Cannabis Community Shaken When Large Consulting Firm Shuts Down Hastily Leaving Cultivators and Other Business Owners Stranded During the Permitting Process

The 24 local employees of Manhard Consulting who were working on February 13 inside the beautiful Carson Block building in Old Town Eureka didn’t know that they would all lose their jobs around 3 p.m. that day. According to Sarah Emlet, former employee, “It was a complete shock to us.

Representatives from corporate headquarters in Illinois came into the office and let all 24 go without warning. A press release from some of the former employees described being told they had “two hours to pack their belongings and exit the premises.” They were locked out of all computers, emails, and client databases for what had been, among other ventures, one of the biggest cannabis consulting firms in Humboldt County. “The office [staff] was not provided the opportunity to contact clients or inform them of the shutdown,” the press release said.

Clients across the community were disoriented, terrified, and angry when rumors poured throughout the community during the following week. Several described already being stressed trying to meet expenses and understand county and state regulations that changed as they tried to meet them. Now they were without the team that had been guiding them through the permit process and they didn’t know how to get information that they had paid large sums to have compiled.

“I was already having a hard time getting everything done. Now, I am freaked out,” said one client who asked not to be named told us last week.

praj manhard

Praj White’s photo from Manhard Consulting

“All of the people [the clients] were used to contacting are no longer available,” Praj White, Manhart Consulting’s former area manager explained.

The press release by the former employees noted that the “closure has the potential to affect numerous projects.”

Rumors flying through the cannabis community said that Corporate was unhappy with the amount of money brought in from the grower clients. White said, “We could never perform and produce enough for the expectations.” Recently, efforts were underway by Praj White to purchase the Eureka branch of Manhard Consulting. “I had been in negotiations about a goodwill acquisition of the entire operation,” White explained.

White said the idea had been to provide a “basically seamless transition to the clients.” But, Manhard’s action on February 13, he said, “turned this into a situation that there is all sorts of collateral damage happening.”

White and several other former Manhard employees are forming a new business, NorthPoint Consulting Group. “Our aim is to provide services beginning early March,” said a letter sent by the Group to former clients. 

“What we are trying to do is quickly formulate our lawful insured business,” White explained.

He urged former clients of Manhard to contact the Corporate representatives who are still in the Carson Block and “come up with a plan to get their information as soon as they can.” He added that his former employer seemed “to be accommodating giving out all the files and the information.”

“We’re all heartbroken as I am sure the clients are,” White said. “It is emotionally difficult to be separated from all the strong people and good people we were working with…We love the community and didn’t see this coming.”

White explained that NorthPoint Consulting will not be operating out of the Carson Block.

“We are working to get back on our feet,” White said.

Attempts to reach Corporate headquarters for comment have been unsuccessful so far. 



  • Getting a taste of what mom and pops grows go threw .

  • Guess corporate headquarters wasn’t “all in”. HA HA HA HA!

  • They only want your $$

    This is yet another harbinger of what lies around the bend. Like a house of cards, one stiff breeze (or corporate cheese) and the thing implodes. My family is not regretting sitting this dance out .

  • This is quite a simple “mystery” to unravel. Likely the firm’s fathers had their attorneys advise them that taking money for a federally illegal substance was not going to fly (around tax time?). Anticipating legal action from growers the firm has already taken money from for the illicit trade, (they should have known was not proper to become involved with), the firm’s fathers moved in quickly and seized the evidence. I hope they have a vat of acid or orange juice to drop those hard drives into before the feds or plaintiff’s attorneys can print the subpoenas.

    Just sayin’. This is the beginning of a trend. As I’ve said before, states can’t make pot legal. Only Congress can. And that wasn’t done. Subversion of due process is subversion of due process A wrong act multiplied does not make it suddenly a right act. Look for more fallout like this. The States that “legalized” weed need to brace themselves for essentially acting as cartels in a Union of 50 states who all were not consulted beforehand; as required by law.

