[UPDATE 5:49 p.m.] One Dead After Shooting in Hoopa

Police at Hoopa mini mart

[Image from a 2016 stabbing at the Hoopa Mini Mart –Photo by Allie Hostler]

According to reports from Hoopa, a shooting occurred behind the mini-mart and gas station off of Hwy 96 today about 2:30 p.m. According to reports from the scene, one person was killed.

The suspect fled the scene.

Hoopa Tribal Police, the California Highway Patrol, and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department all responded to the scene.

UPDATE 4:24 p.m.: The suspect, a male, was detained at approximately 2:45 p.m.

UPDATE 5:49 p.m.: A reader sent us this photo showing the area behind the mini-mart blocked off by crime tape and law enforcement vehicles.

Law enforcement blocked off an area behind the Hoopa Mini-Mart

Law enforcement blocked off an area behind the Hoopa Mini-Mart. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • Sure looks like gas was cheaper in 2016.

  • Someone lost their life today, affecting countless others.. and your guna post and complain about indians not having to pay sales taxes?.. Fuck you people! You stole our land and wealth and are now the richest people in the world.. the free ride has been great for you.. and instead of acknowledging that your thieves who are the cause of the poverty, social and economic problems in Indian country, instead of showing any empathy or sympathy, instead of acknowledging reality, ur guna comment on gas prices!? [edit]

    • first didnt see anyone complaining about not being taxed the same. secondly sorry for the loss of life, third. no one stole the land , someone lost a war and was given the chance to live in certain areas instead of merely being wiped out. honestly with the state of most resverations it is hard to believe all the talk about the care of the enviroment or family . honestly the resverations should be shining examples of life if you listen to many talk, yet i see more waste more lack of steeardship on most of the resverations i visit. it always makes me wonder what happened to the chief with the tear in his eye when someone threw trash out their window, from the psa many years ago.

      • Antichrist, “no one stole your land, someone lost a war and was given the chance to live in certain places” ….. You really sound like the Antichrist with that ignorant bigoted normalization of the genocide that was waged against the native inhabitants of this continent in the name of real estate acquisition and manifest destiny. 100 million indigenous people lot their lives in the colonization of North America. 100 MILLION. It wasn’t a war, it was genocide. Seriously [edit] You [edit] should not be awarded a platform to spew such ignorant bigotry on this message board.

        • Give em the land back , cause I’m tired of paying taxes on the up keep ,and way overpriced.

        • no, what you fail to realise is that the way of the entire world up until the end of ww2 was about taking land in battles, hell even native here in northamerica fought against each other for land. i refuse to feed to the denterment of the current natives the line of pure horse crap that they are so unjustly treated. no one owes you anything. your birthright is the land you now have and i encourage you to start taking better care of it. it isnt racist to fail to allow othets their personal or groups pity party to drag on. it is more racist to claim that because of the bloodin your veins you are entittled to something you never ea4ned had or fought for. deal with it , not revirting to calling names when you can not deny facts with logical responce

          • You need to realize that the treaties outlined how land was to paid for. In exchange for millions of acres any of the 567 treaties specified compensation in the form of education, health, housing, rations and even blankets. This was payment in petraputity. Every one of the treaties have been broken. So yes tribes are due compensation and in modern day the Courts have ruled in an individual basis that compensation is due.

            • Yes. It was convenient to treat tribes as nations because it meant that due process applying to citizens could be ignored. That it became inconvenient later is just too bad. What is owed, is owed.

              However, treaties are always broken. It’s sad but true. Most frequently on both sides. It’s better to have a legal precedent of special status than a treaty. It’s much harder for lawyers to diddle. But it is an artificial construct subject to change in a different way. What other nation has voting rights inside another country. That was a ‘violation’ of treaties too.

              Life changes.

            • Drive Highway 96 take 169 to the end of Johnsons, look at the shacks,look at the trash spewing in the river, now look at the toxins in the ground, and keep poaching and over netting, great land stewards, poor fish, poor land animals, gee where have they all gone.

              • The illegal grows by whites above the reservation are the biggest polluters. Their runoff is polluting the streams and rivers with e-Coli and algae blooms. They divert water needed by the fish, remove trees, make cuts into the land and introduce toxins into the soil and leave garbage and broken down trailers and vehicles on the land.

          • just so you know mr antichrist, what you’ve just described is a war of conquest, or aggression, It’s a war crime. You’re gloating over your so-called people having won a war of conquest, and now brag about enjoying the benefits of what the Nuremburg jurists call “the greatest atrocity of all”. in other words, you’re making a fool of yourself, while condoning genocide. that’s who you are in the conversation.

