[UPDATE 6:13 p.m.] Two Stranded Overnight on Pewetole Island Rescued by Coast Guard and Taken to Hospital

Wave hitting Pewetole Island. Close

Wave hitting Pewetole Island. [Photo by Ted Pease]

Two people needed medical treatment after they were stranded on Pewetole Island near Trinidad overnight, confirmed a Coast Guard spokesperson.

“We got a report from a kayaker that they had spotted people,” the spokeperson said. “‘We got the call at 9:03 a.m.”

Helicopter over Pewtole Island.

Helicopter over Pewetole Island during the 2016 fire. [Photo by Ted Pease]

According to the spokesperson, the two individuals had crossed over at low tide. She told us that the individuals went out at low tide and were unable to return safely. “They were stuck there overnight,” she said. “We sent the helicopter out there.”

Helicopter personnel maneuvered their craft so they were overhead of the two individuals -both of whom were hypothermic. The Coast Guard helicopter personnel “conducted a hoist of the two individuals,” the spokesperson said. Besides being hypothermic, one person had injuries to their feet and was “having trouble walking.”

The spokesperson said the two were taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka for treatment.

UPDATE 6:13 p.m.: Press release from the Coast Guard:

 The Coast Guard rescued two men stranded on Pewetole Island near the coast of Trinidad, Sunday morning.

A good Samaritan kayaker contacted Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay watchstanders just after9 a.m., reporting that two people were stranded on Pewetole Island.

The two people had waded out to the island from the beach near Trinidad at low tideSaturday, had reportedly fallen into the water and sustained injuries climbing back onto the island during the night.

Sector Humboldt Bay dispatched an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew to the scene. The helicopter crew hoisted the two individuals from Pewetole Island and transferred them to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka.

“Anytime you’re hiking or exploring along the coast, it’s important to always have safety in mind,” said Cmdr. Brendan Hilleary, Sector Humboldt Bay’s operations officer. “The Coast Guard urges the public to always let someone know where you will be, when you plan to return and to have a reliable means of communication with you in case of emergency.”



  • Good thing for the kayaker! Look at a darn tide table. Hope their recovery is smooth.

  • If they want to go “wading” they should pay attention to when the tides are, & get back to the Mainland before the tide does!!!

  • fools should stay on couch

    camped there before. just gotta get your feet wet, pretty pathetic, you wade back 12-hours or 24-hours after you crossed on to island. they should be charged for use of the services.

    • Stupid is as stupid does..................

      Likewise the crab boat that started taking on water. You just don’t go crabbing with a poorly maintained boat. I crabbed for ten years and during the off season made repairs so the CG didn’t have to come out and get us. Charge them double. They were making money and acting stupid not like the other two just being stupid.

  • Coasties rock!
    I wish the new budget had more money for the Coast Guard. But in Washington they treated as an after thought.

    • Trump and anyone else who thinks it’s okay to take money from Coast Guard budgets have obviously never lived near any coastal area. Those of us who do or have know how important their services are to the community.

  • Looked like C-102 State not fed. Thanks uncle moon beam! Not Uncle Sam!

  • They should just make a bord walk over to the place be a nice place to be able to go to and have a natural trail to walk on for people to do and enjoy themselves

  • This kind of shit is happening at increasing levels as the southern California invasion continues into Humboldt County. Should have left them there to figure it out come morning.

    Instead my taxpayer money goes to saving these sniveling wanna bees!!! Pure bullshit!!

    We are creating a society of young punks who don’t have any concept of reality or how things operate, they know how to Facebook, Snap Chat, have Twitter, Pokemon games and more and more, its all right in front of their face.

    • I agree with bill. All these young yuppy snowflake latte sipping wanna be [edit] need a harsh dose of wilderness reality. Throw them all out in the woods for 72 hours… with nothing but a knife and a lighter. Who ever comes out alive gets a free Starbucks 50$ gift card!

  • I’ve just been reading some good accounts of pioneer journeys west… explorations and challenges of the 1800s. It’s pretty laughable to think that one night at any point of land right on the coast (not freezing) nowadays is enough hardship to require the Coast Guard.
    Not saying i would have wanted to stay out there overnight… just noting the increasing softness of people. Pretty amazing. Wonder what our forebears would make of this.
    Especially with two people. How can two people get hypothermia? You dig a little depression in the duff… take off most of your clothes… hug together and throw the extra clothes on top. Then day comes and you figure it out.
    Maybe the guys were homophobes and afraid to do that? Or maybe their clothes were so wet that they were still cold.
    And what–no lighters or matches for a little fire? Not smokers of weed or anything?
    I did notice that they weren’t the ones who called for help (assuming they had cell phones and could have). So no need of being angry with *them* for using the public resource.

    • There is nothing wrong with the word bi-sexual. There is something wrong with equating it with whiny wimps as you did in the comment that I edited. On the other hand, Laura was merely saying that maybe the men were afraid to stip off their clothes and lay down together because they were homophobes. She wasn’t suggesting that homophobia or homosexuality were inherently wrong. Though possibly she was suggesting that homophobia in this situation wasn’t practical.

      (Also, not that it applies in this case but people who use their real identities get more of a pass from me than anonymous commenters. Just as people who use a consistent pseudonym get more of a pass than people who comment using other names. Taking responsibility for what you say while not always possible is always desirable.)

  • Yes the tide goes in and the tide goes out. We are getting softer and stupider…

  • Having once indulged my penchant for round the next bend exploring that lead me to running (then swimming) against an incoming tide, I do have sympathy, especially as one person was reported as injured. But then again, I never thought much of it other than I’ll never make that mistake again. I never expected to be saved.

    As long as it doesn’t become a decision to take unreasonable risks, maybe it should be thought of as good training for the rescuers in less than dire circumstances.

  • In the video on Lost Coast Outpost, they are both wearing dark green full wetsuits. Abalone poaching?

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