South Fork High School Girls Earn Spot in North Coast Sections Playoffs


SF Cubs High School Girls 2018

Standing: Left to right: Assistant Coach Shondra Mishmash, Kaylee Valk, Steph Bautista, Michelle Homewood, Assistant Coach Albert Wantt, Kylie Messenger, Haylie Mulder, Anjo Girard, and Head COach Shylo Wantt. Taking a Knee: Left to right: Kylee Savio, Gina Salomon, Icsley Cleveland, Jasmine Todd[Photo by Crystal Salomon]

Press release from the South Fork High School Girls Basketball team:

The Lady Cubs earn a well deserved spot in the North Coast Sections playoffs, after an impressive, historical season with two league wins over the Ferndale Lady Wildcats.They will be hosting Credo High School this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.



  • Go get ’em Cubs!

  • Yeaaa! Cubs! Thanks Crystal for the photo!

  • So proud of all these hard working young women, and their coaches!
    It’s great to see a picture of Michelle Homewood. I haven’t seen her in a long time. Everyone looks GREAT!

  • Go South Fork!

  • Cubs rule…get em…😁

  • That was over quick. We are losing all our athletes to tech and social media. Take some piano lessons and try becoming proficient in what your uniform presents.

    • What the @$#% are you talking about bottom whine? These ladies made it into the NCS playoffs. Thats awesome, it requires hard work and dedication. Yet, you have the nerve to say “take some piano lessons and become proficient in what your uniform presents”?? Mr or Mrs Bottom whine.. which ever or whatever you are… I suggest educating your self on the value of not being a complete foolish @$$. Grow a spine! If your going to belittle the youth of our community that deserve nothing less than your praise and respect for their hard work. You could at least leave your actual name. [Edit]

  • GO CUBS!! Your awesome!!

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    And 21 is wearing a slipper.

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