According to Scanner Traffic, Law Enforcement Searching for Suspect in Multiple Robberies in Neighborhood South of Fortuna

Breaking news graphicAt approximately 10:45 a.m., according to scanner traffic, a man was allegedly seen after burglarizing multiple residences of Airport Road south of Fortuna. He reportedly fled into a home in the 2100 block of Airport Road.

At 11 a.m., Fortuna Police and the California Highway Patrol established a perimeter around the home while the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department was responding to the area.

Soon after, the house was reported clear and law enforcement are attempting to locate the suspect in the neighborhood.



  • unbridled phillistine

    Common and catch him! Before I catch him in my house and remove the problem my self or some other gun toting home owner has to handle it. Sometimes when I come home I imagine what would happen if somebody was in my home upon arrival? Would not be good for them or me. Good thing the NRA offers Lawyer Insurance, If I am arrested for any crime involving a firearm the NRA will provide me a lawyer free of cost! Good to have, You know just in case and what not.

    • Long as you draw first it should work out for you.

    • you might want to actually google that first. its not the NRA and$13.95/month provides you with 50k in defense fees. you also might want to google how much your defense will cost. you might want to opt for the $24.95/month plan. but then when you keep googling you find it won’t help you in CA because we don’t have “stand your ground”. I still consider the AR-15 gun toting mentally ill wingnut as public enemy #1 and we have many in our community.

      • unbridled phillistine

        When I took the concealed weapons class, They said even if you are justified in shooting you will be arrested and to be prepared for that buy purchasing Insurance. I am sure I have the correct plan for my needs.

        • how much is your plan per month? wait did you think it came with membership. I was a member for 3 years. I got tired of recycling the garbage magazine full of propaganda so I stopped. you might want to think about the future of generations to come, because it is eroding fast by narrow uneducated minds and it might take us decades to restore. keep in mind that if a baker can refuse to bake a cake, a doctor can refuse to save a life.

          • unbridled phillistine

            You are correct I do receive huge amounts of wasted paper from the NRA and their mag is pretty crappy. Would not be the first time I was sold Insurance that was not for me. What if you are right? I better check into my policy. Boy I am going to be pissed off if I been carrying this pistol for 2 years with out proper Insurance. BTW I do pay monthly for Ins package includes firearm theft Ins some other pluses as well.

      • Agree on ALL counts!!!

    • You can buy umbrella policies that are 1 or 2 million dollars that will spend the first 500 grand on your defense attorneys, well worth the money, they will defend you under any circumstance

    • i didnt know that. when the next meeting. i have been wanting to join. sounds like a good time to join, thanks

    • Wonder if that guy in Florida knows about a FREE lawyer? You’re so heartless to post this so soon after that school shooting! BTW, it’s not “common”, it’s “come on”

  • The NRA can WELL afford it for a fact!!! I wouldn’t support them if they were the only game around!!! Especially after yet another MASS shooting yesterday!!!

    • unbridled phillistine

      Its not the rifles fault, What happened yesterday! That kid is a product of his City boy life in Florida. City people are mean, or indifferent. Love it when people blame Americas most popular firearm Ar-15? So what there are way more dangerous weapons out there. Women are the market that makes the AR-15 so popular!

      • city boy life? Parkland has a population of 23,962. 84% white and the median per capita income is $42K. Florida is not what you seem to think it is, you are envisioning further north where kids don’t have redneck guns. This kids enjoyed shooting pets and drooling over his gun collection according to some of his old friends and Instagram photos. he’s 19, we are going to get every little detail about him before long. if he didn’t have an AR-15 with extra clips, the number wouldn’t be 17, end of story. you might want to ask yourself why the AR-15 is so popular when you don’t really use it except at the range.

        • unbridled phillistine

          Oh sorry I thought Parkland was only 20 miles from Miami? Why cannot anybody admit that people from the city are of a different culture? us norms cannot relate to their mentality. They all want to be gangsters, Thugs, And pimps. The rifle is great for deer hunting, Coyote hunting, And is fun to shoot. I do have a 5 round clip for mine. Ive never met anybody who shot one and did not enjoy it.

        • you are assuming alot. the ar – 15 normally for civilians is chambered in .223 which is basicly a .22 round that travels faster. large cap mags dont really matter much as far as rate of fire if one trained to switch mags. i used to be fairly slow at a rate of fire of under 4 seconds for 2 15 round mags with my old 9mm.
          I cant help but wonder how many less people would be shot in mass shootings if more were concerned with ensuring everyone felt like they mattered. respect is no longer taught. lack of respect for each other is the true cause of these shootings not the tool used.
          i do not agree with folks commenting about what they would do, chances are for many by the time they realised they needed to draw they would be withing the 25 feet the normal person can close before a normal person can draw a weapon. chances are if someone ever attempted to draw on me or anyone else they would end up at least hurt if not something else and tbere wouldnt even be a shot fired.
          i owned several ar 15, ar 10s they are fun little plinkers. if firearms were the cause of these deaths , when you look at the tottal amount owned merely here in America and figured out percentage of deaths by firearms , that do not include police shootings or sucides , there really wouldntbe much to talk about. however if you live your life , attemptibg to control what others can do simply because they are scary looking. you need to get hour head checked

    • Yes, if there were no guns mass killings would harder to do. Not too much more difficult but certainly not so attractive to the angry.

