BLM Seeking Comments on Off-Highway Vehicle Grant

This is a press release from the Bureau of Land Management:

ARCATA, Calif. – The Bureau of Land Management’s Arcata Field Office is holding a public meeting and accepting public comments regarding management needs and projects that would benefit off-highway vehicle recreation on public lands. The public meeting will be held at 6 p.m., on Wednesday, Feb. 21, at the BLM Arcata Field Office, 1695 Heindon Rd., Arcata.

Field office staff will use public comments to develop a preliminary grant application to the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Division. Public comments must be submitted by 5 p.m., Friday, Feb. 23.

“This grant program helps us provide quality opportunities for local residents and visitors who enjoy OHV sports,” said BLM Arcata Field Manager Molly Brown. “Partnerships such as this are vital to managing sustainable public lands for multiple uses.”

The public can also submit comments by mailing them to the BLM Arcata Field Office, 1695 Heindon Rd., Arcata, CA, 95521, with attention to Casey Hague, or email Hague will also take comments by telephone at 707-825-2322.

The BLM will submit project proposals by March 5. A 30-day public comment period will begin March 6. Project proposals and cost estimates will be available for review beginning March 6, at

The BLM can use grant funding for education, law enforcement, trail monitoring, maintenance, construction, development, safety improvements and road repairs. In past years, the Arcata Field Office has used grant funds at the Samoa Dunes Off-Highway Vehicle Area near Eureka.



  • Something that is long overdue, in Humboldt there is no where except Samoa Dunes where one can legally enjoy true off road recreation.Years ago we tried in Southern Humboldt to obtain a safe legal riding area to no avail. It is hard to find a place to do any true dirt riding, as requirements for these areas are hard to meet. All off road riding is pretty much illegal and unless you know some one with property you can ride on, there are not many options.Ohv owners all pay a fee through the green sticker program,and very little is done with the money raised in our county.The Sheriff gets a grant and this is for the patrolling of Samoa dunes as far as I know,and little else.Riders need to come to the BLM meeting and voice their opinions on this issue. OHVers pay these fees and basically you have no where to ride for your money.Mendocino has miles and miles of trails, this provides lots of money for the local economies in these riding areas.These areas are maintained and supervised and this offers a great family recreational opportunities.When off road events are held local communities make money as hotels, motels and restaurants are used.also it is a safe area for young kids to enjoy good outdoor experiences and not be breaking the law.In times of economic slowdowns in our local businesses it would benefit our county to have an area as a destination that is approved and monitored for safe OHV use

  • It’ll never happen, we got screwed out of the beach from mactown to Oregon, it was sold to off road jeep club then took back in a shady move and closed for good

    • Shady move? It’s the law, that allowed an educational institution to have access, to where they been using turf for educational purposes for decades. Get over it. ya’ll lost!

  • It seems like a smart thing for Humboldt to pursue. The county needs to create a revenue stream before the current cash cow is killed.

    Trinity has a start:

    • Well dang it, if it’s the smart thing to do it will never happen.

      • You got that right especially with our current “Board of STUPIDvisors”, those “NICE” folks who saddled us with an unqualified Public Defender, then fought tooth & nail to keep him in place after that fact!!! So yeah expecting anything useful from them is basically too mucking fuch to hope for!!!! That’s my $.02 YMMV!!!!

        • Because you’re so smart right Dan

        • Back when Jimmy Smith was on the board they took interest in it and really tried to get it too happen we had land that met the criteria but the land partners had a beef and did not sell the land still sits.As to leaking fluids if you are aware of your machines condition you wont have a leak and the trail s are maintained and use is monitored by rangers and such so my advice to all who agree is to show up at the meeting and let your voice be heard. When the King Range was set up no OHV voices were heard cause no one showed.So if you want this you gotta let them know how you feel.lets try to pack this meeting and show them we want this you pay for it and the OHV fund has the money. That way you wont have to drive a long way to do your thing and some other county wont get your money.I will be there !

  • Just because there is a hearing does not mean anyone will listen.

    • the outcome will be plover fencing during breeding season and a $120 annual beach sticker allowing you tromp the beach. the problem will driving on the beach is you end up running over plover eggs.

      • You already have a sticker on your machine. a nominal fee for day use is ok and if you think they wont listen and dont show up you wont get anywhere at least go and see what they are willing to do

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