One of Trinity County’s Most Wanted Arrested for Allegedly Driving Stolen Vehicle

From the Trinity County District Attorney Office:

Most Wanted Caught…


Charges: 1203.2(b) VOP [probation violation], 10851 (A) CVC [driving stolen vehicle], 496 PC [receiving stolen property]

Warrant Amount: NO BAIL

Court Case Number: 15F0081A

Alias: none listed

DOB: 09/13/1985

Sex: Male

Race: White

Height: 6’ 00″

Weight: 230

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Address: Weaverville, Ca.

Here’s the updated “Most Wanted” list From the Trinity County District Attorney Office:



  • unbridled phillistine

    I am telling you, These most wanted stay close to home where they have a support network!

    • Would be nice if we could get the surrounding counties Most Wanted list Humboldt Mendocino Del Norte used to be posted at the post office I know you post different ones of these at different times good work lots to do

  • White is not a race.
    HUMAN is a race. The rest is biological fiction.
    I do not expect scientific accuracy from the police.

    • No,but white is judging someone by there color. Funny. Can’t call a “black” guy black or you’ll offend him…..

  • Looks like alot of the same people on there from the last poster .,but they did catch one .

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