Humboldt Marijuana Entrepreneur Pled Guilty to ‘possessing marijuana for the purposes of sale while utilizing workers under the age of 21’

Press release from the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office:

Karl Witt

Karl Witt

A commercial marijuana entrepreneur operating out of southern Humboldt County was convicted by plea yesterday afternoon in the Mendocino County Superior Court of possessing marijuana for the purposes of sale while utilizing workers under the age of 21 years, a misdemeanor.

Karl Michael Witt, age 46, of Redway, executive director of Eden Farms Cooperative, Inc., plead no contest to conduct prohibited by the revamped marijuana laws ushered in by Proposition 64. He was arrested back on December 7, 2017 by the California Highway Patrol in Mendocino County.

Pursuant to a negotiated disposition entered into by Witt, his attorney, and District Attorney Eyster, a disposition subsequently also approved by the court, Witt was placed on a grant of court probation for a period of 36 months.

The terms of Witt’s probation include: (1) his serving 14 days in the county jail with credit for 14 days already served; (2) 100 hours of community service; (3) restitution to law enforcement in the amount of $18,700 (term satisfied); (4) a 4th Amendment waiver (search clause); (5) possession of all marijuana by Witt is prohibited unless and until he has a valid state license and a valid Humboldt County permit; (6) no direct or indirect participation in and/or sponsorship of the Emerald Cup shall be allowed during the period of probation; (7) no volunteer workers or employees under the age of 21 years shall be involved with Eden Farms or at any other marijuana venture in which Witt is involved; (8) Witt shall pay court-ordered fines and fees, which include a $2,000 donation by Witt to the local non-profit which monitors community service, Mendo Lake Alternative Service (term satisfied); and (9) finally he is required to obey all laws.

As recently reported, fewer than one percent of the state’s estimated 68,120 cannabis cultivators have obtained the necessary licensing to be involved in the commercial marijuana trade. While still early in the new regulatory process, District Attorney Eyster noted that the marijuana black market remains alive and well in Mendocino County and elsewhere, despite an ongoing effort by local and state officials to shine a light on, gain control of, and regulate the local marijuana trade from seed to consumption.

As Witt discovered the hard way, Proposition 64 and the “new” marijuana laws make crystal clear that employing underage individuals in any commercial marijuana business can be expected to result in arrest and prosecution.

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  • Now you all get to pay the cops for busting you. Funny.

    • People who have been busted in mendocino county have dealt with this crap for years, it’s called the mendo shakedown, now that most cannabis farmers are going broke how is mendocino county going to balance the books? Cannabis taxes? Maybe logging will come back

  • There is no point in having tax generating regulations if there is no enforcement. Expecting that it will be the same old turning a blind eye to pot grows if grows just refuse to participate in being licensed is just foolish. Law enforcement always knew who you were. They just didn’t bother unless there was a reason and you were minimally discreet. Now there is a reason and tax examiners are much less flexible than police. Government may turn a blind eye for the sake of convenience if principles are involved but never if tax income is involved.

  • Sheesh, get married, go to war, buy a big gun, but can’t work on a farm if you are under 21. Wonder if there are regs for under 21 tobacco farmhands in the east.

    • Puritanism at its best.

    • Tobacco farming has been being forced out for years. The pharmacies have their own nurseries now, plus all the patents on it.
      Historical references: Tobacco growing was the popular choice of slaves to do on their own in order to make extra money on the side to fulfill their own medical and other needs. Nobody minded easy to purchase tobacco. Men of all classes looked forward to their evening smoke.
      One has only to question the road we are on in the present to discern what steps the power hungry have taken to thwart past successes.
      A dollar earned is a foodstamp saved. They (secret govt/societies) want us divided, hungry, weak and dependent.
      Ever hear JFK’s secret societies speech he gave just before being killed? He knew.

    • Not sure, but tobacco is not a schedule 1 offense under federal law like Cannabis….just sayin

      • If you believe that it belongs in the same category along with other schedule 1 substances then I have to say you really must have little to no experience with or knowledge about drugs.

    • dont forget vote … suposedly wise enough to vote at 18 , yet or sign a bank contract but not work a job…

    • They allow children, little children at that, to work on tobacco farms. It’s been in the news in the past. Google it.