        • War i dont reameaber asking anyone to come to this land and asking for war

          • No one ever asks. Either they take or have it taken. Always sooner or later. That was true 500 years ago and it’s still true. For every single being on the planet. Even remoteness is no protection. There is no remoteness any more.

        • Absolutely agree 250%!!!!

      • Before you make stupid comments, do your homework. Land was stolen, it’s people were killed. Honorable people who care about their culture and the survival of all living things. [edit]

      • The “Chief” with the tear in his eye was “Iron Eyes Cody”. He was actually an Italian American actor.

    • Thank god the richest people go to your casino so you get your check,imagine what the land would look like if you still had it , casinos and junk yards, meth labs and oil labs, so come on we could have all gotten along, we care about folks.

      • FYI : not all reservations have casino’s. A small percentage do. Your are assuming that the ones that do pay out to their membership. My family tribe’s has a casino and at no time have any of them received a payment .

        • Your family’s tribes? Look how small blue lake casino is, the leaders and board members are all related, dont ya think those women are making money? Look at there grey haired face book spaces, lot of money being spent, oh look at their worker bee friends too, oh wait maybe there money is from the under counter chips they sale or what goes on in the hotel rooms, check it out!!!

          • All this talk Chairokee don’t be mad…… you [edit] probably claim the tribe, I am sure your great great great great great…. whatever was Indian. Indians are from India. We are Native Americans. Yes we have all this people working there and yes because the tribe is so small they can. If you take a look at other native casinos other races work there. But this tribe is not as big a other tribe. Its people who drive thru the reservations and litter, leave your trash all over. Its the white man the introduced the crime, alcohol, drugs, health issues like diabetes from fast food. etc. to the native. I understand but natives would still be growing crops, etc. if the white man didn’t take the land and build buildings etc. So don’t point out the bad things about natives. Not most tribes have “Chief’s” anymore but do have Chairman/woman. Do some research……. Sounds like you know what goes on in hotels rooms. Haha! Have a good day.

    • Actually I think Qatar or the United Arab Nations is “richest people in the world”. I don’t even think we are in the top ten. My history is a little rusty but I think Spain technically stole California from Native Americans and then “we stole”‘it from them?

    • I agree, some people are thoughtless jerks, to the family & friends of who has past my condolences. And please ignor the ideots on here that say stupid things at this time to greave.

    • Well put, NO RESPECT, put the family members shoes on that lost their other member in death!!!! GOD OR HIGHER SPIRIT,, BE WITH THOSE WHO HAVE LOST…..

  • What does any of your comments have to do with the death of sombody. This person was children’s Mama, She was a daughter, A Sister, an.Aunt, a cousin. A human Being, please have respect! I dont even Understand why theres a Post like this so soon, the picture is even 2 years old.

    • I know u don’t know me but I have a lot of family up there.. can u plz pm me and tell me plz

    • Respect,
      When someone kills another person, no matter how painful that information is for those close to the victim and the suspect, it is also news that affects the community. The photo was meant to show where the incident happened and is clearly labeled as such. It provides a way for people to understand where something happened before other photos from the scene can be provided.

      • Maybe threads involving a death should not to be open for comment, news or not. To anyone. Maybe an email address so any information can be sent but debate avoided? Then you can post what is useful information.

        • Maybe we as a society should learn to discuss divisive issues and sensitive issues with compassion and respect? How do we do that if we don’t practice it and see what happens when we don’t? I think years of politely not discussing religion and politics have led us to an ugly place in our country. I’m not for not talking. I am for doing it with a heck of a lot more empathy.

    • The picture is from when our son died there. please people some one lost someone they love it never heals. PLEASE have some respect.

  • Lead by example. I know it is difficult to observe the comments, and it is so easy to misinterpret posts, but it is best to keep composure, remain patient, and show others the appropriate tone for such an article; it is especially critical to demonstrate propriety because others truly may not know better and/or were not ever taught any better.

    I do not feel the initial comments were complaints, but (irrelevant) observations of the first photo that accompanied the article.

    Overlook the less tolerable remarks, offer your thoughtful regards, and do your best to condition others on how to conduct themselves with humility and tolerance in venues of social media and reality.

    I am so sad over this. I love my valley so much and when something tragic happens to one, it affects us all in some shape or form. Lets not give fuel to keep outside criticism going, let us instead come together within our own valley and console each other, reach out to each other, and strive for the healing we need.

