People's Alliance NCPAThe North Coast People’s Alliance (NCPA) membership has voted to endorse HSU lecturer Kevin Murray for California’s 2nd Assembly District and Bay Area progressive leader Gayle McLaughlin for Lt Governor.

Kevin Murray has spent close to 30 years researching and teaching California politics and the legislative process. He has focused on sustainability policies and progressive standard of living safety-nets common in Western European democracies, such as universal health care, universal public colleges, and affordable housing.

Murray supports universal healthcare as a right, rent stabilization as one part of affordable housing, and universal public colleges as an investment in the future at the assembly district level, as well as for the state and the nation. He advocates launching a Green Economy by making electric cars and solar and wind power affordable for all Californians.

Gayle McLaughlin was mayor of Richmond, Ca., from 2007 to 2014, and led a progressive transformation there. She is running as a corporate-free candidate for Lt. Governor and standing for issues such as single payer “Medicare for All,” free public college, banning fracking and a California public bank.

McLaughlin is endorsed by Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution and by 34 California Our Revolution groups, several Democratic Socialists of America chapters and Green Party County Parties. Her organizing campaign invites all activists to create local corporate-free organizations to address local problems and gain local political power.

Both candidates are on the June ballot, and their supporters are invited to join NCPA volunteers in canvassing for its endorsed candidates, including Steve (Sungnome) Madrone for Humboldt County’s 5th District Supervisor. NCPA’s next canvass begins at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 25, with a brief training session at the Labor Temple, 840 E St., Eureka. Rain cancels.

More information on Murray is available at, and McLaughlin’s website is

North Coast People’s Alliance is a hub of organizing activity for Northern California. The group advocates for economic, environmental, and social justice, with a particular focus on local progressive electoral issues. Not aligned with any political party, it seeks common ground on issues that transcend party labels. NCPA is online at



  • While I support universal health coverage & tuition free public colleges, I will be voting for Dale Mensing. He supports the 2nd ammendment😁 and so do I.

  • Winchell Dillenbeck

    You can support all of those views. I support universal single payer health care, free public colleges, and the second amendment. I just don’t support semi-automatic weapons being used in the public domain.

  • Gayle McLaughlin is a great advocate for peopke and planet over profit. She took on the powerful oil companies and won! I’ve heard Sungnome Madrone on KMUD. He has a wonderful vision for Humboldt❤️ I think it’s great to focus on noble goals and let go of party labels that keep us divided.

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