[UPDATE 3:33 p.m.] Car Collision in Laytonville, One Driver Fled, According to CHP

A red sedan lost its hood after a crash

A red sedan lost its hood after a crash in downtown Laytonville. [Photo provided by Tiffany Lucero]

At approximately 11:47 a.m., two vehicles, a pickup and a sedan, collided at the intersection of 101 and Branscomb Road, according to the California Highway Patrol.

“One driver fled,” explained CHP Officer Jeremy Lozensky.

An ambulance is responding to the scene.

UPDATE 3:33 p.m.: The CHP reports there were no injuries.




  • Any other information on injured victim?

    • The CHP reports there were no injuries.

      • In most cases, they report “no injuries” if the person doesn’t want to take a $1500+ ambulance ride to the hospital where they get $2000+ in additional bills and are told that while they hurt like heck, nothing broken and go see your primary care physician, who will hopefully actually take the time to properly assess what’s going on for $125 or so and recommend treatment from there.

        • Unless you actually are damaged and all the expense saves your life. Your call.

          • My call? Ok, I call for universal healthcare we people don’t chose between their life and bankruptcy.
            Oh don’t give me a a bunch if junk about socialism!! We are giving all our money to three people. I’d prefer to spend it on 300,000,000 people.

            • Universal Health Care still would be paying the same three people. You know, the ones doing the work. If, of course, there is anyone left sober enough and willing actually work. And,of course, if those ever decreasing group of people who do the paying would be willing to keep chugging along paying for those who don’t despite little reward for doing so.

              Oh, well. The magic socially responsible benefit fairy will take care of everything.

        • Any good doctor will tell you that you can not go through an accident like this without some injuries. You may not know at the time of the accident but your symptoms can show up days later. If you or someone you know has been in a car crash and don’t think you will get proper ER evaluation go to Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa. They take car accidents very seriously and will do a thorough evaluation including full neck and back x rays if they feel they are needed. This advice comes from a AAA insurance agent that has seen a lot of car accident injury cases. He advised that some smaller hospitals do process patients carelessly if they do not have obvious visible injuries.

  • Quite simply another driver, wanted by the law, probably uninsured, etc. took no responsibility. I think garbage like this should be in jail. Pot is no excuse people! Maybe they will run over and kill your son or daughter next. Or maybe you…every little pothead grower dealer etc. needs to stay off the grid, right?

    I got hit last year by some laytonville bastard who literally never had a license. I got ripped $2K by him and had serious spine troubles for six months. I should have drug his ass to jail myself.

    • How did pot get in this thread. This is a hit and run and that sounds more like a tweeker than a grower. I don’t see you growing much weed in a tiny 4 cylinder car. Now if it was a disel truck or a tundra then maybe weed

    • Probably a beer addict.

      • Probably both alcoholic and pot addict. Everything’s just fine until it’s not. Then you can just apply your drug of choice and everything is fine again. Just keep applying.

  • I was at the scene moments after the collision and I spoke with a witness who said they encountered the red VW Jetta seconds before the wreck… the idiot overtook & passed a fuel truck on the notoriously dangerous blind curve on Branscomb Road, just past the Ten Mile Creek Bridge. When he got to the intersection at Hwy 101, he failed to stop and T-boned a small delivery truck. He then fled the scene on foot, to the west. Sounds like meth to me. Morons like this shatter lives and kill innocent people everyday. I hope he succumbs to his injuries.

  • >”This is a hit and run and that sounds more like a tweeker than a grower. I don’t see you growing much weed in a tiny 4 cylinder car. Now if it was a disel truck or a tundra then maybe weed”


    Diesel Truck/Tundra = owner.
    Stolen car = Trimmigrant.

    You see lots of cars junked or burned out along the roads.
    Guess the trimmigrants steal them… drive them around the back country… when they break
    or drivers leave the area, they junk ’em. Often they are loaded up with garbage.
    Beer cans/boxes strewn along the back roads… shot up road signs.

    Nasty folks around here… and it’s gotten worse lately.

    • you are slightly more than clueless. the main side affect of Calabama is tweakers. it is important to educate your kids even if it means you have to lose your pride. instead of taking care of you when you get old, they steal all your shit and then the IHHS crew steals whatever is remaining.

  • >”you are slightly more than clueless.”


    So Tweakers go to great lengths to dump their cars out in dope growing areas?

    IMHO: Tweakers are mostly ‘in town’… Oroville/Central Valley/Eureka etc.. are famous for them.
    Cheap motels… cheap rentals. Specialize in house theft, car theft, and they gotta
    buy/sell their dope ‘locally’.

    • the tweakers in my area go to great lengths to dump the cars they steal on timber property. sometimes even set them on fire like last week. all of Calabama (rural CA) is famous for tweakers and has been for a solid 3 decades now. its not like the rest of the rural America is any different. Trimmers are not the bums you see wandering around Gville causing problems, those are mostly mentally ill locals.

      • I agree with all that. I’d like to add that many of the mentally ill locals and non-locals that come here to end up on the streets are also drug users. Meth makes them happy. Heroin stops the pain. Many of the druggies we see are mentally ill people who have been preyed upon by the drug dealers that we allow to continue their sick business. So it’s a problem that should ultimately be blamed on those of us who are not drug-addled or mentally ill because we should be doing better at protecting a vulnerable part of our community. But somehow we could never distinguish between soft drugs and hard drugs and so we mistakenly thought that the “compassionate” thing to do was allow everybody their drug choices. It’s a disgusting side effect of the misguided anarcho-hippie philosophy. eed is an herb but… No- Drugs are not cool! We should be running these dealers out on a rail.

        • Maybe a line between “soft and hard drugs” is significant self preservation for those who are sober but then those who are sober are not doing “soft” drugs either. It’s a very fluid and creeping line. If taking one drug is good, why not seek better?

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