  • Everybody feeling free yet? Ain’t “legalization” just grand?

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Funny funny funny. Oh my, so amusing to watch those who were quite happily breaking the law for decades suddenly have to face real life; rules, regulations, taxation. Those of us who voted against legalization are having a good time watching the twists and turns. Just damn funny.

  • 18,700 fine! The DA doesn’t have the the felony card anymore to strong arm people into the Mendo shakedown. If you stand your ground you’ll end up with a reasonable fine unless you have a stack of environmental infractions. Keep your property and garden clean and don’t have under 21 kids working with cannabis.

  • Funny, lots of under 21 year olds working in law enforcement, military, lots of under 21 year olds picking grapes and setting logging chokers…. everyone knows Eyster is nothing more than a pawn for enriching the pockets of Mendocino County by stealingand robbing at gun point cannabis farmers . Eyster also has the position to write off all the officer involved shootings as justified. In many peoples eyes, the Sheriff and District Attorney of Mendocino are nothing more than hustlers and thieves stealing and robbing with guns the people and farmers of Mendocino County.

  • “No Contest” is significantly different than “guilty”.

  • *slow clap*

    Isn’t this the same guy from that trailer park hash lab bust in redway a few years ago and wasn’t this bust in the news around Christmas, and he had like a zillion priors in the Midwest? Including felony assault and battery and drug convictions? And now he gets popped out here AGAIN and he gets a small fine and some community service…gee those are some real harsh laws! Sorry humboldt but nobody’s gonna respect these “new laws” when you guys apparently can’t even successfully prosecute punching bags like this guy!

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    The most hilarious part, he is now required to obey all laws!

  • The 21 year old requirement didn’t take effect until 1/1/18.

    This guy was employing minors. The law in 2017 was 18 and up AND a medical recommendation. If I recall correctly he had a couple of 17 year olds working for him.

    I know two people, 19 and 20 years old, who worked for a medical cannabis company until 12/31 then had to be laid off. Kind of BS really. What changed overnight?

  • Entrepreneur lol.

  • One of his victims

    He didn’t even come close to getting what he deserved this guy has been ripping people off and breaking the law for ages… slap on the wrist come on!!!!!

  • Big question is what will his fellow cartel, um, aah….. I mean associate members of Eden Farms Coop Inc do with him? Well at least he is banned from the forbidden fruit.

  • They will continue to ship the legal pot out of State so they can continue to make millions with the legal farm that ships weed out of state making millions. The more legal you are the more illegal you are involved in to $$$pay the man

  • Only brown people are in the mafia… oh i mean the new word cartel. Puppets we are.

  • Ok, so college students go to school between 18-22 years of age typically. Are u telling me that college students don’t drink and smoke weed?? Ha.. right. So your old enough to be drafted, or make a descision to pick up a gun and go kill somebody in a foreign country, by joining our military, but not be able to have a drink, or smoke some herb?? Babylon crazy…

  • You know life is not fair when this guy goes to jail but Knute(one root) the con man steals and goes free.

    • Pass me that blow

      • Lame ass crooks .
        You will get what you sow.

        • No worries he’s on the path of reaping the grand harvest, Knutty boy played with a snake that was really a Dragon When trying to destroy peoples lives there’s always a price that must be paid to keep the Law’s of Karma in play!! He was so high on the powder he forgot about the Natural Laws of the True Power!!!

  • The real Crooks are in Washington.

  • It will be over soon. They are letting us die slowly until we become lake county. Lake County is the county that sex offenders rapists and the worst get parolled. The county is so desperate thats how low they have to go to bring in people with s.s.i checks.We will be Clearlake in 2 years so get ready. I told u the 500 dollar pound was coming overnight. Get ready for chester the molester to move in next door. They are only having meetings because they get cut a check to go.

  • just a Ganga farmer trying to be a compassionate caregiver so much hate ,love peace and forgiveness .#shakedown mendo police. BULLSHIT,Bullshit bullshit .Mendo make-in the doe.

  • This is Pure Crap Money Grab by Mendo county cops# pay the bills

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