Event Producer Alleges That Cannifest Had to Be Postponed Because of County of Humboldt’s ‘Lack of Policies’

Press release from Cannifest:

Humboldt Green announced today that “Cannifest 2018” a cannabis festival event scheduled to be held on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka will be rescheduled and a new date will be announced shortly.

Cannifest 2018 has been postponed due to lack of policies written by the Humboldt County Planning Division Redwood Acres Fairgrounds and Humboldt County Fair Grounds.

“In establishing Humboldt Green’s desire to host a fully regulated and legal event, it is clear that even with applying for our Cannabis Event Organizer License from the state, there are other elements that would need to happen first which are out of our control,” said Stephen Gieder, Founder of Humboldt Green. “Cannabis events in general will take on a new identity this year such as all attendees will be 21 and over, all licensed vendors and only dispensaries may sell to consumers. Knowing this, we have done what we could to gear up, but it seems that the county is not ready which in turn has slowed us to a halt. We will continue to work towards the goal of producing events both locally and afar that shine the light on the small farmer, the environment and our community of educators and innovators. We appreciate all of your support as we readjust. Stay tuned for an update soon.”

For more information about “Cannifest 2018” visit their website at Cannifest.com.

About Humboldt Green

Humboldt Green has been producing cannabis events of all sizes for the last twelve years in Northern California. Their green events include Cannifest: Humboldt’s Manifest Cannabis Festival and Trade Gathering, Humboldt Green Week and the Yes We Cann Community Parade and Hullabaloo. Humboldt Green gives back to the community by sponsoring local events, donating supplies to schools and organizations in addition to volunteering for environmental clean-up projects. To learn more about Humboldt Green event production services, 1 Degree Consulting and to read the Green Culture Blog visit GoHumboldtGreen.com.



  • Govt effup a good thing

    Policies , more policies? Please no.

  • no one gives a shit about cannifest now that weed is legal, it was just a ploy for growers to grow weed with people’s 215 cards acting as their Ahem lol caregiver.


      Cool comment. I agree Not everyone gives a fuck about being stoned and comatose the rest of the normal society and the working class could give a crap shit they have to work a 9to5 ‘er Hopefully all this special weed right to honor blows away like a dried up dog turd.

      • Step bak for a different perspective

        You’d be surprised how many people are functioning just fine working 9-5 jobs while utilizing marijuana. id bet at least 25% of your coworkers have used it before and during work.
        Especially if its cbd heavy. Learn more about the subject before generalizing.
        Personally I find more problems with alcohol use&hangovers in the workplace.

        Go to cannifest and meet the war veterans at their booth who are growing and using the medicine and tell them how lame they are. One guy i talked to was hit by roadside bombs multiple times and was on 37 different medications that he was able to go off of & manage his issues because of and with pot. Those guys have to take very high quantities of thc to get the help they need.
        Just a bunch of stoned out idiots? Not even close.

        It continues to shock me that anyone can think pot is anywhere close to the most harmful drug out there.
        Wait til the cartels expand the already existing poppy fields up here to produce heroin, then try saying pots worse. Its super easy to make heroin these days.
        Meth, coke, crank, heroin, ketamine, gbh, ecstasy, xanax&all the other pharms teens can get easily at any high school anywhere in the state; these are the real problems.

  • Drone pollinators inc.

    all done in the weed promotion, why do you think reggae on the river use to survive. Huh illegal weed money paying off performers. Oh yeah Alpha Blondi getting busted with humbolt herb and loosing his visa for ten years. It’s strange that this community doesn’t get what is going on.

  • Um, and who needs a Cannifest? The whole of California is loaded 24/7, what else do you need?

    What we need in Humboldt is a can of sobriety… And some residents who don’t need to be on drugs all the time…

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Will there be driver DUI checks?

  • Our family looks forward to the next one.


    Let’s go HC! Get it together before they go elsewhere!

    Cannabis education is what we need more of, especially for the people in denial of this beautiful herb.

  • The Ostrich Hunter

    So much animosity towards a simple event designed to bring people together.

    Wish there were more like it…

  • All Hail Mary Jane

    Met some farmers, got my script renewed,
    friends served food,
    I enjoyed a day of wandering and meeting people, the grandkids made crafts to take home to their parents. but sure let’s all spew negativity. Sheesh!

    Put the energy towards shaking a hand or offering a hug, better yet smoke up and let the cannabis take over your comments.

    Cannifest is good for our neighborhood and economy!

  • Grandkids at a 21+ event making crafts for their parents? Sweet story, bro.

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