    There are no words to illustrate the magnitude of hurt in our town right now; tender hearts need us to guide them as they try to find ways to cope. Lets not worry about outside opinions, but be mindful of our actions that affect the little ones following our footsteps.
    Please keep heart, and keep each other in loving light, despite the darkness that surrounds us all too often.

    • I’m sorry for the loss in your valley, this is the nices most respectful comment I think I have ever read. Take care

    • Amanda, that was beautifully said and I am sorry for the loss to your community.

    • Exactly. Well said. My sincerest condolences to all involved. Any loss of life is detrimental to us all. Enough of all this we, them bullshit. It’s us. Always us.

  • I am sorry to hear this ☹
    Sending my thoughts out to the family.

  • As I sit here my hearts ache for the lost life and her family. May justice be swift.

  • About 7:15 p.m. a sheriff’s officer said over the radio that a second person is in custody related to this shooting. Nothing else was said. It sounds like they’ve just now finished their investigation at the scene and are leaving.

  • I’m so sorry someone was murdered in your community today. I understand both Amanda’s spiritual loving compassion & Woke’s political rage.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.
  • I love hoopa and the hupa people. I’m white but most of my friends are native and reside in hoopa. My family has generations of friends down there. Hoopa is constantly cast in a negative light. Yes it has its fair share of problems. As does Eureka, as does Mack as does many communities. It is u fair to judge an entire community from a few bad apples. Someone lost their life and their family and friends are grieving. Please be respectful and stop bashing the community. That’s shameful to do. This is not the place for a political disussion. Or even a social one. Use your common sense when commenting when a lost life is involved.

  • Much sad news in Hoopa involves bad people coming in from outside the community to take advantage. Not all that different from the situation in Humboldt at large, or the whole history of this continent for that matter. Without knowing the specifics I would say that compassion and not judgement is in order.

  • Oh .absolute nonsense. If any of you actually were involved with these people you would realise that most of them sit around collecting welfare, rely on social services while growing weed and cooking meth. Enough of the hippy comments from idiots living in their liberal bubble. There are a few good ones though.

    • I seem to say something similar about pot heads too. But strangely they seem to object to the verbage.

      Strange how we all excuse ourself with rationalizations but dismiss the same ones in others.

  • It’s a sad situation that somebody has lost their life, and having worked as a contractor around the Hoopa area and specifically at that gas station, I’m not surprised it doesn’t happen more often. The tribe is definitely not exclusive to this type of social breakdown. It’s all around our County and Country. It just seems that the racism seems to be exacerbated whenever there’s a post about Hoopa

    • I agree. I have to be extra vigilant every time I post a story about Hoopa.

      • There shouldn’t be special catagories needing extra care. The same care should be applied to all if it’s a matter of principle rather than sympathy.

        • As a teacher, I adamantly disagree. Certainly, most people agree that children who come from families where good parenting and economic success are scarce need more help than others. Similarly, people who react in a racist manner to those in Hoopa have possibly not had good parenting and emotional success. I do the best I can to make sure they learn that empathy is valuable.

          • When I was in 7th grade were at hoopa for a baseball game, in between games we went to go get lunch at the store. While we were there I witnessed what I can only describe as the worst case of domestic abuse I have ever seen. The man pushed the woman out of the moving vehicle in the parking lot she got up and started screaming for help, he stopped jumped out and proceeded to beat her to the point where she was only semi conscious and couldn’t scream anymore. He then threw her back in the car and then turned to the several of us kids and threatened us and drove off. The thing that still shocks me is there has to be over 20 local adults there who were so completely unfazed by this event that most of them didn’t even stop to watch. None called the cops, no one tried to help. We being basically children did the only thing we could think to do told our coach who was in the store who immediany loaded us in the van and got us out of there basically saying to just forget about it. from a young age going there for sports all the way through high school I have been warned of the dangers going there and I have seen some Of them actually materialize first hand. And it is impossible not to form a opinion of a place when that is the case. So for me not caring for hoopa isn’t about being racists it’s about my interest in self preservation.

            • When I was working as a young man in a movie theater, A white man chased his white wife into the theater and proceeded to beat and kick her to a bloody pulp!

            • Here’s another one for you Mike, while living in eureka as a kid I went to my friends house Who name was mark we went to Ross park all the time and played sports, anyway as friends we would go to his house however I was not allowed in the house because being a native kid she told my friend mark that I was to dirty and I wasn’t allowed in the house! But I over looked the prejudice and remain his freind!!! At a young age I realized people are ignorant as reading people’s comments on this posting!!!! When it should be condolences to the family only!!!!