    • …and the county Board of Supervisors should be indicted in a federal RICO Act investigation. They took money, issued temporary permits to companies to grow thousands of pounds of marijuana all while knowing that it had to be mostly sold into interstate traffic. I sure hope the feds do this and seize millions of dollars worth of cash and property in the process. I will get a hearty laugh!

    • Consulting firms had nothing to do with marijuana. All they did was help growers file county forms. Nice conspiracy theory though.

      • Not a “conspiracy”, just business people trying to protect their ass.

      • Wanting to do the rite thing.

        This company took thousands of dollars from people with the promise of helping them go legal. This is a major sign that should not be over looked company’s don’t shut down in the middle of the day without notice unless legal action is coming.

    • That’s true zookeeper. It’s only a matter of time until the states that legalized weed get nailed for acting like drug cartels. The taxman don’t play around. This is the beginning of the end for the era of grow-dozers, [edit], and hippie green money. Its all going back to playing hide and go seek with DEA snipers in the mountains.

    • 100% accurate, Zookeeper

    • On point, but…orange juice?

    • There’s an attorney down in San D going through hell right now on conspiracy charges due to an “inspection.” This is how Sessions will approach things. Conspiracy, as the “darling of the modern prosecutor,” (Judge Learned Hand, early 20th century), is only charged in a very few jurisdictions around the world. In most jurisdictions, either you did the crime or you did not. In the U.S., you can get caught in a net and not even know it – just have a couple strings tying you to the major perpetrator(s). Conspiracy and the failure to file form 8300 with the IRS, as well as structuring transactions to avoid reporting. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a huge wave of these charges yet, frankly. Doesn’t need to be any weed involved.

  • How are growers supposed to have $ for extra expenses in a business that is in decline?

  • Notice the remarks about the amount of money being involved? Somehow, despite all the complaining, there is a sufficient bank roll still floating around.

  • Po ick ur battles

    Thanks all you outlaw growers who voted for things like this. This is why small farmers (25 plants or less) are squeezed from even wanting to participate because there are now all these middlemen employees and whatnot that need to get paid. Go the fuck home

    • Yes. I’ve been staying at less than 50 plants all this time…pulled back to half that for the historic drought (yeah I actually gave a s**t about our fish and wildlife). My place is so far out that it never had a chance at permitting- especially considering I’d then be in direct competition with monster permit grows right along highway 101. The scam “legalization” was written by the ultra-wealthy Napster dude for his ultra-wealthy associates to take this billion dollar business away from us completely. The locals who jumped on were mostly greed growers who ramped up production despite the historic drought in anticipation of becoming big-time players. Traitors to the cause. Greedrushers. Sell-out potstitutes. Not heroes or weed warriors. A bunch of little Trumps. Not my kind of people not at all. So watching them get freaked out is…entertaining. Zero sympathy from me. Looking forward to them failing and leaving.

  • I have a couple good friends who hired Manhard for their consulting work. Manhard took their money, treated them like children who needed to come completely forward and admit their misdeeds- y’know “Step into the light” that motto. Then Manhard left them groping at what to do next as it became apparent that their plans to get permitted by the state could never be achieved. Remember- the consultants can say whatever they want and they will always get paid up front. They get paid with your money whether their information is accurate, helpful or not! That applies to all the wonderful consultants who crawled out from under rocks into this phase of the game, sending out letters of fear that “you’d better comply!” and “we can help you”. Quite a scam!

    • Is it really such a mysterious process that normal humans are incapable of filing paperwork? Or are they are just looking for an easy way out of doing what is required?

      • If you are truly a “Mom and Pop” (small time) it is not all that hard to go through the process. I am fully compliant, have a business licence to grow flowers (cannabis) and am in the process of opening a Federally Insured Bank account. Did it myself without a bunch of greedy consultants.and with the track and stamp program my product doesn’t enter the black market. No house in Costa Rica though and still maintain my day job.

