[UPDATE 6:41 p.m.: Towed Out Safely!] Woman, 9 Months Pregnant, Stuck on Larabee Buttes Access Road off Hwy 36

Stuck in the snowA vehicle containing a woman who is nine months pregnant is stuck in the snow on Larabee Buttes Access Road off Hwy 36. According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the first call reporting the situation came in at 4:21 p.m. According to that caller, the vehicle, blue Ford F150 can be seen from Hwy 36.

One tow company got stuck trying to reach her, according to the CHP site and scanner traffic, and another won’t be able to come with a 4Wheel Drive until tomorrow.

Attempts are being made to locate someone with Bridgeville Fire Department that might be able to help “at least get the [woman] out of the vehicle.”

We’ve requested more information from the California Highway Patrol and will update when we get it.

The red marker indicates roughly where the CHP thinks the vehicle is located. Click on the map to move it around, use plus to enlarge, and minus to zoom out.

UPDATE 6:41 p.m.: We just heard Bridgeville Fire (we believe) report that they had towed the vehicle to the highway and all was well! Thank you, Bridgeville and all the volunteer firefighters who go out to help even when the weather is cold and the night is dark!



  • Great news! Thank you to everyone out there helping others!

  • A lotta good people out there, willing to help others in need! Blessings….

  • I agree with the above sentiments completely.

    But what a story the kid could’ve had for his kids…”Yeah, when I was born, we had to hike through the snow just to reach the road!”

  • Great job as always BVFD!!!

  • Yes me my husband and our 3 small children are ok..we were attempting to leave where we were staying because we had run out of supplies and the freak snow snuck up on us at the same time me and my family ran out of supplies and we could not be stranded there with no food or propane or heat. And with me going into false labor and having to have a routine csection in less than 4 weeks, we had to evacuate, but got our F350 stuck after our 4wheel drive shaft broke off!!! Thank you to Brandon of the Bridgeville fire department and his partner, who did not give a name, for helping us!!!…a tow truck did not come because of where we were and chp WAS supposed to call ME and let me know help is on it’s way then found out from the fire guys chp called them instead first… thanks to those two!!! We don’t have any money but we gave them what we could spare for helping us, especially since Brandon used HIS personal truck to yank us to the highway and we were able to drive ourselves to stay with family in town! They did not want to accept the money but My husband told them WE take care of those whom take care of us!!! Then they stopped arguing and did take the money for helping us!no!! Thank you bridgeville fire department!! You guys have helped my husband in that accident a few years ago, and now you have helped our whole family!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

    • Always always always keep an eye on the weather report, this time of year!!! We get these “freak snow storms” every once in a while!!! It’s better to be prepared than to scramble last minute when everything goes FUBAR!!!! Glad everyone is OK!!!!

      • There was nothing last minute about anything! We were planning our town trip just like any other time..we do not have any kind of signal for anything up there and just planned our week as usual….we go to bed then wake up and whoah snow! So we had to leave! I do know how to live in the hills! I’m 6th generation from this area and never lived on 36 until this year and now getting ready for baby we were already trying to move out of 36.

  • Such are the people who are the best of us. Thank you BVFD but also thank you volunteers everywhere.

  • Glad you are OK! Even the hwy can get you this time of year, the American Red Cross sells emergency kits for winter driving for around $40. Even if you can’t afford that check it out and see what anyone can put together themselves. We never hit our 9 miles of snowy FS road without all the equipment we need for a couple days.


    • We have emergency kits..my husband is former Army and always has wool blankets and such…I’m 6th generation local and do know how to live on the mountains! If our 4 wheel drive shaft dd not break we would have made it off that mountain perfectly fine.

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