Owl Vs Skunk (Psst, the Skunk Apparently Won)

Last night, this owl was found on the road near Honeydew. It had apparently been sprayed by a skunk and was somewhat discombobulated, according to Dylan Mattole who found it. Though the video ends with the owl still on the ground, Mattole assured us that it flew away.

As a possible postscript to the story, about a quarter mile further on, Mattole said he and his friend saw a skunk scampering down the road.

Great horned owls (we think this is a coastal great horned owl but please chime in) prey on skunks. According to Wikipedia, “In one single nest, the remains of 57 different striped skunks were found.[120] Due to the proclivity of skunk predation, great horned owls nests frequently smell strongly of skunk and occasionally will even stink so powerfully of skunk that they leave the smell at kill sites or on prey remains.[10][121]

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