Owner’s Cell Phone Used to Track Stolen Vehicle as EPD Chases Car Through Eureka

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Tyler Blaine GingerichOn 02/15/18, at approximately 3:34 PM, Eureka Police Department officers were dispatched to the report of a reckless driver on the Samoa Bridge. Around the same time, the Arcata Police Department notified EPD’s Communications Center they were in the process of taking a stolen vehicle report for a 2005 maroon Ford Focus, similar in description to the vehicle reported as driving recklessly.

The victim’s cell phone was in the vehicle at the time of its theft and was tracked through Eureka to the area of California Street and Hodgson Streets. An EPD officer responded to the area and located the Ford Focus which was occupied by a male driver and a female passenger. When the driver realized there were officers behind him, he accelerated quickly and fled northbound on California Street, nearly colliding head on with a vehicle being driven by a Humboldt County Probation Department officer who had arrived to assist. The Probation officer recognized the driver as Tyler Blaine Gingerich, age 21. Gingerich was on felony probation for auto theft.

EPD officers began pursuing the stolen Ford Focus northbound on California Street. The suspect failed to stop for the stop sign at Harris Street, drove north through the alley between California and A Streets, continued across Grotto Street to Henderson Street, and then proceeded west on Henderson Street. The suspect’s vehicle collided with another oncoming vehicle when it exited the alley onto Henderson Street. The pursuit continued west on Henderson Street past the shopping mall. The officer lost sight of the Ford Focus as it went down the hill towards Broadway at which time the pursuit was terminated.

The victim was re-contacted and started tracking the cell phone again which showed her phone to be in the vicinity of Myers Street in the Pine Hill area. The cell phone continued moving east to the area of Allen Court where it then appeared to stop.

Officers with the California Highway Patrol arrived on scene and provided EPD with information about a house on Allen Court where the suspect was likely located. CHP and EPD officers attempted contact at the residence. While officers were speaking to someone at the front door, Gingerich fled out the back and jumped multiple fences before escaping.

The victim’s vehicle was recovered by officers, unoccupied, on the 4900 block of Myers Street Pursuant to Penal Code 836, a wanted person bulletin for Gingerich’s arrest was issued for felony reckless evading, hit and run with property damage, vehicle theft, and probation violation. Anyone with information about Gingerich’s whereabouts should contact the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4044.



  • There’s “felony probation” yet again. What is it going to take for these repeat offenders to see the inside of a jail cell?

    • this young adult has 4 wide open FB accounts. he lists “Hustlin” as job description. At least he is honest. there are about 2,000 locals that list their job description a “Hustlin” in NoHum including Fortuna. So how many new beds will the new jail have? this kid is part of the MCK gang that dresses like they are Bulls Fans and his family migrated here from MT in 1954.

  • Obviously this is the career path this chronic offender…Sir Stealer of Cars…has chosen. How many lives did he endanger and how many more will be at risk from his felonious folly? How can we take back our community from those who choose repeatedly to bring harm to innocent people who live here? Frankly, I am sick of it!

  • If his intelligence matches his looks he’s likely in the 16 year old range!!! Too young to resist & old enough not to give a “Flying Fig”!!! In other words “Dumb As A Rock”!!!

  • Young and dumb… many males of the species go through this stage. If they’re smart enough they can get right back on track and be great people. But I think there is a bit of a lack of something around here that sucks kids like this down…

    • If they are attracted by lawlessness, Humboldt Co is the place. Large sections of the population thinks the law is to be disregarded. They consider jail time to the power tripping and dishonesty of police or simply normal, nothing they are responsible for themselves. And why not. Another section of the population is busy telling them that it’s society’s fault that they do these things.

    • That ‘lack of something around here’ is the lack of consequences and holding people accountable. The youth see what happens to adults. Commit multiple crimes, and still get out the next day. We need more jail space and utilize it. As it is now, our jail has a ‘No Vacancy’ sign flashing. Criminals know there is no room , and back on the streets in a few hours.

  • He looks like he was kicked in the head by a horse. Fairly common in MT.

  • we could stack these fools like cord wood in the old Kmart I’ll help with the build out!

  • A 2005 Ford Focus. My DREAM car!!!

  • Oh my…

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Good to know CHP was able to inform EPD of a shady house.
    Was it searched? Seems probable cause…

  • This “kid”has a major herion addiction as does almost everyone his age in the county .he needs treatment of course all you drunks don’t understand

    • It’s pretty sad when all we get is negativity for someone who needs our help. A lot of people know tyler and love him he’s an awesome person with a bad addiction.+

      • Umm no he’s not an awesome person, I’m glad a lot of people love him but awesome people don’t go around stealing and putting everyone who lives drives or walks around there’s life in danger, what if he ran over a kid? , if you love him try to get him a job and stabilize his life, I’m sure you will find he is not the awesome person you think he is when he ruins yours.

  • A Ford Focus?????? He should get fifty years for bad taste.

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