      • Not just paperwork. Government paper work with it’s own inscrutable language about slopes,streams,logging roads,diversions,culverts,plot maps,plot maps,plot mats,PERMITS,1,000 sq ft of asphalt,wells,creeks,springs,buildings,generators,lights,ADA bathrooms,parking lot,water discharge,storage buildings,water board,osha,excise taxes,state fees,state & federal taxes and a whole lot more and a whole lot i and everyone else does not even know about.

        • Doesn’t everyone understand how the corporate business model work? Do we have any IVY LEAGUE MBA’$ to explain what is being taught at the highest levels of industry? The model is quite clear and has been in place for sometime. The more laws, codes, and regulations , the more it costs to do business, therefore eliminating the competition is as old as time. Placing unreasonable and expensive hurdles in place, just to actually do business is similar to warfare. It’s a brutal place to stay alive, unless you are serving the interests of the corporate fascists, or government, depending on the clearance level you have and which think tank you have access to.

          Just understand how this is a parallel construction of every other industry that has been shipped to the highest bidder, and eventually, mechanized, and then shipped overseas to a slave workforce.


        • Yeah. Duh…..just like all the other farms/cattle ranches in Humboldt County have to deal with.
          You “Farmers” are a bunch of pantywaists, yes it’s tough to figure out, but if you can’t handle it you shouldn’t be in the business .

          • Hey Stopyoursobbin,
            I’m a rancher with family that grows. The regulations they have to deal with are way beyond the regulations I have to, with the ranch (small-scale beeves, goats, heritage hogs and eggs.) It’s patently ridiculous and appears to be punishment for some past transgression more than warranted necessity.

            Also, a lot of the water rules concerning distance of fencing from seasonal creekbeds are coming down the pike for ranchers too. Unless you want to re-fence any of your land that comes within 50 or sometimes 100′ of a seasonal creek and then pay to have someone out to inspect the fencing job you did, you might want to speak up about that now. It’s coming.

            • Yes, when they can no longer get it from pot farmers they’ll try to get it from ranchers. You’re absolutely right.

        • Timber harvest plan. LSA. RA. Grading. Permits with big fees. Meters soon. Track and trace. The State.

    • Well, your good friends have hopefully learned, even if they learned the hard way. As a person who has used consultants in a micro business in Humboldt County for decades, I can share with you the golden rule for dealing with consultants. Never use out of State Consultants, always go local. You may have to go to Redding or Santa Rosa, but never beyond. This goes for lawyers, tax advice, credit unions, local banks, medical services, etc. Not that we have a better percentage of capable “professionals”, but rather you can interact and do business with someone who knows the terrain and can talk with you in person and who will not rip you off and then go back out of state. For me it is a no brainer to avoid an Illinois consultant on something like local farming business.Better to support a local person and have a person to person relationship.

  • More flakiness in and already flaky industry. I just wonder what’s going to happen when the IRS sorts everything out and wonders why people they have never heard from in 25 years show up on the books with lots of property and assets

    • I’ve always wondered why IRS never got involved after convictions for growing for decades. Illegality is not an exemption from paying taxes.

      • I heard numerous stories over the last 20 years of IRS agents being out on busts, & mainly that they would be part of the plea deals in that they’d give you a number and if you paid that there would be no fines/jail from IRS side of things.

        I know folks who weren’t busted and hadn’t paid federal taxes in a number of years but wanted to do something like adopt a child and wanted to be above board tax wise. They contacted IRS, IRS said here pay this amount and youre good. And they did& they were.
        Thats how it works. It would cost them more to prosecute.

  • People really should of been doing there own consulting.
    If you do not already understand all the rules and regulations on your own you shouldn’t be trying to run a legal business.

      • Joe,
        We ask that people not criticize other’s grammar on this site.
        Here are the guidelines I use to decide what to delete or edit out. They are designed to promote civil discussion.

