Suspect in Attempted Murder Captured After Fleeing Police

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[Photo posted on Facebook by Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson]

The following is information from a Facebook post by Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty),

…EPD patrol and POP Unit officers…arrested Charlie Kangas [yesterday] after he fled from an officer in the area of Fairfield and West Hawthorne Streets. Kangas jumped several fences but was located hiding behind a nearby residence after a search involving several officers.

Kangas was wanted for attempted murder (664/187 PC) stemming from a recent stabbing in Eureka. Suspected methamphetamine and several needles found on him.

As you can tell from his photo, Kangas wasn’t too happy after finding out what he was being arrested for.

Kangas is one of Eureka’s serial crooks and our community is safer with him behind bars.



  • In other places he would have been executed long ago.

  • Serious question:

    Methamphetamine seems to be the common thread that runs through about 90% of things awful and lives ruined — or ended. Why is this seemingly a recent problem/phenomena?

    A Google search turned up the information that meth was invented in 1893 by a Japanese. In 1919 the hydrochloride salt was invented and apparently modern means of production. The German military ran on meth and I think every other country`s military used it. Until the early 1970s in this country meth was legal.

    When I was a youngster, I`d never even heard of meth or “meth tweaker”. I do remember from the hippie days the slogan “speed kills” and really didn`t know what it meant or gave it much thought. Until 1970 we could have been making meth by the 50 gallon drum, perfectly legally. Why weren`t people using it then? What has changed? Why didn`t loggers and truck drivers use it then? The off – highway truck drivers on long hauls were expected to work 16 hour days. I never heard of any of these guys using meth and they certainly didn`t appear to be tweakers. What has changed? Does anyone have any ideas on this?

    • My guess would be availablity, price, mass marketing on tv and the internet (don’t ever do it but it makes you feel amazing and all your problems go away) and all the new chemicals used to make it sense then, just a guess. truckers and such have have been using it sense the 60s but most must not have used it to the extreme we see today?

      • The war on drugs is a failure and it’s policies are producing more users.

        • yes it is a failure, and Jonathon, the problem with meth became a lot more serious after two things happened….the first was people beginning to smoke the stuff. Im no chemist, so i cannot tell you the science, but I work in health care and i can tell you the observation: smoking that **** will eff you up.

          the second change falls under “unintended consequences,” the State in the 00’s, trying to combat the drug’s increasing impacts on families, decided to ban access to necessary ingredients for methamphetamine. Sadly the industrious backyard chemists have improvised and made substitute drugs that are, by all appearances, worse than ever for the human brain.

          increased poverty have made using drugs seem less depressing than in your youth. but thats another story im told.

    • you have never heard of truckers using meth? where have you been living? sure a lot of songs written about it. . . for instance “radar love”

    • cheaper & stronger now.

    • In my opinion.. they were absolutely using it then. The slogan ‘Speed Kills’, usually with a skull & crossbones, had a reason. When the influx of, particularly east coast bikers, out of towners brought harder drugs into the pot & psychedelic laced SF Bay Area, it changed everything. Crime, violence, death… all those things came with the ‘bad vibes’ of speed & heroin.
      Hence the 1967 ‘death of the Hippie’ and migration of non-hard drug folks into other areas…
      You don’t hear of issues or busts of psychadelics anymore… Availability? The drugs of choice have, sadly, changed… Tripping hippies rarely were burglars, murderers or otherwise able or inspired to do harm to others. Not so Meth addicts ☹️

    • They were using black beauties and white crosses by the barrel full. Truckers, you betcha.
      All pharmaceutical and oh so sweet. But i was a “speed kills” hippie.

    • Mass production of pseudoephedrine and the best Congress & President (Clinton) that money can buy. The DEA wanted to significantly stop meth in the 1990s, seeing the threat and wanting to stop that in its tracks, but money talks. PBS did a great show on that years ago that you can watch for free online:

    • Wow! Someone else remembers that slogan ‘speed kills’. I say it now and people don’t get it. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, the most common form of speed was bennies and crosstops. I remember heavy users would get a white residual at the corner of their mouths. I agree meth was around back in the day. Trying to explain to a nonuser the weird shit people do on this shit is like trying to tell some one that you were kidnapped by space aliens. They don’t believe it.

    • Truckers relied on Benzedrine. Bennies. Whites.
      Or Dexedrine.
      I remember seeing powdered Meth in the late 60s. Nasty stuff, people had to shoot it because snorting it was dreadful…
      My personal interest in stimulants of that sort was Very Short Lived, but I watched…

    • amphetamines and meth-amphetamines are very different even though they are very similar. meth is toxic and we are witnessing the toxic effects on the individuals and society. meth isn’t everywhere. there is a map depicting where it persists and it says it all. people that abuse meth generally have nothing to lose. when you abuse meth you know it is killing you, you can see it in the mirror. you can look at mugs shots of local addicts and see the transition of use from meth to heroin. they look healthier for a reason. most kids wouldn’t try meth if they knew its toxic effects.

    • Back in the day (late ’60s) I hitched coast to coast just for the fun of it; and I always rode with truckers, truck stop to truck stop. Their “speed” was pink/blue triangular pills, and they were happy to share them for the non-stop conversation.
      This “meth” is a different critter, I’m told, and I believe it.
      When parents tell their kids about the “evils of marijuana, cannabis as gate-way, etc.” and the youngster tests that warning and finds out differently, trust is destroyed.
      Kids learn very fast that if the parents were lying about cannabis, they may have been lying about “speed,” too. The result is totally predictable.

      • your last paragraph is exactly why we have such a hard drug problem. we need proper drug education, not the bible thumper southern NRA version. science has determined fear is no way to live.

