Seats Still Available for International Crime Prevention Specialist Training

This is a press release from the City of Fortuna:

The Fortuna Police Department will host a three day multi-national training event in April, which will be presented by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP).

Participants in the International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS) class in Fortuna will attend a three day training which will provide them with comprehensive crime prevention knowledge covering nineteen core topics.

Those attending will come from distant places like Africa, the United Kingdom, and various US States to meet colleagues, and to learn some of the latest crime prevention techniques.

Following the training, in Fortuna, each participant will return to their homes and utilize what they have learned to help reduce crime in their respective communities.

Training is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about crime prevention including crime prevention officers, crime prevention specialists, unit supervisors, volunteers, educators, neighborhood watch coordinators, loss prevention managers and security professionals.

The ISCPP was founded in 1977 and has been the innovator in Crime Prevention Programs and training for over 40 years. The organization has members around the world who practice its global mission of contributing to the reduction and control of criminal opportunity, and victimization in our communities.

The ISCPP has instructed the (ICPS) training in Singapore, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Canada and throughout the United States.

Dates for the training in Fortuna are April 24 – 26, 2018, and registration will remain open until March 28th unless all available seats are filled before then. Seating is limited.

Anyone interested in registering and attending the training in Fortuna should contact the ISCPP at: .



  • Hopefully there will be some people attending this training event that will be able to stress the importance of dealing with the Meth & Heroin epidemics here in Humboldt County. It’s time to pull this problem from under the rug and get the laws, funding, and knowledge to solve this pressing issue!

    More than the users of Meth are being poisoned everyday by these toxic chemicals dumped on us from the local labs. The number one killer of our population in 2017 was *Methamphetamine* and Stimulant related deaths.

    I’m hoping that the attendees of this conference can help Humboldt County realize that they have to act on this now! Check this article out below and see how we have opened the door for this growing disease. Too bad there is so much time and money being spent on the Cannabis legalization problems and the Meth problems this county have are being ignored. It’s time to step up. Lets get some laws changed and do this.

  • So do they endorse the harsh & unhumane punishments inflicted by those nations listed…Indonesia, Singapore etc?
    They would go over well in Fortuna.

  • If cops did their jobs, they wouldn’t need to have for profit “workshops” to train citizens to do their jobs. Plus, these creeps have been to Philippines, teaching extra judicial killing to their citizens. Trumpdy Dumpty would approve.

  • Our cops do their jobs splendidly, thank you very much, ayfkm?. If you do not like it in HUMCO, perhaps you would feel more secure in someplace like Oakland. Like the old saying, don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you exit Southbound.

  • At first I thought this was satire.

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