Can You Help Restore Rohner Creek?

From the City of Fortuna:



  • I am thrilled to see that people in other Humboldt communities are concerned about the English ivy infestations that are taking over our parks and open spaces. I am with a small group of volunteers that have been working to remove ivy at Trinidad State Beach and Patrick’s Point State Park for the past 9 years. It has been a long process, but we are seeing the rewards with the return of beautiful native plants and flowers in our forests. So, thank you, to those that are working to restore Rohner Creek. I hope this effort spreads throughout Humboldt County, because we are losing our biodiversity to highly invasive plants, especially English ivy, that grows in a variety of conditions and can climb trees and pull them over (from the weight) or kill them (due to a lack of photosynthesis).

  • Should participants be smothered in tecnu before jumping in the thicket?

  • Same goes for pampas grass. That South American junk is taking over HUMCO.

  • I’d much rather we start by removing the people who keep dumping trash in our creeks, and worry about plants later.

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