[UPDATE 10:21 a.m.] Gunshot Victim Reported in Garberville This Morning

Breaking NewsAt approximately 4 a.m., a gunshot victim reportedly walked into the Garberville Hospital. According to Emergency dispatch over the scanner, “He was shot in the buttocks through the door of the Lone Pine [Motel.]”

We have requested more information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

UPDATE 8:07 a.m.: Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office told us,

At about 4:05 a.m. we received a call for service at Rays Food Place in Garberville for a man possibly with a gunshot wound. The victim was transported to a local hospital. I am unaware of the extent of his injuries and am unable to confirm whether or not he has a gunshot wound.  This is still an active investigation at this time and there is nothing else we are able to share… I will keep you updated as I know more.

We will update as we get more information.

UPDATE 10:21 a.m.: We heard from a witness that two people went to the hospital but neither was the victim of a gunshot wound. We are trying to get more information.

UPDATE 12:06 p.m.: While this wasn’t as originally reported. The details unfolding are intriguing. Two Injured, One Arrested After Escaping Deputies, But No Gunshot Wounds in Today’s Lone Pine Motel Incident




  • Lone Pine, eh? Now another a’hole in Garbageville!

    • Where do u live? I can come up with catchy titles too. I’m sure I can figure one out for your area too. I’m sure I can find the arrest records for anyone attested in your area, shall we compare to two? No need, cause Everywhere, there are losers, & it doesn’t mean your one cause a zip code. why not spend more time in the mirror & think about your behavior, than judge a zip code

      • Gville is my town and its ghetto is these very run down, drug infested havens. These slum hotels are so run down i dont know how their open. Not to mention the owners do nothing to improve these buildings EVER. Tear em down.

        • Agreed nine!!!
          The police love seizing items of value so why cant they arrest the owners of these places for failing to report crimes or the fave charge of conspiracy. Or are activists and growers the onky ones those apply to?

          Sell the places to long term locals, throw in a few community grants from the credit union and county and turn those spots into nice places for tourists to stay. Thats what will help save garbervilles economy and the cops seem likely to do more when county tourism money is at stake. The best western often gets filled by locals who have some drinks in town and dont want to drive home (which is good).
          Ruining any of our local economies is bad for us all!!!

  • Somebody “Gumped” him.

  • 🎶 at the Lone Pine, , the Lone Pine, I got shot where the sun never shines, I would shiver the whole night through…🎶

  • Ouch! Right in the fennel!

  • Yes. Right in the fennel

  • Get rid of the lone pine……..run those pricks out of town… someone has too..it’s the brain of the monsters running wild in garbage ville…burn it..please..

  • It’s worse than across the street from bowling alley in eureka..time to protest and take extreme action..I have to pick my kids up in redway because bus won’t drop them off in garberville anymore.bullshit..things better change and fast..or your gonna lose some good kids that grew up here..this sucks..

    • My mom (Leanne C Eller) is still missing after 9 months and I grew up there. This has made me never want to come back and see my childhood friends or my childhood towns because theyre full of crime. If it’s not the kids that grew up there having trauma, then it was their parents. Things got worse because nothing was done about past crimes. Things like this take steps. Humboldt PD need to realize they need to stop harassing civilians and start realizing what’s the deep connection with all of these pointless crimes. Search warrents are nice for certain people being suspected for certain crimes.

      • The deep conection between these crimes is meth.

        • True… nobody wants to bring it up but it is a reoccuring problem. The thing is is that it will always be a problem. How could we resolve it if its even possible? I’m here in Santa Cruz and it’s slowing turning back into a county where tourists aren’t going to want to be here as well.

      • “Things got worse because nothing was done about past crimes.” So true of our entire society. So many people are suffering from trauma, past and present, trauma frequently doled out by people who commit crimes against children/teens. Myself included, though I did not grow up here. I hope your mother is found soon. Are there posters or more information about her disappearance?

        I hope you can overcome and maybe even visit your friends here.

  • Can we get a nuisance abatement for the Lone Pine and the Johnson Motels already?

  • demand bulletproof hotel doors, ask to see kevlar reinforcement. tell them you want safety over wifi. we can all affect charge.

  • I was told by the woman who works there that there was no gun involved. A man was beating his girlfriend & another Tennant tried to help her and ended up getting beatened pretty badly himself.

    • Oh wow. That’s crazy. I really hope and pray that Garberville/Redway (Or just the whole county) will get help, and soon.

      • Where is my sister, Leanne C Eller?

        Love you my girl. soon we shall know, and lets hope she is just running from something. I’m so sorry I live up here LOL love you so much.

  • Owner of the Lone Pine rents rooms with full knowledge that there are going to be drug deals. You can rent a room there for a couple of hours to do Your drug deal with full knowledge of the Owner. Still writing hand cards for rooms so they can keep all the cash. IRS should check Him Out also.

  • hey kim maybe you could post the gofund me notice about lygle dillon put out by kia ostrow he and his family need all the help they can get

  • They should shut the johnson motel down seems alot of felonys are a Lways being commuted there . A real den of scum and villainy.

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