[Listen] Humboldt’s cannabis connection with Europe, and legalization so far; Last week’s top stories

Humboldt Last Week is a way to hear highlights from Humboldt’s last week

Humboldt Last Week (12:12): The award-winning journalists at Balkan Insight recently looked into how Eastern Europeans are enticed in large numbers to come work on Humboldt cannabis farms, hearing sometimes exaggerated tales of the riches earned here.

“The doctors — couldn’t we just get them to move here to work on that,” joked Redheaded Blackbelt journalist Kym Kemp in reference to Eastern European professionals moving to Humboldt for cannabis work. She was interviewed for the ‘Insight article.

In the podcast Kemp discusses the aforementioned article, the state of legal recreational cannabis in Humboldt so far, concerns from mom and pop growers regarding taxes and fees, law enforcement challenges, a controversial rezoning project involving a proposed hash lab along the Mad River, and the upsides to legalization so far.

The story begins at 12:12.

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  • I loved that interview! You sounded relaxed and positive even while delivering serious news. It helps hearing the truth. The analogy from Wilson or Mcguire..that We are “building the plane while flying” slid right into place and clicked. And that shows how hard it is to get the result you want in that precarious position. The other comments that were evocative were your first response to his question about the “upside” of legalization.. farmers being able to say “proud to say I am a farmer”….and coming out of the shadows so to speak. Finally, reitterating at the end of the interview, and in doing so using every possible place in this interview to preserve our community, how financially responsible cannabis has been in our businesses. Having said that…I was able to purchase 5 packed bags of grocerys from Ray’s for under 200 bucks a couple of days ago. There are bound to be incredible efforts at compromise in our future. Thank you for stepping up to the plate in the interview.

    • We used to be proud to be growers Didn’t need to pretend we were farmers or have an ego need about proclaiming it to strangers! And we were not getting put into bankruptcy by large corporate operations. I am here to claim that those people who need to be publicly accepted as “farmers” was not positive at all! Their need to feel recognized and “safe” has destroyed our scene so yeah- not positive, even for them!

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        BFD. Farming is farming. An honorable and ancient profession. Sure, lessons have been learned over the centuries, but I don’t get the paranoia about being labeled a farmer. Thst seems to be the least of our worries.

    • Umm the price of groceries at rays hasn’t changed if anything they keep goin up.

  • Very good news stories and interview! Could do without some of the interspersed sound effects.

    • Thank you! Thought it wouldn’t hurt trying something new.

      • You have a great program. Some of the sound effects just sounded off (canned, commercial) to me. But that is just what I think. Others may like them fine.

        I was having trouble with my vision awhile back and I really appreciated being able to listen to your program to get the news. Thank you!

        • Really do appreciate the feedback, Cowabunga — I’m so happy that the podcast was helpful to you in that regard!

          I used a cheap sound effects toy intended for kids, mostly thinking it’d end up being a gift for my daughter. I might tinker around with it a little more and use it more sparingly, and if it’s still too much I’ll probably nix it. As silly as it sounds at times, you’ll be happy to know I steered completely away from the laugh-track button.

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