Roads in the Emerald Counties: Snow/Down Trees, Etc.

Benbow golf course this morning. snow

Benbow golf course this morning. [Photo provided by Sour Tangent]

Snow and ice are impacting roads this morning. Here’s what we know. Please let us know of any issues that drivers should be aware of.

Major Highways:

(Most information below from Caltrans’ Quick Map. If you are heading to Oregon, check their similar site.)

  • Hwy 1: Open
  • Hwy 3: Chains required (See Quickmap for more information)
  • Hwy 20: Open
  • Hwy 36: Chains required in the areas of Peanut and Platina (See Quickmap for more information)
  • Hwy 96: Open
  • Hwy 101: 
    • Icy conditions between Laytonville and Willits
    • Icy conditions near Myers Flat (One northbound lane closed due to accident as of 8 a.m.)
    • Another accident as of 8 near Clam Beach
  • HWY 162: Open
  • Hwy 169: Open


  • Hwy 199: Open


  • Hwy 211: Open (Check out the Fernbridge live cam)
  • tree down

    Tree down on the Avenue [Photo by Kelley Lincoln]

    Hwy 254 (Avenue of the Giants):
    • A tan oak fell across the Avenue of the Giants just south of the Hidden Springs Campground between Myers Flat and Miranda.  Anyone got a chainsaw?
  • Hwy 255: Open
  • Hwy 271: Open
    Hwy 299:

    • Snow conditions in areas such as Berry Summit shown below but the road itself has been cleared. Snow on Berry Summit

Humboldt County Roads:

Here’s what we know. But we believe there are more issues. As we learn details, we will add the information below.

  • Alderpoint Road: 4×4 and snow tires carry chains
  • Kings Peak Road: Chains Advised but not required.





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