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        • Kym my polish joke on the arrest the other day was no sneer, twas old humor.

          And I don’t think the guy was “misfortunate”.

          I didn’t want to bother you as to why you chose to delete it, but now that you re-post these rules I am wondering…

          Blonde (I am) jokes aren’t always accurate, but they are an accepted category of humor, and I can laugh at them. I thought polish jokes were acceptable to all too.

        • Mocking a minority who don’t have power? Really? That is actually a real value? So no “a jew, a minister and a priest” jokes? Since women are not a minority they are fair game? And men, being a minority, are not? Ah but men have power and women don’t? Does being a public figure trump being a minority?

          At least that explains why it is fine to make racially derogatory remarks here about Caucasians but not others. I idly wondered how that slipped by but never conceived of that being an actual principle. I always thought the principle involved was that no one should be singled out for inherent physical traits as they can’t change to avoid being the target. And adhering to that looks to eliminate bigotry itself. Allowing exceptions for status just perpetuates the idea that bigotry is an acceptable concept just needing to be refined and an application of personal perceptions.

          This must the result of an academic philosophy debate that I missed. And it clarifies why progress is futile.

          • No one is allowed to post racist slurs against white people. If someone thinks white people are all racist for instance, though I disagree I allow the statement. Same if someone thinks all black people are racist.

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        • You deleted that? What a joke! I never criticized her either was merely trying to help and stated that in my post. I was only trying to help someone learn, but apparently you find it more important to protect ignorance. Will never waste my time on this site again.

          • Joe, People get defensive when their grammar is criticized. Instead of exchanging ideas the argument becomes about the use of the English language. This is a news source, not an English language course. I’ve been moderating comment sections for 10 years now and come to understand that in order to reach my goal of a community that discusses issues at least somewhat calmly, I have to institute some rules.

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            In order to keep people from feeling their actual points are being ignored, I instituted a no grammar correction rule on my site. In my opinion, only parents, teachers, and bosses get to correct grammar as long as the essential points are still being communicated.

            My grammar, however, is, in essence, being paid for by readers in the form of eyes on my ads so they are my bosses and get to correct me. Even so, I vastly prefer corrections to be done with a humble appreciation of the fact the correcter is unlikely to be perfect either.

            • Proper grammar is the crux of cogent and rational communication. That said, I can easily dismiss spelling errors. I cannot dismiss irrational and conspiratorial arguments and, curiously, a lot of people who indulge in this type of lazy discourse are grammatically challenged too.

              • As a former teacher, I agree with you that grammar is important. As a person who has monitored a comment section for 10 years, I can tell you that criticizing grammar while discussing local news distracts from the point of what someone is trying to say. If you can’t argue with their point, don’t argue with their grammar instead.

    • Jojo,
      The problem is that the rules are incredibly complex, and have been changed numerous times on many aspects of getting permits in the short period of time since their passage. Those rules have been promulgated and changed not only at the county level, but by municipal governments, and the state. Federal governance that existed at the time that municipalities, counties, and the state goverment each began developing their own rules and regulations (” the Cole Memo”) have also been recently changed by the Attorney General’s rescinsion of federal policy and replacement of it with a vague directive that each federal district should be governed according to the inclinations of the district’s supervising Deputy A.G. While there will certainly be defenses arguing unequal protections, the fact is that people who have made the leap into “going legit” are and have been shooting at a moving target for more than a year now. Let me know if you need any help with the big words.

      • This is hilarious, i am toking a fat dab over here, who cares about my grammar.
        People sure flip out to see a picture of a blond girl, hahaha.

        Look. i have completed my permit for my small farm, i know it has been hell, its very confusing to figure out. However i have seen way too many farmers who are totally clueless of the process and if they don’t understand how it all works and try to rely on a consultant they will be un competitive. The point is if you don’t understand all the rules and regulations now, then you shouldn’t be running your own company. Either quit or hire someone that can run it for you. Or better yet learn all the information for yourself. If you paid a consultant all your money thats like hiring someone to do your high school homework.

