Humboldt County Departments Closed for Lincoln’s Birthday Today

Abraham Lincoln

[Photo by Alexander Gardner]

Heading to a County department in Humboldt today? Don’t go!

Be aware that county departments are closed so that employees can celebrate Lincoln’s birthday. They will also be closed on Monday the 19th for Washington’s birthday.



  • Washington’s Birthday is actually Feb 22. Feb 19th is Presidents’ Day which was created about 1971 when the Monday Holiday Bill moved major holidays to Monday to spur tourism. Presidents’ Day combined Lincoln’s Birthday (Feb 12) with Washington’s Birthday. (The law also moved Memorial Day from its historical day, May 30th, to the fourth Monday in May.)

  • Inhale that slight abatement of the police state, for it will be open for suppression-as-usual tomorrow…

  • One of the greatest REPUBLICAN presidents!!!!

  • Lincoln was a tyrant. A depressive. Probably a homosexual (he slept with his soldiers). Nothing to celebrate.

    Washington was a great leader, the greatest president, military genius, the father of our country, and a very lucky guy (escaped death numerous times throughout his life). Pairing him with the tyrant is despicable.

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