Law Enforcement Searching Garberville for Stolen Vehicle Occupant

chpstarThis afternoon a California Highway Patrol Officer located a stolen vehicle parked in Garberville. According to Officer William Wunderlich a spokesperson for the Garberville CHP office, “The vehicle returned stolen. I believe stolen out of San Jose.” The officer began questioning people in the area and determined that the vehicle had been occupied by someone who may have gone into a nearby grocery store.

Other CHP and Humboldt County Sheriff deputies responded to the area. Wunderlich reported that the officer had been told that the occupant may have gone into Ray’s Food Store. Officers and deputies searched the area. As of 4:50 p.m., the vehicle’s occupant hadn’t been located.



  • Sorry to say chances are they will just walk away ,but there are darwin award winners out there .

    • I would hope if they are a Darwin Award Winner that they would be buried, since in order to win a Darwin Award one must remove themselves from the Gene Pool ( DIE )!!!

  • become poor helpless homeless we should feed house cloth then they can steal one of our cars

  • Uh it says stolen out of san jose. Is that where you live?
    C’mon now there’s enough of the blame game to be had everywhere without using mis-truths to keep it goin.

  • Funny that they will make a big deal out of a stolen car in Garberville because the driver may be near, but there’s abandoned, and stolen cars all over the county. There’s 2 on the highway 254, by Myers flat. One is tied to a redwood and apparently drug off of a trailer, it doesn’t even have tires. And it’s sitting in a popular tourist grove entrance. Not to mention all the abandoned cars out AP road. I Wonder if they towed this car? Why won’t they tow the others….

  • Two on the Ettersburg road. Wolf Ranch.

  • one on Salmon Creek Rd

  • All those cars commented on as sitting on county roads, are they abandoned or stolen? Bit of a difference. But it is curious why that one in town was so interesting to LE.
    Hey, I live in town and there are 5 cars parked and not running on my one block street, just sitting anywhere from 1+ years to 6 months at least. What to do? I can’t figure out why folks don’t just get rid of a car they can no longer repair or drive. Hell, I GAVE away 2 (still operable and registered!) cars in the past 6 months. Not my problem any more. WooHoo!

  • Law enforcement can’t find a dead body . Do you think they will really find a live one

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