        • [Edit: Joe, I’m serious. Learning grammar from anonymous people on the internet isn’t a great idea. Their credentials are somewhat lacking…Stick to arguing Jojo’s points. I only have so much time to edit. If someone deliberately keeps breaking the rules, eventually I ban them. Kym]

          Good thing Kym came to your rescue and made sure you would never learn. Oh and I doubt anyone “flips out” about your pic.

  • Wow, so the over charging poorly managed greedy consulting firm was shut down by its deeply republican parent company? No surprise there.

    • Imagine that! A company that has standards. And puts them before profits. Who would have suspected. How unHumboldt can you get.

  • Hahahahaha. The greedy growers got swindled. I love it. I love watching them attempt tho rejoin society and try and regain a work ethic and then attempt to explain what they have been doing for 15 years. I love watching them shop at winco with the rest of us feeling superior yet unable to shop at wildberries anymore. The grower wives pissed off at their husbands because there will not be 4 months of exotic vacations this year.AWESOME!

  • I am so happy this is happening. Now I might be able to find a place to live up where you folks are. All I have to say to the people who this is going to effect, I’m sorry but na na na na na na ! Learn a lesson from this, you play you pay.

    • Its not happening, didn’t you read the former owners are opening up there own consulting company. That new company will continue to recognize the prior work of clients and will try and compensate them for there misfortune.

  • The rules keep changing jo jo hard to keep up and you think businesses don’t hire people to follow the laws lawyers, tax people get a grip and take a look at many of the agency’s farmers have to deal with

    Maybe they realized every farm is going to need a Environmental impact report like required by the state.The county misled the whole community.
    They take 6 months to a year and cost 35 -50 thousand dollars.If your going legal better get started.

    And there are very few people in Humboldt that can actually do one. Listen to me people, oh and wells aren’t going to fly ether Get your rain en catchment .

    • No, every farm will never be required to have an environmental impact report.

      35-50 thousand dollars? i really hope your talking about new equipment, buildings, culverts, road work, septic, well, electrical.. right?

      Also, you are TOTALLY misinformed, Wells are 100% approved, you do not need rain catchment systems.

      Wow, there is so much hysteria and misinformed people saying doomsday nonsense.

  • Man you all got fucked Hard

    • no one got #$%#, the new consulting company will pick up the pieces, this was just a shock for the community, they will continue to finish peoples permits.

      • my neighbor received a forbarince letter last august.for their well from Ca Fish and Wildlife

        you will see.

        CEQA is required by the state .Im trying to help but no one listens. MANDARORY ,

        No one will receive a annual state license without one
        I know the cost And the cost is only for the person preparing the report and owl hooters Hydrologist and biologists and like I said very few are capable of completing a final report

        I would like to see Jo Jo produce A CEQA

        • If the well is near a stream then F&W may do something becouse it can still be using the water from that source. I would recommend catchment and storage over pulling from the water table then there is no problem.

          • When I had my well drilled, there was minimum space requirement’s from streams, creeks, water etc.

            Why? Because they want to make sure your well is not “hydrologically connected” to these sources.

            I find that idea absurd; it’s all connected!! Who comes up wits this?

            It’s like picking a part of my body to cut off that doesn’t get blood from my heart: not possible.

            Though I’m happy to see the drug war fail, I’ll admit beurocracy and red tape stink

        • Where can you read about the CEQA requirements through the state?

        • The CEQA is fine, if you got a local permit then you have CEQA. The county’s environmental impact report covers this for you. Also if your well is not directly next to a creek or steam you will be fine to use it. Also no one is supposed to pump water from there well during the dry periods of the year, so you can still use your well but it has to be for water storage.

