[UPDATE 11:16 p.m.] Shots Fired Near Hydesville; Residents Told to Shelter in Place

Breaking news graphicAccording to scanner traffic, a man has shot a dog in the Hydesville area. [Update: the dog shooting actually occurred two years earlier but there was shots hitting the home of the people calling for help.] Law enforcement is at the scene. They were talking to the suspect but “the subject is no longer responding” as of 10:45 p.m.

The following message has been sent to residents of the area.

Police Activity Hwy 36 – Stay Inside
Please stay inside with doors locked while law enforcement is active in the vicinity of Highway 36 and Harville Lane. Await all clear from Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE 10:55 p.m.: The Sheriff’s office is with a barricaded subject, according to dispatch over the scanner. They have called for an ambulance and backup from the California Highway Patrol.

UPDATE 11:01 p.m.: A Fortuna Police unit is also responding.

UPDATE 11:16 p.m.: Scanner traffic said something very close to, “The subject is not responding to repeated commands and the family is not compliant…The mother and father is in the main residence…and the suspect is [barricaded in mother-in-law unit?]”

UPDATE 8 a.m. Saturday: We have had several neighbors report that the suspect has been taken into custody. We will attempt to get further information.

UPDATE 11:20 a.m. Saturday: Suspect Barricaded in Hydesville Home After Shooting at Neighbors Last Night, Says Sheriff’s Office




  • Ok… So he shot a dog, not a good thing at all, but that’s what rednecks do. And with all the gang crap in fortuna and utwerka I kinda find this to be on the mild side danger.

    • so what I guess everyone thinks its ok for someone to shoot a dog ,smh

      • Sometimes people are just putting down their pet out of compassion….

      • Just because the dog was shot, it doesn’t automatically mean the guy was just being a cruel asshole. Dogs get old or injured to the point that quickly dispatching it with a bullet is a humane thing to do. Don’t know what this situation is, but I’m hoping it’s one of what I just described.
        (on edit)
        After reading more comments, namely the supposed 911 caller, unfortunately my scenario isn’t the case.

      • If the dog is on your property, acting aggressive, attacking other animals or people you’re damn right they have a right to shoot the dog. people should keep their dogs tied up, behind a fence or properly supervise. Now if he’s just randomly shooting people’s dogs just to be a prick that’s a different story.

  • There are several good reasons for shooting dogs running wild, especially up Hwy 36, but it’s never a good idea to barricade yourself against law enforcement officers. The only good outcome now is to peacefully surrender.

    • My first reaction would be to try and (cautiously) SAVE a dog ‘out 36′ not shoot them!!’ Dumb is as dumb does.

      • Agreed. I can think of zero reason to shoot a dog on the road. Two things – 1. People with anger issues should not own weapons; and 2. Any asshole who chooses to shoot an animal as a first choice resolution has major issues.

        Please note I said as a “first choice” meaning if a dog wanders in your yard or field and your first choice is to pull out a rifle then you are someone I don’t want to know and you probably needs anger management classes and/or medication. There is a rancher in Hydesville (whose property borders numerous residential homes) that has been seen with a rifle sighting in dogs…with houses behind his target…and NO his animals were not being mauled, chased, or stalked.

      • You let me know when you find owners who routinely let their dogs run loose who will give a crap about your livestock.

        No, turning out dogs is for the convenience of the owner and they will not be inconvenienced by having to care for your other than dog pets. All you have to do is read comments here to find there are an unfortunate number of people who insist it is the duty of the owner of livestock to keep their dogs from hurting your stock on your own property. And if you dare do something to stop the dogs, you’re at fault.

        • My dogs do not chase live stock the have both grew up around ranchs and were trained better then this. Neither is there livestock near where this all occurred for them to chase. This is simple a case of a drunken Indian who has no right or reason at all to shot towards our house or at our animals. He has caused the whole neighborhood problems

          • You have no idea what your dogs do when they are out of your sight. I say this because it is virtually what everyone, every single blasted one, says who lets their dogs run unchecked and yet there are plenty of stock attacks.

            • You have no idea what your livestock do when you are not around – maybe they invited the dogs over or enjoy playing with a dog once in awhile…maybe your cows started the whole thing?

              Got news for you – not all dogs chase cattle. Not all dogs who run in a circle are trying to run your cows off a cliff.
              Have you ever seen cows take off when a human approaches a fence without feed?