            • Mike I came back to thank you for this post. It has made me think in a new way. Not about women getting beaten by men as that happens in all cultures unfortunately. But what causes the difference in reactions in cultures and what opportunities are available in each culture to deal with it.

              In European derived cultures, there are institutional agents to interfere with violence and, consequently, less reliance on family/family relations to intervene. I think in most Native American cultures, interfering in another family can align that family and its friends against you and your family. It is a big deal to insert yourself in another’s business.

              A non Native American can take action without anywhere near the risk to himself and his relatives because the institute takes on the risk of retaliation. Just notice of the hate and retaliation involved in policing and think where that hate would end up if the institution did not absorb it.

              Anyway, I appreciate the post just necause it made me think.

          • “Certainly, most people agree that children who come from families where good parenting and economic success are scarce need more help than others. ”

            That made me actually angry. Very angry. Hardly anyone not in a family knows what is going on inside that family. The kid who looks and acts like the epitome of good parenting could have a hell going on behind closed doors. On the other end a kid who looks and behaves like they are the offspring of Satan could have parents trying as hard as they can with plenty of resources. And, surprisingly enough, a kid with obviously oblivious or even dangerous parents may not need anything more than not to be saddled with the expectations that he is damaged goods. Little perfect may be the one really needing help.

            That is exactly what I meant by sorting principles from sympathy. Each individual is just that- an individual. All anyone can do is treat them as such as a matter of principle, avoiding sweeping assumptions based on race, sex, income levels, personal appearance, etc. Because the assumptions, whether of sympathy or hate, are prejudice in action, not responding to the individual but created by those doing the judging. Principle, when it includes respect for the individual, is a much surer source of understanding than emotion which, no matter how it tries for empathy, it ends up judging and acting on it.

            A teacher horrified me once saying how she could barely stand to look at one particular child because he “always had snot running down his face.” The poor kid. That is what emotion gets you. Principle recognizes the errors of emotions, even empathy, and forces a person to get beyond that and do better. Principle would give the kid a tissue and moves on to what’s important.

            • So…you never would look at a kid and say that kid needs more help than that kid over there? I did and I do. I make choices all the time on how to allot time and money. I do not divide my time evenly between my three sons. Some need more at one time than at another. Even more when looking out into the world I see kids that need more help whether because they have parenting problems, health problems, economic disadvantages, or social disadvantages and based on my ability I give more to those that need more.

              • The point I was trying to say was that I would not make the choice of where to focus my resources based on group identities such as race or wealth but, trying to blind myself as much as possible to such things as a matter of principle, base it on observing the needs of the individual.

                There is altogether way too much grouping of people going on. Too much assigning of value and lack of value based on race, nationality, gender, etc which is a gross simplification allowing non thinking to go on. It’s so much easier to say “I hate all” (black,white, Indian, Christian, Muslim, Jews, etc) s than it is to address the problems between groups. It is too easy to retreat to the safety of running with one’s own group.

                That is what I mean by Principles with a capital “p” being more important. They force me to stop acting as if all of any group is one uniform entity- owed, blamed, treated as a group – and start thinking about the nuts and bolts of how to deal individually. Otherwise what is a personal action will be distorted to be viewed as an insult to all.

                If it is important to behave carefully about “writing about Hoopa”, then is equally important to behave carefully about writing about Eureka, Alder Point or Trindad. The principle of respect , if it is to have value, does not depend on group affiliation.

                • While I also find that I have to be careful with posts about SoHum…Eureka and Arcata don’t get the same level of vitriol leveled at their inhabitants….

            • You need to write a story to your self and read it over and over just to remind yourself how selfish you are, just the same as you feel as you look in the mirror over and over every day and you still look the next day and feel the same reality of judgment of yourself so get over it. We feel sorry for you for being so unhappy with yourself.

  • I get tired of racist hate-spew on every story about Hoopa or native Americans. This story is about a life taken. My condolences to loved ones of the deceased.

  • Rest in peace Angel. A 80 year old lady shared with me today how you offered to pack her groceries to her car. Small acts of kindness are remembered. Sorry how humans who look down on you for being a native on a reservation, don’t even know how to respect the dead. I’ll pray for your family. Your big smile will be missed. I know the lady in the wheelchair you pushed downtown is really going to miss you. 🙁

  • I couldn’t even bring myself to read the rest of these comments! Who gives a $@#% about all this right now! Have you no shame???? A life was lost! She was someody that I grew to know and love, and she is gone! Never will I understand the lack of compassion and humanity! It is seriously disgusting. White, Native or otherwise…who put you on this earth to judge? You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Seriously!

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