          • That’s the problem the county EIR is not going to fly.You cant do one on the whole county .And wells are regulated by fish and wildlife .Rain in catchment or storage is the only right answer.Just because the county says OK doesn’t mean the state will issue an annual license .

          • Jojo you are good looking and smart !but Humboldt co don’t have a E I R .Mendocino co has a E I R . Humboldt co board of supervisors will vote on it soon.humboldt co will need a lot of good
            Luck in count .humboldt co E I R is a big joke your humboldt supervisors have misled you

      • Keep telling yourself that…. Manhard left because the money train ran out. There laughing stock with all agencies. They mismanaged their clients accounts. They charged outrageous prices for Work they never completed or that wasn’t accurate. If you really think this new consulting group I’ll be any better you need to stop doin dabs. It’s still the same bunch of unqualified, smoke blowin idiots. Come on people a change in name doesn’t change work ethic or morals. Praj White scammed people and is now trying to pass the buck off on Manhard. What a joke. Praj was in charge. He failed the local community. Nice PR attempt.

  • Jeff Sessions.
    And Big Pharma… Bet we could follow some payoff and find a few threats if we looked under a few rocks.

  • How dry I am hiccup

    Praj White was not the only “consultant“ to take farmers money and run.
    There are so many stories about these fly by night “consultants” that took growers money, and the grower thinking that they were going to get a permit because they were in good hands and going through the process… NOT ! They got fleeced and STILL no permit!
    Ed Denson and “consultants “ like him seemed to have over sold their abilities. Now many farmers are not just high but financially dry .

  • Well

    Not sure what to say, but i have played it safe and went with a consulting company that is a part of the family, and they are licensed bonded and insured.

    Whew!!! So glad i didnt go with them.

    Magna Wealth Solutions…yes. 🙂

  • Manhard has always been an iffy outfit.

    • I have never trusted anything or anyone that is not located on a coast. the ocean makes you a better person is what I came up with as a reason.

      • It sure washes away sins… to the great garbage patch where the current takes it.

      • Then what’s with all the tweekers and other addicts living rough by the ocean? that makes them better people?! want another coin toss for a better analysis? heads: its the fault of the moon and stars– tails: they are just having a bad day and all those lovely negative ions from the lazy lapping waves will make it all right in the world come next Monday morning… I have lived here quite awhile, the ocean hasn’t moved/changed much but the people are getting worse in an exponential way.

    • I’ve had dealings with Manhard and found them to be helpful. It was on a construction project where they helped me correct a crooked contractor’s work. They helped engineer a compromise fix after what was looking like a vastly expensive tear down and redo, litigation, etc. etc.

      I think this act isn’t a reflection on the folks locally at Manhard. I think it’s an ill wind from the East and from states who are a little ruffled about being forced to play along with federally illegal activities. It was a lapse in judgment on Manhard’s part. Or any other business engaged in the pot industry for that matter. Their parent company was hugely uncomfortable with federally illegal consulting. Long story short.

      And, the banks in CA are showing the same discomfort harboring funds for what essentially is, by the blind definition of the law, a rogue cartel-state. Banks participating with illicit funds knowingly (their lawyers are telling them they cannot get federal backup and participate in federal crime) are engaged in crime. State lawmakers who didn’t nix the ballot initiatives proposing committing federal crime are also engaged in crime. Local municipalities declaring they are “sanctuary areas” where federal crime is welcome (Berkeley) are also engaged in crime. Supervisors creating laws and safe spaces for crime to happen (proposed Mad River extraction plant) are also engaged in crime.

      I find this particular scuffle with Manhard to be one of the most significant harbingers of the prognosis of CA’s attempt to circumvent federal law. Businesses involved in the pot industry must be shaking in their shoes right now.

      This particular story is a wake up call.