        • While it’s true that many clergy were involved, along with the media, either wittingly or unwittingly, it’s not true that they are the ones who started the lying fiasco.
          Spend a moment and read the declassified documents on MKultra, Senate Hearings (aka narrative cementing in action) and the all too elusive records about our favorite news anchors and clergy CIA partnerships.
          All roads lead to Rome. Cya with an i.

      • The parents, teachers, clergy, etc were trained (brainwashed) by the best of the best though. If I remember right, mj was included in the beginning trials of mkultra projects or the projects before mku. There’s been so many, it’s impossible to remember who’s who and what’s what, especially when the same agency responsible for them, is still bombarding us today through their media puppets aka anchors, writers, editors, journalists…
        This article is a good place to start exploring. It includes a link to one of the declassified senate hearings. The names of those in the know then are still active today. John Kerry, Joe Biden, Warren, etc.. with a few like KKK Byrd passed on. Read through it carefully, even the intro.

      • Never taught my kids it was a gateway to other drugs , just a gateway to being a couch potato, with zero ambition

    • Oh yes they did. I still have trucks in the Bone yard that still have the Despenser on the dash board that used to contain amphetamine pills for our drivers.

    • Even President & Mrs Kennedy were on amphetamines, and I have talked to current Veterans & they say they are given stimulants & downers overseas, then dumped into civilian life, addicted& on their own. Torturous recovery. When you watch Kennedy documentaries, you see JFK had lots of debilitating body issues& pain. Then, all of a sudden, he’s campaigning nonstop& talking about youthful Vigor! America was on legal morphine (Moms& babies, everyone) and CocaCola till those were outlawed,and then amphetamines were prescribed. “Diet pills”, remember Mom on those? You could stay skinny & have tons of energy & no sleep. Alcohol went perfect with that. America has embraced all Pharma and demonized pot for a loooong time. No one ever mentions strong Coffee being in play as a “gateway”, an addiction for sure. ( me too, addicted to coffee). Watch what happens with Bayer/Monsanto Marijuana. Maybe then & only then, will sweet natural organic homegrown become appreciated.

    • I can answer your question with four words: The War on Drugs!

      All the crime and death and imprisonment and life ruining consequences brought on by all illicit drugs are all the product of “The War on Drugs”! Plain and simple!

      Think your own thoughts! Stop believing the hype! Open your eyes! and Legalize all drugs!

      The War on Drugs is the governments biggest ruse on the American people. And they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    • I knew both local log truck drivers and long haul drivers in the 60’s and 70’s and many, if not most of them, used speed and other drugs. Speed for rolling, barbies for sleeping.

    • Production of meth moving from biker trailers and tweaker shacks Into big Mexican cartel labs after the pseudoephedrine regulations happened is one big change. Once pseudo was hard to get back yard meth wasn’t as cheap or easy as Mexican ice.

    • What they used to make meth out of is now much harder to get so what ever they are using now is a different more toxic and body / mind damaging substance . *just my opinion.and truckers do have a reputation for speed addiction.remember cross tops?

  • Dude looks like he had a mouth full of horse sh$t! Better off behind bars

  • The police chief took a moment to snap a pic for social media during this episode? Seems unprofessional to me.

  • Kangas Sanga song of sorrow and despair. Now maybe he can get some dental care.

  • I like how they say “Kangas is one of Eureka’s serial crooks and our community is safer with him behind bars.” Now lets see how long he stays behind bars. My guess is not long and we will be hearing about this POS again in the near future.


    Reprizentin’ yo

  • Juxtapose the cops, looking all calm and professional, against the emotional perp. Lest he really be in pain and not just ‘protesting’ / making a scene in reaction to his confinement, it seems that it’s a job well done by EPD.
    Hope this arrest will lead Charlie to reflect on and change his ways (as represented in this story).

  • I was absolutely hooked on bennies back in the 60’s and early 70’s when I worked on a logging crew. If it wasn’t for getting laid off in the winter and the love of a good woman, I would have died.

  • That photo is priceless! The cop’s expression echo’s Bruce Willis’s to a tee. This made my day.

  • Is he yawning? Up too long?

  • This is really sad though. Seeing as how this guy is in extreme anguish, he is clearly living in his own hell. Nobody in his/her right state of mind would make living in hell a lifestyle choice. There are other factors involved – physical/mental health and the social, political, economic systems. He emulates a sticky problem that punishment alone will never solve. I don’t even know the dude, and he probably is truly a pain in the ass to deal with, but this picture is absolutely dehumanizing for him and heartbreaking for me to see.

    • he’s the “Boss at Being Awesome”, but not on this day. if you want to learn about our society, flip through his 713 friend list. this will be the Face of Eureka for decades to come without some sort of plan to stop this local vicious cycle the youth jump right into after high school unless they leave the area.

      • Don’t let your compassion get the better of you. This type of person will take advantage of you, rob after lending them money and offer you zero. Parasites are what we are dealing with. What do parasites offer the eco system? Easy, nothing.

        • compassion? this guy lists his Job description on FB as the above quote. I am simply recommending people flip thru his friends list to learn where the real problem in our society lies. spoiler alert – its not the people you see on the streets.

          • Very interesting indeed. I can see that a lack of rigorous formal education and/or technical training in a trade is a common theme amongst everyone on that list.

    • Maybe you’re better off not being on here, what with your sensibilities and all.

  • Great looking teeth this Kangas guy has!

  • They should shut down Johnson’s Motel it is a real den of scum and villainy also it seems as though there’s a lot of felonies going on there also.

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