              News alert: Hydesville is not Dodge City and I am sure there are not 5000 starving dogs just waiting for a chance to take down an 800 pound cow.

              • As I said, find someone who lets their dogs run unsupervised who gives a crap about what they do when they are out of sight…

            • I can tell you that these dogs do not go out running around unattended, not to mention the yard is completely fenced in. Why is it that it would always be the dogs fault and not the stupid person shooting at my families house? Last night the person shot at the house and into the yard. Luckily no dog or human got shot…the dog was shot on a previous occasion, and she was not running around the neighborhood when it happened. Where is the outrage at a person who is randomly shooting and putting lives in danger?

          • A drunken Indian?

          • Saying “drunken Indian” doesn’t help your case. Makes it seem like you somehow think it’s worse to be a “drunken Indian” than a drunken ANYONE who shoots randomly into an occupied home. Brings you down to the lowlife level of whatever you’re trying to say about the shooter.
            I would delete that part if i were you.

  • It said he is barricaded in mother in law unit


    ?? Looking for chaos?? If I fart really loud will the swat team show up?? Years ago maybe not….Now you need to shelter in place O I know the bleeding heart libs here think a rabid dog or a pot growing neighbor’s vicious pit bull has more rights than the people living there.

    • I saw the dog in the other post. Not a pit bull or a rabid dog… looks like a little hound or terrier, small-medium. Not what looks like a dangerous animal. I could be wrong, of course.

  • SQUAT TEAM is being paged and k9…. this could be a serious sh#t show!!

  • I hear shots all the time in eurtweeka and its never reported whats so special about a dog

  • The scanner report is misinformed the man shot my brother’s dog and killed a neighbors dog several months back is what I told 911. He was shooting at out house and us standing on our front porch. I yelled for him to stop shooting and it only got worse. I video taped several shots being fired at us. One hit the porch beam that was 3 feet in front of where I was standing. I called 911 at 10:07 pm. Between that time and when officers arrived he fired about 25 more times. I have recordings on my phone you can hear the shot hit the porch 3 feet in front of where I stood. I was finally able to go home at about 1 am. The man was still barricaded in his house. Which angers me because I don’t understand why they couldn’t go in there and get him when they know he’s in there. But if they release the scanner report you will hear me say he has previously shot a dog which belong to my brother and previously killed a neighbor’s dog and is just shooting out us in our house for no reason. This man deserves whatever punishment is coming to him for this he could have seriously hurt one of us.

    • They probably don’t feel like being shot is why they don’t just go into his house and get him, wait it out and as long as no ones in immediate danger and usually they will come out on their own, usually, glad you guys weren’t harmed, sorry about the dog.

  • Does anybody know what road that’s on

  • I’m his neighbor,at approximately 530 he came out and talked to officers,they ser

  • Maybe the dog was harassing livestock and found himself dead. That is one legal reason to dispatch a dog. But you just come out unarmed and tell them the dog was chasing your goats or cows or whatever

    • Let’s see – should I risk losing a cow or risk a stray bullet killing my neighbor or their kids? You want to raise livestock in a residential area then you might want to reconsider using a rifle as a first choice. The ole I gotta rifle to kill yer dog is only appropriate if you can claim the dog is an actual threat AND you can guarantee a bullet will not endanger a HUMAN life.

  • leave him alone, come back tomorrow, chat him up. quit wasting time an effort on a no loss trash incident.

  • I’m on the edge of my seat…..what happened?

  • Fakenews again!! He was shooting at the house and the people at the house..That would be malicious intent assault wouldn’t it?? Or wouldn’t the right thing to do would be to shoot back at him?? I bet if someone said somebody got got shot the story would be different eh??

  • No, Kym–that’s not exactly how I remember it going down.

    What I remember is that the considerate phone company would insist upon putting a version of your name (given names were permitted to be limited to an initial), with your phone number in their book unless you threw some money at them and asked them not to.

    Speaking of throwing, I almost forgot about those books in my driveway–and how the recycling center wouldn’t accept them.

    Ok, I’m think I’m going to start talking about the Tri-City pretty soon…bye…

    • What I was referencing is that we are all nervous of putting our phone numbers out to the public but in the olden (oh my lord, shoot me before I start talking about how far I had to walk to the bus stop) days nearly everyone was listed.

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