  • Praj comes from a good So Hum family. So I want to like him. Yet he/the company over charged me, took their time, and the bill kept running up as the company made unreasonable demands for a permit they ‘helped’ with engineering on. And then, once we settled on a bill, they would not send me a copy of my statement, etc. Cut off all communications. Unprofessional.
    Not sure what happened. But Manhard was not a good experience for me.
    I hope that if Praj opens a new biz, where he does not have corporate looking for his shoulder (to whatever degree they might have been) that his services will improve. If they don’t, he won’t have ‘corporate overlords’ to blame.

    • From a good So Hum family??? You don’t know him at all, do you?

      • Not sure what your point is. Praj’s parents are well known and respected in So Hum. I had never met Praj before my experience with Manhard. Haven’t seen him since.
        That clear enough for you?

        • Like I said, you don’t know him at all, do you? Looks like you don’t know his father either. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. My point is that considering what I know and what I’ve heard about Praj, I’m not surprised that he was working for a questionable firm.

  • Mattole Canyon Creek is filling with Bulgarian tears 😂😭🤣

  • So many hyper-ego’s here – from criminals. Too bad you all didn’t “get played.” Peddle your dope on L.A. street corners – in gang territory. See how far that gets you, gringos.

  • Is he the guy that’s off vacationing in Patagonia?

  • I thought Manhard was a civil engineering firm who did building and construction design this article makes them sound like they were strictly a marijuana consulting firm. They did site and design work for me that had nothing to do with pot.

    • build and design what? Danco has that cornered and he is banking on this failure and crash to happen so they can build their mega slums. do you think there is more to the story of crashing the economy? which the County is clearly doing by changing the game almost monthly. the forecast for Humboldt is shady with a high chance of misery and that’s for everyone. the first thing I plan to do is submit the one page form to have my property value reassessed for tax purposes. I clearly see a trifecta of tax revenue doom for the County.

    • I just spoke to Tricia Manhart. She characterized the firm here as being “90%” related to getting environmental permitting which is related to the cannabis industry.

      • I recommend his work

        I teamed with Praj before he was with Manhard and after. Praj brought his client list to Manhard that he built with his own company. Their business covers residential and commercial development, environmental permitting, Hydrology, civil engineering. They have a lot of experience in “green” building design and developing tough rural Humboldt properties. I wish him and his employees the best and hope they can come out on the other side in one piece.

    • You’re the exception, then. In ettersburg, the only thing Manhard did was help pot industrialists destroy watersheds, and ruin roads.

      • they help people apply for legal permits. you can thank our supervisors and permitting agencies for the green rush in the hills, over appropriating water for “alternative” ag. and residential use, converting timberland to other uses (deforestation), dust, 24-7 road use on roads designed for rare ise hauling logs and resource access.

  • Another win for the black market ! Or as like to call it “the people’s market”

  • The whole legalization process in California is horribly designed; but Humboldt Sups knew exactly what they were doing. Setting up big grows with regulations they designed to be changed or fail. Our county was exceptionally greedy and controlling. They could have made a lot of tax money, but ruined a good thing. Time for a change next election.

  • did they steal everyones money ????

  • Well hopefully City of Ferndale will get smart and get a real engineering company now that Praj White’s mistakes have come home to roost. It’s not just the cannabis, there’s other stuff or they wouldn’t have locked the computers and fired everyone. Corporations do that for fraud or legal issues – not being annoyed at how much money their staff is or is not bringing in.

    • you sound jealous. the closing of the Office was a direct results of the last week’s reversal of the Cole memo and the fear of losing their conservative clients nationally. manhard was just an office for Praj to work out of. consulting in a good ol boy environment is quite difficult when you are not in the club and don’t want to be, but everyone wants to hire you because you are not in the club.

  • I’ve said it once I’ll say it a thousand times the Cannabis industry is… ever-evolving never resolving. Until the feds come on board with legalization it is all up in the air. No amount of paperwork can save your ass if they choose to cause case with it. There’s a long way to go before true legalization occurs. May not be in any of our lifetimes.