      Saying that is a cop out though. Getting rid of guns in a country awash with them is impossible. Not to mention it would take a Constitutional amendment to even start. So if you can’t get rid of all the guns, you need to change the mentality of the person behind the gun. And, unlike the useless carping on guns control, that is something you can achieve.

      That kneejerk reaction sure short circuits any need to do harder things than flap one’s mouth. Try protesting at movies full of violent, shoot ’em up quasi heros. When anarchists or left protestors threaten violence, be as vocally critical as you are with right wingers. Repect all people, not just ones congenial to your beliefs. Respect independence and self sufficiency as those sort of people do not need to spray bullets in a school in some revenge fantasy. Insist on reforms in mental health confinements so treatment can be enforced even at the risk the occasional errors.

      I’m sure there are hundreds of things that can make a difference. But trotting out that chestnut about guns, whether right or wrong, is just a feel good futility. However, if you decide to push for a Constitutional Convention, there are a couple of things I would like to change so I’m in with that.

      • Tell the people of Paris that. Guns are not legal there but they had a mass shooting

        • Harder means more difficult, not impossible.

          • Guns for hunting and self defense- yes
            Assault rifles- no way. Make them disappear. Any defense of assault style rifles is empty and pathetic. They are for insecure, unsportsmanlike people who want to feel tough. And are probably over compensating for something 🤔

    • Why you are mad at the NRA because there was a mass shooting in Florida absolutely makes no sense to me ! The only organization that educates people on guns and gun laws and regulations and is a staunch supporter or our 2nd Amendment rights..
      So.. Was that kid an NRA member ? Did he take lessons from the NRA ?.. Just how many of these mass shooting sprees have been committed by NRA members exactly ?
      Curious to see the logic behind that nonsensical statement !

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    What in the H*** does the NRA have to do with the shooting in Florida yesterday?? Sounds like you are more of the [edit] and Democruts group than of the Safe and Sane Community. Someone fires off a firecracker in the neighborhood, BAN ALL FIREARMS. Give us all a break and just move to a deserted Island somewhere.

  • I have sweep it under the rug coverage. If you don’t tell I won’t either. Cmon ova burglar

    • unbridled phillistine

      Hahaha I like the way you think! Really, Seems like the criminals are the only one’s who gain anything from the law. maybe Ive been living this life all wrong? Time to go outlaw most likely have a much easier time.

      • Is there a difference between criminals and outlaws?

        • yes there is a differance. a crimminal will commit crimes against anyone, an outlaw will merely ignore the law and live their life refusing to conform to what others around them try to force on them

        • There’s a difference between inlaws and outlaws… outlaws are wanted.

      • you should spend some time researching who these criminals are, who raised them and the environment in which they were raised in. my dad was a sniper, green beret, special unit, he raised us without guns for a reason. I have 2 now as an adult mainly for remote backpacking. I haven’t shot either one in 5 years. I clean and oil them every 6 months. guns aren’t toys.

  • A lot of misinformation here.
    1st, the NRA will not defend you if you committed a crime using a firearm.If you buy the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance they will defend you, but not if you committed a crime. Being an NRA member only gets you a small firearm theft policy.
    NRA Carry Guard insurance is mostly for being sued in Civil Court.
    The Bronze policy is $250,000 in total coverage,$50,000 is for criminal defense.
    The Silver policy is $500,000 in total coverage,$100,000 is for criminal defense.
    The Gold policy is $1,000,000 in total coverage, $250,000 is for criminal defense.
    Prices range from $155-360/year.
    Most umbrella policies won’t cover you if you commit a crime, many policies exclude firearms.
    It is absolutely false that you will be arrested for legally using a firearm.Of course each jurisdiction is different. The cops will take the firearm you used until the investigation is completed.I know this from personal experience.
    On a side note, I just got my Oregon CCW. It took less than half an hour, including photo and finger prints. Cost $65, good for 4 years and renewal is by mail,$50.
    No classes to take, didn’t have to qualify with my firearms, didn’t have to bring my firearms in to the Sheriff, no limit on the # of firearms I can carry, they didn’t even want to know. The form was less than 2 pages.No interview either.
    Compare that to Calif., your initial permit will cost at least $500. It is only good for 2 years, but you have the start the renewal process 6 months before it expires, as you have to fill out all the massive amounts of paper work for renewal same as your first time. Then you have to pay to qualify with your firearms, of which you can only have 3. If you are lucky, it will only cost $200 to renew, plus the cost of 150 rounds, and at least 3 trips to Eureka, probably more, as they won’t send the CCW to you in the mail.
    You also don’t have to state a reason for wanting a permit in Oregon as in California.
    In California, you used to be able to state as your reason, “to comply with the law”. Now you have to come up with some reason that the state agrees with.
    In Oregon, with a population of 3.5 million, there are about 250,000 CCW holders. In California with a population of about 33 million, there are only 70,000 CCW holders.
    Of course in Oregon, you can open carry with no permit.I also bought 3 suppressors for some of my pistols, can’t do that in California.

    • Waste of time with the ccw, odds are if your on the right side of the law you will never be checked, and if you pay enough for any policy it can be written anyway you want.

  • Is there a difference between criminals and outlaws?

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