Missing Black Cat Stowed Away in Folding Table Last Seen Wearing a Bikini

Black cat

Last Sunday, Wall-e, the black cat pictured above, stowed away in a quilting table that was being transferred from Redding to Tydd Street in Eureka. He jumped out when he reached Tydd Street.

According to the owner, “He’s a black cat, with white paws and he has white spots on his stomach that make it look like he has a bikini on. He also has really white whiskers and a collar that has a bowtie on it.”

If you have any information, please contact (707) 502-1219 or (707) 601-0309.

 Black cat with white

Note: the post has been updated with the street on which Wall-E jumped out of the quilting table.



  • Where do they think he was lost?

  • In Eureka, most likely, since that is where the table in question was headed!!!

  • Tydd Str is kinda scary for a cat. That’s behind the old Bazaar…between the 101 and Myrtle Ave kinda. The table probably went to the senior apartments owned by Salvation Army. Hopefully he went north into the marsh

  • Hopefully someone has hav-a hart traps. Leave bowls of water and food near where he ran away. He’s probably just far enough away to feel safe, but if he’s afraid, he won’t come to a call. Food and water ribht away. Try to get 2 or three hav-a harts placed asap. Put tuna or wet cat food in the traps, and cover them so they’re dark inside. Check them every day. If you’re lucky, the cat you’re looking for will come in for food. Poor kitty. I hope someone takes charge on hav-a-harts. You can call vets and shelters to see if there’s a local rescue trapper, or if they have traps to loan or even rent.

  • Black cats are bad luck

    • So are superstitious people.

    • They most assuredly are not I had one for 19 years & my luck didn’t change, one way or the other!!!

    • Gee wiz, then I’d better drop my friends who have black hair and my daughter who often wears a black T-shirt (at least on the days she wears it). But what do I do with my Tuxedo cat. Black with a white “collar”, white paws and white tummy? And, Thebigdeal, my solid black (before age related grey fur took over) Labrador?

  • I have a live trap which I’ve just offered to HART (Humboldt Animal Rescue Team). It’s a small Eureka non-profit with a tiny budget. Here’s their office # 441.9315. I can bring it to them tomorrow.

  • HART just told me they don’t rescue lost cats. They suggested Humboldt Paws Cause or petfinder. I’m so sorry.

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