    • it will become legal shortly after the silent generation is dead. I see everything evolving at that point. its not that far away.

      • Maybe but by then, with mass public data being finally available, there will be a tobacco like campaign to minimize the negative effects of mass consumption.

        • Yep, like cannabis cures cancer?! they use to tout the health aspects of tobacco smoking too. Guess who is patenting different aspects of mj …

  • Yes, hopefully Soon people will be sharing their experiences they had with Ed Denson as their “cannabis consultant”. He didn’t know ANYTHING about the regs , especially the land use and zoning and how it fits with your land. We found out the hard way that Ed is also woefully misinformed about the county ordinance. Ask Diana Totten how many of Ed’s clients did she inherit because Ed didn’t come through for them.

  • Well is Board of Stupidvisors next? Hope so!! Also is Praj Addona Whites brother you know WATER BOARD LADY THAT VISITS EVERYBODY? If ever visited by these folks get in writing what has to b fixed they water board seems to change mind often. And ask them to put in writing how the fix should take place. They are the experts Riigght?

    • Adonna? Is she actually visiting people and fining them?! Known her and Dave from Redwood Summer days. She warned a bunch of us over a decade ago that this water board stuff would be coming. It seems like it was a long-term plan to get everybody’s wells and water sources registered and recorded…way before the historic drought. Why do they want all of our water registered on all of our private lands? What’s up with that?! Ask Adonna. Or ask Dave…in private…maybe they will clue you in

      • Well i dont know either but can you share the secret.? There is more cannabis now than ever and more water being used for it ?? Soall this doesnt seem to b working?? Iwas told by Gallegos this is a total complaint driven program?

        • I know no secret. But I feel there is a plan in getting everybody to basically give up their water rights on their private properties. They keep talking about climate change like it’s a given so I’m guessing extreme drought would trigger state seizure of water sources? This is California.

          • Climate change is the lie that is used to justify the kill-off of the poor. Its a one way street of failed logic. Geo particulate engineering is the salting of the atmosphere with metal sulphates and oxides. Tons of poison metal salts floating down in to our Childrens lungs. The lie is used to justify the events that put things in to motion.

  • Mytruckisahillbeater

    Ah this is a mess. Get chur camo and yur ammo, this hill aint movin


  • Jeffy boy will be a comin fer ya soon . Haven’t you all been noticing the military surveillance plans? I have . They are planning something this summer

  • White House

  • Stating the obvious

    I’m actually glad that place shut down it was the most over priced firm out there . Praj white is a cocky little prick that was enjoying everyone’s money while he overcharging everyone. I’m sure he’s going start a new firm but I will never use him again.

    • Sadly, most of the people didn’t need him in the first place. Shoulda buckled down and did it ourselves. Most people got told and sold a bill of goods …” listen, you NEED me. You’ll be one of the FIRST I’ll get a permit for. Yeah I’m expensive ,but I’m WORTH IT.” Uhhh, NO YOU WEREN’T . Yes, you were 1/2 right, you were EXPENSIVE, but definitely NOT WORTH IT in the end. Big bills with no itemization, WTH.
      Now, Still no permit, are you going to return peoples money that you took?

    • Wanting to do the rite thing.

      Ya hire him again, How does the saying go fool me once shame on ? Fool me twice ??

  • bring back the black market keebler elf.

  • Which local bank does Humboldt Co deposit all these permit fees to from Cannabis permits?? And is that bank Federally insured?? And also can u still sale your property through a federally backed Title Co? Licensed or permit pending ? On property and what is the exit plan if you want out of permit process? So you can sale your property without a “”Crime scene”” On record due to permit process for cannabis. I dont think Trump likes California ….

  • I wonder how much of the money made its way to the corporate headquarters.?


    Paperwork is hard.

  • These Consulting firms are just a bunch of rip offs…

  • bring back the black market keebler elf!

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